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NWA Letters to the Editor

May 22, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

Fake crisis helps lead way to privatization

Thank you to Carol Widder for her letter on May 18. She reports in well-researched detail the creation of the "false literacy crisis" and how this feeds into Gov. Sarah Sanders philosophy of the privatization of public agencies. Private, for-profit businesses can take over prisons, public schools and operate them cheaply, all to the benefit of their corporate managers.

What next? Private businesses operating our state parks, state agencies, state and local police?

Mary Charlton


Police sales of guns should be revisited

A while ago while doing some clean-out, we came across a small handgun owned by my wife's father. We decided to turn it over to the Bella Vista Police Department for disposal. To my surprise, they appreciated us turning it in but said they would put it in their auction.

What? While the nation is in the midst of a gun crime epidemic, why would the police want more guns in circulation? The ultimate destination of this gun is unknown and probably won't wind up in the hands of a criminal, but why take the chance?

I would urge our local law enforcement to take a hard look at such policies and aid in reducing the number of guns in our community.

Mike DeShon

Bella Vista

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