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OTHERS SAY: Porkfest on Capitol Hill

President Joe Biden laughably passes himself off as a budget hawk. The soaring national debt and recent spending bills prove such assertions to be a glaring example of misinformation.

Last week, Congress passed a $1.2 trillion measure to avert another government "shutdown." Not surprisingly, it includes billions in pork backed by both Republican and Democratic members. The budget watchdog openthebooks.com counts about 1,400 spending initiatives that reek of bacon. Not a peep out of the president.

Reason magazine's Eric Boehm highlighted a handful of the most egregious examples of unnecessary federal spending, including $2.5 million for a kayaking facility in New Hampshire, $2.7 million for a bike path in a small West Virginia town and $3.5 million for the outfit that runs Detroit's annual Thanksgiving parade.

To be sure, members of both parties eagerly engage in filling the federal trough as a means of currying favor with voters during their perpetual re-election campaigns. Defenders of the process argue that a few billion here and a few billion there have little impact on a multitrillion-dollar spending plan.

But that's the mindset that drives the nation's descent into oceans of red ink.

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