NLR school fire forces evacuation

North Little Rock Middle School's seventh and eighth grade campus was evacuated Friday because of an electrical fire.

Power went out in a few classrooms on the second floor at the campus at 2400 Lakeview Road, according to the North Little Rock School District.

"As electricians replaced a breaker to restore power, a fire started in an electric panel caused by an electric arc," the district said in a statement. "Electricians immediately extinguished the fire as students and staff were evacuated safely from the area."

The district stated that there was no direct connection between last week's wall plug-in incident and Friday's situation. On March 7, officials evacuated students and staff from the seventh and eighth grade campus after an air-quality problem -- a strong smell -- that made some students feel nauseous and light-headed. Fire Department and district officials said a scented wall plug-in was the source of the strong odor.