Settle Palestinians in the West Bank

Columnist Art Hobson in the Nov. 14 editorial section proposes to end the current Gaza crisis by requiring an immediate cease fire by the Israelis without the total eradication of Hamas there and creation of an independent Palestinian state on the West Bank. The current Israeli government would never agree to these terms, nor should it.

I am suggesting another solution that should be a little more palatable to the Israelis. First, forcibly remove all non-Hamas Palestinians from Gaza, resettling them in the West Bank. Gaza would then become part of Israel. Next, suggest all Israelis currently living in the West Bank resettle to Gaza — which is prime Mediterranean real estate that could be profitably developed. Any Israeli settlers who refused would be told that they would be on their own, at the mercy of the new independent Palestinian government. The settlers would be insane to refuse this offer.

This, I believe, is the most logical solution to the Gaza problem that has bedeviled Israel since at least 1967. Untold billions of dollars have been spent over the years on military supplies in the Middle East, a fraction of which could be used to accomplish these resettlements to the advantage of all those involved.



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