Pitying a scoundrel

As stated in the ADG, Republicans Tom Cotton and John Boozman joined their Republican colleagues in blocking the bipartisan legislative package with border security that Republicans demanded, and aid to some of our allies. Their party has allowed a clown to manipulate grown men and women into court jesters who do backflips to just please the king.

I have a prediction which is based on an Aesop fable. A farmer (Republicans) finds a viper (Donald Trump) freezing in the snow. Taking pity on it, he picks up the viper and places it in his coat. The viper, revived by the warmth, bites his rescuer, who dies, reproaching himself for "pitying a scoundrel." Prediction: As soon as Trump gets what he's after, he'll turn on every last one of his jesters and bite them. No survivors. No democracy as we know it. No freedoms as we know them. No peace. Just Putin and Xi laughing at Trump.


Little Rock

Just do work, please

To my U.S. congressmen: Too many of you Republican congressmen keep refusing to compromise, let alone find consensus with other legislators whom you characterize as opponents rather than colleagues. This is not the way to govern. You are making our country the laughingstock of the world's democracies.

Recently you could have made progress in dealing with some of our country's problems, yet you are in thrall to a megalomaniacal, manipulative egotist who cares more about his own power than about the welfare of us citizens. Please come to your senses and do the work you were supposed to do. Stop worrying about being primaried by Donald Trump's games.

Thank you, from one of your constituents.


North Little Rock

Were running scared

In my opinion, I think 2 million people should write the Supreme Court asking why Sen. Tom Cotton and all the other members of Congress ran scared to death from those wishing them harm. You would have thought they would have grabbed that cherished sword off the office wall and fought to protect the institution that pays them so well. Hopefully, the citizens of Arkansas will remember our fearless leader that chose a closet instead of a sword.



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