Vital understanding

When I took American history and civics in junior high, my teacher stressed just how important democracy was. He also said there had never been a democratic country that had survived longer than 250 years. Most of us in the class pooh-poohed this statement and said this could never happen to the United States. He said most democracies were taken down from inside the country by people who thought other forms of government were better.

Well, as the United States is approaching that milestone, I must admit I'm concerned by what I'm seeing. We have too many people who take democracy for granted and don't understand how fortunate we are to live in a democratic society. They think "something else" would be better.

We need to go back to teaching American history and civics in school. I believe it is critical to our understanding of who we are and how we came to be, before we let democracy go by the wayside and destroy the country.


Little Rock

Will Rogers' wisdom

If Will Rogers was alive today and embraced Republican politics, I believe his famous laugh-line would have to be revised to "I do not belong to any organized political party. I am a Republican."


Little Rock

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