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Here’s a tricky little game made just for you, Arkansas

by Celia Storey | May 15, 2023 at 2:21 a.m.
Democrat-Gazette photo illustration/Celia Storey

Let's play Obfuscation, a little game in which I give you some of the definitions of one very common word, and then you recognize that word. Or not.

Today's word contains five letters. An adjective that predates the 12th century, it descended through Middle English from an Old English word akin to the Old High German word "murg." Depending upon where one lives and which dialect of North American English one speaks, its pronunciation could be affected by the conditioned merger, or neutralization, of mid and low front vowels before /r/.

? ... ? ... ? ... ? ... ?

The word means ...

◼️ Quick or brisk.

◼️ Causing or conducive to laughter.

◼️ Uninhibited; in the United Kingdom, slightly drunk.

◼️ Festive, frolicsome.

◼️ The kind of heart that "doeth good like a medicine."

◼️ Jocund, jovial, jolly, jubilant.

Our May 8 word was "frog." I'll print today's answer May 22, but email if you'd like to know today.

Email:  [email protected]

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