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Voters siding against Benton County jail expansion

by NWA Democrat-Gazette | November 8, 2022 at 10:55 p.m.
Tyler Shookspaight finishes voting, Monday, November 7, 2022 during early voting at the Benton County Administration Building in Bentonville. (NWA Democrat-Gazette/Charlie Kaijo)


Early results Tuesday indicated voters were leaning against two measures to pay for an expansion of the Benton County Jail and its operation.

Early and absentee results showed voters rejecting a one-eighth percent sales tax increase to pay for the jail expansion.

Against 34,497 (62%)

For 21,597 (38%)

Early and absentee results showed voters rejecting a one-quarter percent sales tax increase to pay for operations of the jail.

Against 34,212 (60%)

For 22,445 (40%)


Bentonville City Council

City Council’s four Position 1 seats were up for election Tuesday with three current members trying to retain their seats and two newcomers vying for the Ward 1 seat.

Ward 1, Position 1

Allyson de la Houssaye and Beckie Seba were on the ballot for the seat.

Early unofficial results show Seba leading De la Houssaye.

Seba 4,789 (57%)

De la Houssaye 3,680 (43%)

Ward 2, Position 1

Cindy Acree faced Ragan Hensley in a bid for her third term in the Ward 2, Position 1 seat.

Early unofficial results show Acree leading Hensley.

Acree 5,082 (62%)

Hensley 3,148 (38%)

Ward 3, Position 1

Aubrey Patterson ran for a third full term on the council against Tyler Masters.

Early unofficial results show Patterson leading Masters.

Patterson 5,306 (64%)

Masters 3,021 (36%)

Ward 4, Position 1

Octavio Sanchez was seeking to retain his council seat, but former council member Tom Hoehn wanted back in the game.

Early unofficial results show Sanchez leading Hoehn.

Sanchez 5,426 (63%)

Hoehn 3,210 (37%)

Rogers City Council

One incumbent was re-elected to the Rogers City Council on Tuesday, while one is headed to a runoff, according to an unofficial count of early votes.

Ward 3, Position 1

Three people challenged incumbent Clay Kendall in the race for the Ward 3, Position 1 seat, which represents southwest Rogers on the City Council.

The race will be decided in a runoff election between Clay Kendall and Rachel Crawford.

Early vote and absentee counts show Kendall leading the race with Crawford in second and Trey Weaver in third in front of Vonnice Boone.

Kendall 4,358 (40%)

Crawford 3,798 (35%)

Weaver 1,421 (13%)

Boone 1,326 (12%)

A runoff election is held when no candidate receives over 50% of the vote, though a candidate can win with 40% if they have a 20% lead over second place.

The runoff election will be Dec. 6. Early voting will begin Nov. 29.

Ward 4, Position 1

Early vote and absentee counts showed incumbent Barney Hayes ahead of Richard Labit in the race for Ward 4, Position 1.

Hayes 7,762 (75%)

Labit 2,578 (25%)


Voters in early voting Tuesday were behind retail alcohol sales on Sundays in Bentonville and Rogers.

The city of Decatur had a question to levy a 1% sales and use for the purpose of support and improvement of fire and law-enforcement equipment and maintaining and necessary personnel, street and drainage projects, and support and improvement of city parks and recreational facilities and programs.

In Siloam Springs there was an ordinance to amend Ordinance No. 1030 to authorize the net collections received by the city from the 1% sales and use tax levied within the city by Ordinance 1030. 

Benton County Quorom Court

Republicans will continue to dominate the Benton County Quorum Court according to early results Tuesday.

All eight Republicans who faced competition were leading their races for Quorum Court seats.

District 3

Republican incumbent Richard McKeehan hoped to gain a second term going against Democrat Stephanie Zamarron.

Early but unofficial results show McKeehan leading Zamarron.

McKeehan 2,574 (60%)

Zamarron 1,704 (40%)

District 4

Republican Chris Latimer, Democrat Amy Warren and Libertarian Bobby Wilson were running to replace Republican Tom Allen, who opted not to run for reelection.

Early but unofficial results show Latimer leading Warren and Wilson.

Latimer 3,082 (64%)

Warren 1,595 (33%)

Wilson 125 (3%)

District 5

Republican Carrie Perrien Smith and Democrat Christian May were seeking the District 5 seat.

Early but unofficial results show Smith leading May.

Smith 1,415 (58%)

May 1,117 (42%)

District 7

Republican Joseph Bollinger was seeking his second term against Democrat Sarah Luhtanen in the District 7 race.

Early but unofficial results show Bollinger leading Luhtanen.

Bollinger 3,246 (61%)

Luhtanen 2,054 (39%)

District 8

Republican Joel Jones and Democrat Carol Vella competed for the District 8 seat.

Early but unofficial results show Jones leading Vella.

Jones 2,191 (52%)

Vella 2,040 (48%)

District 9

Republican Susan Anglin sought a sixth term on the Quorum Court against Democrat Jocelyn Lampkin.

Early but unofficial results show Anglin leading Lampkin.

Anglin 1,781 (57%)

Lampkin 1,349 (43%)

District 14

Republican Bethany Henry Rosenbaum and Libertarian Brent Fiegle faced off in District 14.

Early but unofficial results show Rosenbaum with a big lead.

Rosenbuam 2,151 (75%)

Fiegle 736 (25%)

District 15

Republican incumbent Joel Edwards faced Libertarian Brian Leach.

Early but unofficial results show Edwards leading Leach.

Edwards 2,407 (72%)

Leach 950 (28%)


With polls closed, early vote numbers for Benton County have been released. 

Early numbers show that voters are against the Benton County Jail bond and a .25% sales and use tax for jail and law enforcement purposes.

Leaders in the Justice of the Peace races are Chris Latimer, Carrie Perrien Smith, Joseph Bollinger, Joel Jones, Susan Anglin, Kurt S., Bethany Henry Rosenbaum and Joel Edwards.

In the Bentonville city council races, the early vote leaders are Beckie Seba, Tyler Masters and Octavio Sanchez.

Clay Kendall and Barney Hayes lead in their Rogers council races. 

For the Bentonville school board, Joel Dunning, Jennifer Faddis, Jeremy Farmer, Becky Guthrie and Tatum Aicklen are leading. 

For more results from Benton County visit, or go to for the latest election news. 


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