Argument over reckless driving leads to Jonesboro domestic stabbing

An argument over "reckless driving" led a Jonesboro woman to stab her husband multiple times, according to a police report.

Adriana Nickole Campbell, 18, was charged Friday with first-degree domestic battery after police said she stabbed Chancellor Roberts, 25, at their apartment Thursday.

The sentence for that charge is 5- to 20- years and a possible $15,000 fine.

Jonesboro Police officers responded to 2627 Glen Cove at 4:53 p.m. in response to a stabbing call.

They found Roberts inside the apartment sitting on a sofa in the living room with cuts on his upper left thigh, lower abdomen and chest.

Roberts told officers his wife was responsible for his injuries, the result of an argument about her driving habits.

After they arrived home, Roberts said Campbell took a knife and began to scratch the driver side of their car, a gray Nissan Altima.

When he tried to get her to stop, he said she turned and stabbed him multiple times.

During the investigation, drops of blood were found on the threshold of the apartment door and the concrete area in front of the apartment.

When she was interviewed by police, Campbell spoke of her husband's stabbing, but said she didn't remember the stabbing itself because she "blacked out."

Campbell alleged that Roberts had thrown her to the ground on two occasions, the first time involved her being kicked in the left side and the second time included her being punched in the head.

A female officer checked Campbell privately, but found no obvious signs of injury to that area of her body.

Another officer only observed a small laceration on her chin.

The officer who interviewed Campbell noted that her statement about where the incident took place "did not align" with the drops of blood leading to the apartment door, since she said it happened in the apartment and Roberts didn't go outside.

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