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Washington County voters reject sales tax for jail expansion

by NWA Democrat-Gazette | November 8, 2022 at 11:03 p.m.
In this file photo stickers for early voters sit in a container Friday during early voting in the primary election at the Benton County clerk's office in Bentonville. (NWA Democrat-Gazette/Ben Goff)


Washington County voters Tuesday rejected a proposed sales tax increase to pay for an expansion of the county’s Detention Center and Juvenile Justice Center.

Complete but unofficial results showed voters opposing both issues.

Jail improvement bonds:

Against 39,426 (59%)

For 27,539 (41%)

Juvenile court improvement bonds:

Against 36,408 (54%)

For 30,528 (46%)


FAYETTEVILLE — Patrick Deakins was the choice of Washington County voters for county judge on Tuesday as he led Josh Moody for the county’s top job.

Final, but unofficial, results show Deakins leading Moody.

Deakins 36,424 (52%)

Moody 33,294 (48%)


FAYETTEVILLE — There will be at least six new faces on the Washington County Quorum Court in January after voters made their choices for justices of the peace in Tuesday’s election.

District 1

Republican incumbent Lance Johnson sought a second term in the race against Democrat Sarah Hampton.

Early results show Johnson leading Hampton.

Johnson 2,141 (66%)

Hampton 1,104 (34%)

District 2

Democrat Roger Brooks and Republican David Wilson were vying for the open seat from District 2.

Early results show Wilson leading Brooks.

Brooks 1,217(62%)

Wilson 759 (38%)

District 3

Incumbent Republican Sean Simons was challenged by Democrat Justin Meeks for the District 3 seat on the Quorum Court.

Early results show Simons leading Meeks.

Simons 1,148 (62%)

Meeks 710 (38%)

District 4

Democrat Aaron Howerton was challenged by Republican Fred Anderson for the open District 4 seat on the Quorum Court.

Early results show Anderson leading Howerton.

Anderson 405 (55%)

Howerton 327 (45%)

District 5

Republican Kyle Lyons faced Democrat Dawn Cate-Bonner in the race for the open seat from District 5.

Early/Complete but unofficial results show Lyons leading Cate-Bonner.

Lyons 1,001 (61%)

Cate-Bonner 629 (39%)

District 6

Incumbent Republican Lisa Ecke was challenged by Democrat Michael Mapa for the District 6 seat on the Quorum Court.

Early results show Ecke leading Mapa.

Ecke 810 (56%)

Mapa 646 (44%)

District 7

Democrat Sherry Main and Republican Charles Dean faced each other in the race for the open seat from District 7.

Early/Complete but unofficial results show Main leading Dean.

Main 1,593 (53%)

Dean 1,386 (47%)

District 10

Incumbent Republican Robert Dennis was seeking reelection against Democrat Amanda Foster.

Early/Complete but unofficial results show Foster leading Dennis.

Foster 1,508 (53%)

Dennis 1,349 (47%)

District 12

Incumbent Democrat Evelyn Rios Stafford was challenged by Republican William Terrill.

Early/Complete but unofficial results show Stafford leading Terrill.

Stafford 1,592 (81%)

Terrill 363 (19%)

District 13

Incumbent Republican Willie Leming was seeking another term against Libertarian James Morphew

Early/Complete but unofficial results show Leming leading Morphew.

Leming 1,581 (74%)

Morphew 564 (26%)

District 14

Democrat Dawn Cannon faced Republican Gary Ricker in the race for the open seat for District 14.

Early/Complete but unofficial results show Ricker leading Cannon.

Ricker 1,960 (60%)

Cannon 1,306 (40%)

District 15

Incumbent Republican Butch Pond was seeking reelection against Democrat Ash Lee Hicks.

Early/Complete but unofficial results show Pond leading Hicks.

Pond 1,859 (53%)

Hicks 1,653 (47%)


With polls closed, early vote and absentee numbers for Washington County have been released. 

Jail improvement and juvenile court improvement bonds are trailing in early voting. 

In other county positions, Josh Moody has a slight lead over Justice of the Peace Patrick Deakins in the race for County Judge. 

Other leaders in Justice of the Peace races are Lance Johnson, David Wilson, Sean Simons, Fred Anderson, Kyle Lyons, Lisa Ecke, Sherry Main, Amanda Foster, Evelyn Rios Stafford, Willie Leming, Gary Ricker and Butch Pond, 

In Fayetteville City Council races, it is a close race for Ward 3, Position 1, with Scott Berna holding a slight edge. In the Ward 4 Position 2 race, Kara Gardenhire is leading. 

Brian Powell has an edge in the four-way race for Springdale City Council Ward 3, Position 1 while Amelia Taldo-Williams leads in her race. 

Visit for more early voting results or visit for more election coverage. 


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