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Little Rock Advertising and Promotion Commission votes to purge certain records following retention period

Some have been kept 7 years by Joseph Flaherty | January 25, 2023 at 4:08 a.m.

Members of the Little Rock Advertising and Promotion Commission at a meeting on Tuesday approved a destruction affidavit in order to purge certain documents.

When introducing the affidavit, Gina Gemberling, the president and chief executive officer of the Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau -- the city's tourism and marketing arm overseen by the commission -- referred back to a 2019 record-retention policy adopted by the commission.

Members gave approval in a voice vote with no opposition.

Documents set to be destroyed as a result of the commission's action Tuesday are bids prior to 2015, 2017 event contracts and 2015 payroll records, according to meeting materials.

The affidavit's language noted that the retention periods for the aforementioned records had expired "or, in the case of the [Advertising and Promotion Commission] monthly tax returns, an electronic copy is available so that seven years of returns are retained."

The measure also said that the supervisory officials responsible for the records had authorized their destruction.

According to the record-retention schedule adopted in January 2019, certain records, such as annual financial audits and commission/committee meeting materials, are kept permanently.

Annual financial reports, invoices, monthly financial reports and other kinds of documents are retained for seven years.

Additional categories of records are retained for shorter periods of time, with the shortest retention time frame -- 30 days -- applied to video surveillance.

During the same meeting, commission members reelected two of their peers to officer positions in a unanimous voice vote.

Members voted to have Chairman Jim Keet, a restaurateur and former Republican candidate for governor whose current term on the commission expires May 1, as well as Vice Chairman Nick Roye, a local hotelier whose term expires May 1, 2024, continue in their respective leadership roles.

Officer terms on the seven-member commission run for two years. Gemberling serves as the commission's secretary, pursuant to the bylaws.

Commission members serve four-year terms.

Print Headline: LR panel OKs records disposal


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