2024 primary filings list

A roll of stickers awaiting distribution to early voters sits on a table at the check-in station at the Pulaski County Courthouse Annex in Little Rock.

The following candidates filed for office Monday for the party primaries. Filing began Monday and closes Nov. 14. The same filing period applies to nonpartisan judicial and some nonpartisan school board races. The deadline to register to vote in the March 5 elections is Feb. 5. Early voting begins Feb. 19 and ends on March 4. Go to nwavote.com for a complete list of candidates who have filed thus far. A * denotes an incumbent.

U.S. President

Joe Biden (D)*

Ryan Binkley (R)

Doug Burgum (R)

Ron DeSantis (R)

Nikki Haley (R)

Vivek Ramaswamy (R)

Donald Trump (R)

U.S. Congress, 1st District

Rodney Govens (D)

U.S. Congress, 3rd District

Caitlin Draper (D)

Steve Womack (R)*

U.S. Congress, 4th District

Bruce Westerman (R)*

State Treasurer

John Pagan (D)

John Thurston (R)


Chief Justice

Barbara Webb

Associate Justice, Position 2

Carlton D. Jones

Associate Justice, Position 5

Shawn Womack*


District 5

James Hall (I)

Ron McNair (R)*

District 6

Harlan Breaux (R)*

District 7

David McPherson (D)

Brit McKenzie (R)*

District 9

Diana Gonzales Worthen (D)

DeAnna Hodges (R)*

District 10

Kate Schaffer (D)

Mindy McAlindon (R)*

District 11

Rebecca Burkes (R)*

District 12

David Barber (D)

Hope Hendren Duke (R)*

District 13

Ashley Sheys (D)

R. Scott Richardson (R)*

District 14

Nick Burkes (R)

Joshua Hagan (R)

Jacob Malloy (D)

District 15

John P. Carr (R)*

Erin Underhill (D)

District 16

Kendon Underwood (R)*

District 17

Jeremey Criner (R)

Randy Torres (R)

District 18

Robin Lundstrum (R)*

District 19

Steve Unger (R)*

District 20

Denise Garner (D)*

District 21

Nicole Clowney (D)*

District 22

David Whitaker (D)*

District 23

Kendra Moore (R)*

District 24

Ryan Intchauspe (D)

Ty Bates (R)

District 25

Chad Puryear (R)*

District 26

James Eaton (R)

District 27

Steven Walker (R)*

Timmy Reid (R)

District 45

Aaron M. Pilkington (R)*

District 46

Jon S. Eubanks (R)*

District 47

Lee Johnson (R)*

District 48

Ryan A. Rose (R)*

District 49

Jay Richardson (D)*

District 50

Robin McCray (D)

Zack Gramlich (R)*

District 51

Jane-Ellen Udouj-Kutchka (D)

Cindy Crawford (R)*

Jeff Burks (R)


District 5

Terry Rice (R)*

District 23

Scott Flippo (R)*

District 26

Gary Stubblefield (R)*

District 29

Jim Petty (R)*

District 33

Bart Hester (R)*

District 34

Kaylee Wedgeworth (D)

Jim Dotson (R)*


Quorum Court

District 1

Michael McCaskey (R)

Jeff Dunn (R)*

District 2

Ken Farmer (R)*

Alex Tabor (D)

District 3

Richard McKeehan (R)*

District 4

Chris Latimer (R)*

District 5

Carrie Perrien Smith (R)*

Steven Baker (D)

District 6

Brian Armas (R)*

District 8

Joel Jones (R)*

District 9

Gregory Woodell (R)

District 10

Danny McCrackin (R)*

District 11

Dustin Todd (R)*

District 13

Kurt S. Moore (R)*

District 14

Bethany Rosenbaum (R)*

Melody Miller (D)

Prosecuting Attorney, District 19-West

Bryan Sexton

Sarah Phillips


Quorum Court

District 1

Bill Prater (D)

Kevin Arnold (R)*

District 2

Lonnie Myers (R)*

District 3

Morgan Morgan (R)*

District 4

Lloyd Cole (R)

Quincy Cook (R)

District 5

Aneisha LeMonier (D)

District 6

Mark Shaffer (R)*

District 9

Monica Macomber (D)

Jason Cox (R)*

District 10

Jayson Peppas (R)*

District 12

Donna Staton (R)

Elijah Clardy (D)

District 13

Steven Johnson (R)


Quorum Court

District 3

Shawn Looper (R)*

District 6

Danny Aldridge (R)*

District 11

Gerry Ward (D)*

District 13

Lorrie Runion (R)*


Quorum Court

District 1

Ofelia Cypert (R)

District 2

David Wilson (R)*

District 4

Vladimir Lopez (D)

Bill Ussery (R)

District 5

Kyle Lyons (R)*

District 6

Lisa Ecke (R)*

Shannon Freas (D)

District 7

Sherry Main (D)

Charles Dean (R)*

District 8

Shawndra Washington (D)*

District 9

Beth Coger (D)*

District 10

Robert Dennis (R)*

Amanda Foster (D)

District 11

Suki Highers (D)*

District 14

Gary Ricker (R)*

Ash Lee Hicks (D)

District 15

Butch Pond (R)*

Chad Brekelbaum (D)

Circuit Judge

District 4, Division 6

Matt Durrett

State District Judge

District 1, Division 1

Chris Griffin*

District 1, Division 2

Ray Bunch*

District 1, Division 3

A.J. Anglin*

District 1, Division 4

Jeff Conner*

District 2, Division 1

Mark Scalise

Taylor Samples

District 2, Division 2

Graham Nations*

District 2, Division 3

Clinton (Casey) Jones*

District 3

Dale Ramsey*

District 4

Wes Bradford

District 5

Arron Edwards

Lena Pinkerton

Rinda Baker

District 6, Fort Smith 1

Jim O’Hern

District 6, Fort Smith 2

Wendy Sharum*

District 6, Fort Smith 3

Amy Grimes*

William Hyman

District 6, Greenwood

Michael Wagoner*

District 7

Sarah Capp*

District 12

Brian Mueller*

District 24

Danny Thrailkill*



Zone 5

Laren Vaught*


Zone 3

Rebecca Burkhalter*


Zone 3

Jennifer Wilson


Zone 3

Boyd Mize*


Zone 4

Amy Horn*

Siloam Springs

Zone 1

Heath Nance

Elicia Williamson