Language important

From 1982-86, my family and I lived in Hong Kong, then a British Crown Colony. During that period, the leadership in Beijing "played nice" with the territory and most others. At the same time, we felt that Chinese leadership was not trustworthy. The corrupt and hegemonic behavior we have observed since that time gives credence to our suspicion--without question.

I appreciate and support the ADG's critical editorial of Nov. 18. However, I do feel that by using the casual pejorative "Red China" to identify the country, this superb regional newspaper has engaged in coffee-room chatter rather than behavior that places it above the fray. Simply put, the language we use is important.

Please remember, I do not trust China and wish our leadership in Washington were much firmer with them. Having lived in Beijing's shadow, I will always be on guard.


Hot Springs Village

Merge the systems

With the announcement of Dr. Charles Welch's resignation as ASU Systems president, the Arkansas governor and Legislature have an opportunity to reassess the need for two state systems to administer higher education before beginning to replace Dr. Welch.

Currently, the two administrative systems are the Arkansas State University System, with 28,000 students, and the University of Arkansas System, with 40,000 students.

One system would eliminate redundant administrative costs and reduce competition between the two systems for the same students and programs. In the long run, a single system can more effectively focus the limited state higher education resources on an integrated set of needs for all Arkansans and thus begin to reduce the cost of higher education, which has increased over the past several decades at a rate of three to four times that of general inflation. The increases have been due primarily to rising administrative costs.

I challenge our government officials to act now to undertake an unbiased and data-driven evaluation of one higher education system's short-term and long-term advantages.

Let's not miss this opportunity.



The life cycle of hate

Did the shakedown enterprise of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) take root before the explosion of hate in the United States, or did it arise after the hate manifested itself? I think DEI fertilizes hate. It does not ameliorate hate. Which came first? The chicken or the egg?



Pardoned the turkey

Heather Moore's op-ed convinced me that "turkeys are friends, not food." I was so moved, I canceled my plans to have turkey on Thanksgiving, and ordered a ham.



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