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Resources for Teachers

NIE Institute resources ( These resources are available to teachers by the Newspaper in Education (NIE) program of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, in partnership with the non-profit Newspaper in Education Institute. The webpage provides over 180 free instructional resources.

Resources including many high quality teacher guides, serial stories, student supplements, Project: Solution character education supplements, numerous subject-specific resources, and the extremely popular NIE Instructional Calendar.

These resources address the goals of No Child Left Behind and the research- and standards-based curriculum focus of schools and teachers. There are curriculum materials for every subject area.

Kid Scoop ( Kid Scoop believes kids want to learn and that learning is fun! Our educational activity pages teach and entertain. Our learning resources are used by both families and schools. Teachers use the page in schools to promote standards-based learning. Parents use the Kid Scoop materials to foster academic success, a joy of learning and family discussions. Over 25 years of experience in the field has taught us that children learn when they are engaged in the subject. We know that our puzzles and activities draw children into the page. This stimulates the child’s interest and they then read the text. Every section they read and complete furthers their mastery of an academic skill. When parents show an interest and read the page with their child, they establish the value of this educational tool.

Official Kids Mag ( Official Kids Mag and are filled with stories, photos and activities for kids. The best part, it’s written and photographed by “kids at heart.” Official Kids Mag is specially designed for kids in kindergarten through the sixth grade. The glossy, perfect bound magazine is full of local kid hero profiles, features, events, recipes, games, puzzles, coloring and activity pages, and educational stories written just for kids. With six themed editions set for 2018, Official Kids Mag and will be a hit with kids, parents and teachers, but mainly kids! In every edition we will tell the amazing story of a kid making a difference in our world. In this first edition we feature five “Kid Heroes” who make a difference in the Northwest Arkansas community every day. I want to take a moment to thank our teachers and parents for their efforts with kids in our area. I am amazed by some on the stories we have been working on for this and upcoming issues. I should mention the time and effort put into Official Kids Mag by our advertising and creative staff. Many staff members worked on this fun project. Brian Huntley, our chief designer, and Dave Woods, our magazine coordinator and writer, have worked tirelessly to make sure this is a fantastic magazine filled with great images, awesome design and amazing stories. I’d love to hear from kids, parents and sponsors on topics you would like to see in upcoming issues. Email me at Thanks to our sponsors, Official Kids Mag can be offered as both an educational resource and a fun guide for kids. Pick up a copy at more than 125 rack locations, in your school, or email us to request a future copy. Sincerely, Brent A. Powers, Official Kids Mag Director of Advertising & Marketing “Wisdom begins in wonder.” – Socrates

Joy2Learn ( The Joy2Learn Foundation was created in 2000 to improve public education by creating and providing high-quality arts content to schools free of charge, via a series of Internet based presentations, using live video and other multimedia elements in an engaging interactive format.  Each e-Presentation is comprised of video clips of the artist who introduces his or her art form, discusses its history, background and specificity, presents personal insights, and performs or demonstrates. Each e- Presentation is supported by interactive multi-media materials such as pictures, maps, text and quiz games.

The Joy2Learn e-Presentations showcase the arts and may be used to illustrate and reinforce basic reading and writing skills as well as the study of social studies, math, science, and English language arts. They are for all ages, and each is accompanied by extensive teacher material including lesson plans, which are designed to support state curriculum standards.  The George Lucas Foundation featured Joy2Learn in a documentary presented to the United States Congress to demonstrate how technology and the Internet are transforming education

 Teen Health and Wellness (  )  This site provides teens with comprehensive curricular support and self-help tools on topics including diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, fitness, mental health, diversity, family life, and more. Developed for teens, with their unique concerns and perspective in mind, Teen Health & Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers draws on Rosen's award-winning series, including Coping, Need to Know, and others. Thoroughly updated and revised for online use, all content is reviewed by leading professionals in medicine, mental health, nutrition, guidance, and career counseling.

The Encyclopedia of Arkansas ( is a free, authoritative source of information about the rich history, geography, and culture of Arkansas. It is updated regularly to ensure the people of Arkansas have an accurate and accessible resource to explore our heritage. We invite you to browse our text entries and media galleries to learn more about the people, places, events, legends, and lore of the 25th state. This site is a work in progress. We are continually adding new entries, photographs, maps, videos, and audio files, so check back frequently to see what's new. The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture is a project of the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies at the Central Arkansas Library System.

Arkansas Curriculum Building links:

Kids Healthworks ( from Discovery Health Channel: Site offers information on children's health, from preventing childhood obesity to first aid, including expert advice, online polls, suggestions for after-school activities, and more.

Parade Classroom:

C-SPAN Classroom: C-SPAN (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) is known for its live, commercial-free and uninterrupted coverage of congressional sessions, Book TV and soon, a new interview series called Q&A. This site is helpful for social studies, government, journalism, and broadcast classes.

Reading Rockets ( is a national multimedia project offering information and resources on how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how caring adults can help. The Reading Rockets project is comprised of PBS television programs, available on videotape and DVD; online services, including the web sites and (Spanish Language site); and professional development opportunities. Reading Rockets is an educational initiative of WETA, the flagship public television and radio station in the nation's capital, and is funded by a major grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.

Teacher Created Resources ( Teacher Created Resources is an educational publishing company founded by Mary Dupuy Smith, a classroom teacher. We believe that the main reason for our successes is that we know--first-hand--about teaching. All of our products are "created by teachers for teachers and parents." On this site, as in our mail catalog, you will find an extensive inventory of quality and affordable teaching materials, school supplies, free lessons, and much more. We offer special discounts and free gifts throughout the year. Stay updated on our new products and free gifts by subscribing to our FREE email newsletter.


The CAL Learning Strategies Database ( at Muskingum College was developed with students, instructors, tutors, counselors, and advisors in mind. Though intended for use in postsecondary contexts, some strategies are applicable to elementary and secondary education levels while others may be modified to fulfill such needs. In addition, some strategies may be gainfully used by members of the work force.

Various links here present you with General Purpose or Content Area to Specific Learning Strategies. Explore topics of interest to maximize learning in each category. Examples: Reading Comprehension, Writing and Proof Reading, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking.