OPINION | WALLY HALL: Short party visit cuts into playoff viewing

The Kansas City Chiefs were leading 17-7 when a quick visit to a birthday party was necessary, or maybe required.

Estel Jeffery is a long-time, good friend, confidante and one of the key players in the Arkansas Democrat winning the newspaper battle.

Not going to say how old he is, but the year he was born there were eight NFL teams, one was in Brooklyn and another split time between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

It was a very nice party and even our own Super Bowl hero Keith Jackson, and his lovely wife Melanie, were there.

In the den there was a TV and several people were gathered around it, but it was turned off.

Estel's wife Nancy, a former writer for this newspaper, was the hostess with the mostest and a good time was had but the appearance was shorter than it would have been under normal conditions.

With the NFC and AFC championships being played Sunday, watching was necessary, or maybe required.

The Chiefs held on to win -- and that was Joe Kleine you heard yelling "YES, YES, YES" -- and it was a mild upset even though they were the defending Super Bowl champions.

Baltimore was the No. 1 seed and at home, but the one guy the Ravens couldn't stop was tight end Travis Kelce, who has become known as pop star Taylor Swift's boyfriend as much as being an All-Pro player.

It doesn't bother me the cameras flash to Swift celebrating in a private suite after every Kelce catch. The game is 60 minutes -- less than the commercials and reviews -- so she probably got 55 seconds of air time since Kelce had 11 catches, or more than 30% of Patrick Mahomes' completions.

Mahomes went 30-39. Kelce's catches accounted for 116 of his 230 passing yards and his only touchdown.

No doubt the two lost fumbles hurt the Ravens and may have cost them the game, but that's on the them.

In the nightcap the Detroit Lions appeared poised to make their first ever Super Bowl.

They led 24-7 at the half and those who had bet on the Lions, who were 7 1/2 point underdogs, had to be outrageously happy.

Then came the second half and a total collapse by the Lions.

In the first half Detroit ran for 148 yards to take what appeared to be a commanding lead, and they stuck with their knitting in the second half and were lucky to get 34 yards rushing and a final touchdown with 56 seconds to play to beat the point spread, but that was all the Lions fans had to celebrate in the 34-31 loss.

San Francisco obviously made adjustments at the half and dominated the second half on both sides of the field.

It seemed obvious it was going to be the 49ers' day when the freakiest play of the day, and maybe the season, led to a San Francisco touchdown.

Detroit was leading in the third quarter 24-10 when San Francisco quarterback Brock Purdy dropped back to pass and he had almost 10 seconds of freedom before throwing a Hail Mary for Brandon Aiyuk down the middle of the field. The pass was a little high but as the defender fell down the ball bounced off his face mask.

Aiyuk used all his athleticism to make a diving catch at the at the four, a 51-yard catch.

Two plays later, Purdy found Aiyuk for the touchdown and the momentum completely swung.

Super Bowl Sunday will feature the NFC and AFC West Division champions. The Chiefs were 11-6 in the regular season and a No. 3 seed, while the 49ers 12-5 and a No. 1 seed and won both their playoff games by a field goal.

Oh, and just for the record there was no Super Bowl in 1943 and if there had been these teams couldn't have played in it because they didn't exist.

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