Washington County marriage licenses

The following marriage license applications were recorded Sept. 14-20 in the Washington County Clerk's Office.

Sept. 14

Emilio Remberto Calles, 36, and Dolores Guadalupe Mejia Martinez, 31, both of Springdale

Jimmie Charles Conduff, 43, West Fork, and Guadalupe Lopez, 45, Fayetteville

Kirby Laymone Dold, 50, Cane Hill, and Bobbi Sue Colhour, 51, Fayetteville

Nico Deshea Hubbard, 37, and Charlotte Lane Gordon, 51, both of Springdale

Jackson McKinley Jones, 31, and Ashley Chanel Darling, 35, both of West Fork

Charles Vincent Morris, 59, Savannah, Mo., and Anne Corinne Dovel, 58, Douglas, Neb.

Joseph Tucker Sagan, 31, and Kristen Lee Speigel, 30, both of Fayetteville

Sept. 15

Jacques Henry Babel, 29, and Gabrielle Sarah Fontana, 28, both of Rogers

Timothy Shea Barth, 35, Easthampton, Mass., and Kimberly Rae Allen, 40, Farmington

Dalton Robert Beaman, 24, and Haley Dianne Munoz, 21, both of Farmington

Tyler Lee Betts, 27, and Alex Kasey Phillips, 28, both of Fayetteville

Hunter Blake Emmot, 21, and Ashley Jean Young, 20, both of Fayetteville

Andrew Kyle Farmer, 29, and Kelly Elizabeth Carner, 29, both of Springdale

Jose Fontao, 38, and Karina Jazmin Menjivar, 30, both of Springdale

Goodwin Eliu Hidalgo, 31, and Allison Kathleen Sehika, 30, both of Springdale

Alexander Matti Sakari Laitamaki, 28, and Flannery Lyle Wilson, 29, both of Fayetteville

Carlson Langling, 34, and Herlynn Alik, 38, both of Springdale

Katie Colleen Medley, 29, and Cambre Elizabeth Awtrey, 32, both of Springdale

Brennon Kaije Nootbaar, 26, and Kaili Aarren Ralston, 29, both of Fayetteville

Daniel Don Patrick, 25, and Skyelar Athena Hale, 22, both of Elkins

Matthew Thomas Percefull, 27, and Ashley Elizabeth Jones, 24, both of Fayetteville

Jonathan Michael Wheeler, 24, and Lindey Taylor Deramus, 25, both of Fayetteville

Matthew David Williams, 31, and Kristen Ann Marie Hoover, 31, both of Fayetteville

Sept. 18

Elijah Gage Crawford, 22, and Ashlin Sheyenne Henderson, 21, both of Fayetteville

Joshua Lance Goble, 44, Dallas, and Alicia Martine Simmons, 38, Fayetteville

Douglas Allen Phillips Jr., 28, and Michelle Kay Tate, 30, both of Fayetteville

Phillip Thomas Shepard, 35, and Nicole Lorraine Brekelbaum, 45, both of Farmington

David Edwin Sippel, 73, and Pattanun Albright, 52, both of Elkins

Benjamin Kent Stacy, 21, Springdale, and Keiry Itzel Echeverria, 22, Rogers

Matthew Fernando Vazquez, 33, and Haley Colette Thomas, 33, both of Fayetteville

Sept. 19,

Phillip Michael Miller, 44, Springdale, and Alice Naomi Esh, 41, Fayetteville

Hayden Blake Ramthu, 28, and Nichole Lou-Ann Cragle, 29, both of Springdale

Quinton Renard Smith, 31, and Shantell Marie Colunga, 29, both of Fayetteville

Sept. 20

Jonathan Parker DerGazarian, 31, and Alyssa Helaine Haynie, 34, both of Fayetteville

Bradley Tyler Doublehead, 27, and Madison Erin Bilderback, 24, both of Prairie Grove

Jared Michael Gates, 27, Springdale, and Rachel Olivia White, 26, both of Texarkana, Texas

Jesus Alberto Romero Rocha, 24, and Perla Guadalupe Mendez Hernandez, 21, both of Fayetteville

Abel Tejeda Campos, 54, and Flor Emperatriz Garay Perdomo, 51, both of Springdale

Michael Wayne Townsend, 65, and Lyniece Kaye Martin, 63, both of Springdale

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