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Get to know: DB commitment Jeremy Cook

Arkansas safety commitment Jeremy Cook
Arkansas safety commitment Jeremy Cook

Defensive back Jeremy Cook became Arkansas’ 17th commitment for the 2024 class a couple days after visiting the Razorbacks for the Hogwild Hangout on July 29.

Cook, 6-3 and 185 pounds, of Hoover, Ala., chose the Razorbacks over Cincinnati, Southern Miss, South Alabama and Alcorn State. He also visited Fayetteville for a camp in June. 

Arkansas co-defensive coordinator Marcus Woodson and special teams coordinator Scott Fountain recruited Cook.

"Coach Fountain built the foundation. He really invested in me and seen something in me to pull the trigger and allow me the opportunity to come play at Arkansas. He was nothing but excited for me at the jump,” Cook said after his pledge to the Hogs. "Coach Woodson also had pushed for me hard after he was able to evaluate me in person. He made it a priority to get me there and showed nothing but love and great hospitality.

"Both coaches gave me a genuine connection, not just for football, but in life. They are great people.”

Cook is rated a 3-star recruit by three recruiting services. He played receiver as a junior before moving to the secondary, where he flourished and started to gain interest from college coaches despite missing the last four games of the season. 

Nickname: Hi my nickname is “JuJu” some people call me “li turq” just some nicknames people have given me over the years.

Favorite thing about playing DB: DB keeps me on my toes I love reacting and being right on my reactions.

Special teams coordinator Scott Fountain and co-defensive coordinator Marcus Woodson are: Coach Fountain and Coach Woodson are the two most supportive people I’ve met in my life and their morals cannot only create me into a better football player but an even better young man.

My most embarrassing football moment: Most embarrassing moment in football was when I was playing peewee football. I had ended up scoring but right after I ran off the field and to the bushes because I had to pee really bad.

Your playlist before a game: I have a very diverse playlist. But I’d say Big Yavo has a big impact on how I play or Like Rod wave or Youngboy. It depends on what type of game we’re playing in.

My favorite TV show: Probably "Snowfall" or “You”

Love or hate rollercoasters: I love rollercoasters, I like to feel how anxious I get.

Where would you like to time travel: Back to the past or to the future. And why? I would love to travel back into the past, there’s so many things I feel like would’ve altered the course of the way I live. The future I wouldn’t mess with.

Two things that really irritate me: Ignorance and Disrespect 

If you could meet a famous person, who would it be: I don’t really see fame but a popular voice I would like to meet would probably be meek mill.

My hidden talent is: I can sing, don’t ask me to though 'cause no.

If you were a WWE wrestler, would you be a good or bad guy and why: I’d be a bad guy, they always have a deep motive.

Your favorite fast food chain and why: J’s wings, Or anything with a spicy chicken sandwich.

I will never ever eat: Onions, unless on tacos.

My absolute favorite thing to eat: Spicy Chicken Sandwiches 

My sweet tooth carving is: Honeybuns or Peach rings … Anything peachy.

Grossest thing I’ve ever eaten: A chocolate cricket or whatever that is.

Who is your all-time celebrity crush: Tamya Lawson … MianMya on Tiktok 

My sports idol is: Jameis Winston 

Nothing makes me laugh more than: Some good sarcasm 

I miss my: Girlfriend 

The one foreign country I would like to visit: Japan

I’m terrified of: Heights and spirits 

Love or hate horror movies and why: Love/Hate relationship when it comes to scary movies. I love the complexity but not the scary stuff.

Cat or dog person and why: Dogs.They  are more genuine and aren’t as hard to read.

Do you think aliens exist: One foot in one foot out.

Best advice I’ve received: “Life is like a chest move make your next move the best move,” or “Life is too short.”

Role model and why: I don’t necessarily have like an ultimate role model. I just take from different mentors to build myself and experience life in my own bubble/perspective.

People would be surprised that I: Am shy and always nervous.

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