NWA EDITORIAL: Our wild band of Hogs

From the mad, mad world of "woo pig, sooiee!" and the men's NCAA Basketball Tournament came Thursday's disappointing loss to an unstoppable University of Connecticut Huskies team that had plenty of bite to its bark.

From a shirt-swirling Eric Musselman in the wake of his team's defeat of the defending national champion, Kansas, to Thursday's drubbing, Arkansas' time in Des Moines and Vegas delivered the kind of up-and-down post-season experience every team involved in March Madness (except, perhaps, the final one standing) experiences.

Some fans naturally think about what could have been. There's also considering what was: a thrilling collection of players who demonstrated a passion for the game at every turn and whose work ethic did the University of Arkansas proud. This 2022-23 team got to the Sweet 16, perhaps on will power more than performance.

Fans always want more and players no doubt wanted to deliver. In terms of tenacity and heart, they did.

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