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100 years ago

Dec. 3, 1923

FORT SMITH -- Three bandits who early this morning held up and, at the point of pistols, robbed checkers at the Fort Smith Traction Company's car barn and escaped with $600 in receipts, still are at large tonight, but police say they are on the trail of the trio and expect to make arrests during the night. The robbery was one of the boldest in this city in many years, as it was necessary to hold nearly 30 men, including motormen and conductors, at bay, while the checkers were robbed of the day's receipts just turned over to them.

50 years ago

Dec. 3, 1973

Arkansas motorists, who waited in line Saturday for gasoline, probably will face longer lines today. Jerry Quattlebaum, secretary of the Arkansas Gasoline Retailers Association, Sunday said many larger service stations that had ample supplies ran out Saturday night "after a last-minute rush to the pumps." As a result, stations that complied with President Nixon's request to close from 9 p.m. Saturday through Sunday midnight might not have any gasoline to sell when they open today, Quattlebaum said.

25 years ago

Dec. 3, 1998

Huddling in the Central High parking lot after school, some of Little Rock's younger smokers said they know all about the latest national trend that is getting their peers hooked on the nicotine habit. Beedies, small hand-rolled cigarettes from India that come in a variety of flavors, in recent months have become popular among teen and college-age smokers in major U.S. cities. ... Virtually all of the smokers outside Central High on Wednesday had heard of beedies, and most said they had tried the cigarettes that look and sometimes smell like a marijuana joint.

10 years ago

Dec. 3, 2013

mHotel developers show no signs of getting their fill of downtown Little Rock. Little Rock-based Pinnacle Hotel Group will build a 135-room, seven-story Hilton Garden Inn, the fifth new hostelry in that area. Construction will begin in about a year, with completion in early 2016, Shawn Govind, the group's director of development, said Monday. It will be the fifth hotel built in downtown since 2004.

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