Protections should extend beyond birth

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her hench-people boast that Arkansas leads the country in pro-life regulation. They are not so vocal in defending Arkansas’ lamentable position on maternal mortality, infant mortality, access to medical services and childhood poverty. While forbidding people to decide what their children can read, she accuses her critics of hypocrisy and government overreach.

Her position defends the right to life from conception to birth. But after that, you’re on your own. If she really cares about Arkansas’ children, there is plenty of room for government action on the rest of a baby’s life.



Did fear of litigation tilt wind farm vote?

Nov. 21 was a red-letter night for residents of Carroll County, especially for those in Green Forest.

The Quorum Court voted down a moratorium that would have allowed time to gather more information about the 43-tower Nimbus wind farm project south of Green Forest. Only three of the 11 justices of the peace voted in favor of the moratorium, while a fourth said he was working on another avenue. He didn’t say what that might be. The three Green Forest JPs joined their comrades from other parts of the county, sharing comments that reflected they were frightened of a possible lawsuit from deep-pockets Scout Clean Energy. Their part-time attorneys said such a suit would drag on for some time and require the hiring of outside counsel. But one JP noted opponents of the wind farm can always hire their own attorneys to fight the project.

Nimbus will be built atop the highest ridge line in the county and involve the destruction of a great deal of forested land, over 9,000 acres. The installation will require rebuilding of dirt roads to get the equipment and blades for the turbines into the area. In favor of the project include those who are already receiving lease payments from Nimbus. Those opposed are their neighbors who worry about noise, light flicker, wildlife disruption, fire danger and the loss of the natural beauty in the area. They also worry about the danger to their water wells and spring-fed ponds from drilling down into the fragile karst to build bases for the 600-foot towers.

Do we elect public servants to be threatened by the big money from an international company or to serve the interests of taxpayers? You decide.


Eureka Springs 

Support for Trump hard to understand

It is still hard for me to recognize and accept the level of support that Donald Trump still has in this great country.

The list of issues and concerns with Mr. Trump is voluminous, but I would like to simply ask anyone who reads this to remember that President Trump (while defeated) was still in office on Jan. 6. The speech he made encouraging the group to attack the Capitol remains, at least to me, one of the most disturbing actions ever taken by a president.



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