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Real estate transactions

May 29, 2022 at 1:43 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded May 2-6.

STP Westlake, LP., to Nephropathology Associates, PLC., 10810 Executive Center Drive, Little Rock. L2R, Kroger Executive Center, $15,750,000.

S&D Real Estate, LLC., to Standard Development Company, LLC., 1815 N. First St., Jacksonville. Pt SE SE 18 & Pt SW SW 17-3N-10W; Plot 7, Little Rock Air Force Base Main Gate Development Area, $2,266,667.

THG Payne, LLC., to 4200 Hoerner, LLC., Pt NW NW 29-1N-12W; Pt NE 30-1N-12W, $1,295,000.

S&D Real Estate, LLC., to Standard Development Company, LLC., Pt SE SE 18 & Pt SW SW 17-3N-10W, $1,200,000.

J. Gardner Lile; Estate Of James Robert Alexander (dec'd) to Jimmy Crossfield; Vanessa Crossfield; Todd C. Bingham, Pt SW SW 31-1S-10W; Pt NE SW 6-2S-10W; Pt Section 1 & Pt NE 12-2S-11W; Pt SW SW 32-1S-10W, $1,153,737.

Jack Ramer; Virginia L. Shell Revocable Trust to Matthew Steven Reddin; Kelly Melissa Reddin; Matt And Kelly Reddin Family Trust, 4 Bretagne Circle, Little Rock. L2 B10, Chenal Valley, $1,000,000.

2410 Pike Avenue, LLC., to Elizabeth Machen; David Machen, 6112 Brentwood Road, Cammack Village. L291, Cammack Woods, $935,689.

Woodmont Maumelle, LLC., to Jason Everett; Sarah Everett, 501 Millwood Circle, Maumelle. Pt W/2 NW 33-3N-13W, $899,000.

DB Triple Dipper Restaurant II, LLC., to Juan Reyes, 11100 W. Markham St., Little Rock. L6A, Hooper-Bond Phase II, $850,000.

Matthew A. Steliga; Kelly H. Steliga to Myranda Grulke; Lamonte Grulke, L497, Kingwood Place $835,000.

John S. Selig; Judy K. Bolland Selig; The Selig Family Revocable Living Trust to Arthur Justin Chris-Tensen L27 B96, Chenal Valley, $825,000.

Maritime Ventures, LLC., to Kirk's Holding Co, LLC., 6350 TP White Drive, Jacksonville. Pt NE 4-3N-10W; L1, Marine, $750,000.

Pooja Motwani; Ravi Nahata to Jessica Cunningham; Tyler Cunningham, 13911 Fern Valley Lane, Little Rock. L40 B13, Woodlands Edge, $724,000.

Justin Matthew Oakley to Eric Volk; Colleen Volk, 133 Manitou Drive, Maumelle. L72, Osage Terrace PRD, $700,000.

Reanetta Hunt to Carmell Boyd, 100 Falata Circle, Little Rock. Lot D-22 B13, Chenal Valley, $667,900.

Judy C. Morgan to John A. Bryant; Leonette T. Bryant, L13 B3, Chenal Valley, $650,000.

PWS Real Estate, LLC., to Standard Development Company, LLC., L25 B135, Chenal Valley, $648,978.

Steve W. Durham; Freida J. Durham to Sarah Elizabeth Wilkerson; Charles Rama Pratt, L11, Woodsong, $639,000.

Chase Adams Dillon; Jennifer N. Dillon to Larry Dale Hollingsworth, L1 B23, Woodlands Edge, $634,900.

Matthew S. Reddin; Kelly M. Reddin to Lee Isaaac; Ekaterina Isaac, 15 Courts Drive, Little Rock. L7 B121, Chenal Valley, $630,000.

Brian Goins; Jennifer A. Goins to Daniel John Richards; Brittany Kate Richards, 305 Pleasant Valley Drive, Little Rock. L9 B38, Pleasant Valley, $617,000.

John K. Bice; Michelle L. Sanders to Jason Prentis McDonald; Kathy Marie McDonald, 211 Miramar Blvd., Little Rock. L36 B109, Chenal Valley, $602,000.

Robert M. Wilson, III; Catelyn M. Wilson to Jerry Aron Burr; Natalie Nelson Burr, 484 Ridgeway Drive, Little Rock. L1 B1, Davis And Mayo- Watson's 1st/Ella B Watson's 2nd, $552,000.

Terry White; Angie White; Terrill W. White; Angela R. White to Brian Oaks; Angelique Annetee Oaks, 111 Hidden Valley Loop, Maumelle. L6 B1, Maumelle Valley Estates, $550,000.

Shawn O'Dell Construction, Inc., to Randall Ray Kisling; Emily Dianne Kisling, 9408 Vale Royal Drive, Sherwood. L1R B2, Millers Cove, $535,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC., to Roberto Guerra; Elizabeth Guerra, 11 Short Leaf Lane, Little Rock. L8 B4, Copper Run Phase IIA, $529,600.

Dale E. Fogerty; Betty Kay Fogerty; The Dale E. Fogerty And Betty Kay Fogerty Joint Revocable Trust Declaration to Keith Erick Fix; Rhea Renee Fix; Fix Revocable Trust, L10 B69, Chenal Valley, $525,000.

Robert C. Foos; Laurie C. Foos to Sabrina Petralia; Paul Meriza, 97 Lucia Lane, Maumelle. L1725, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIV-A, $522,900.

John MacArthur Evans; Amanda Christian Evans to Jason Jacobs; Sandee Sealy, 1902 Dorado Beach Drive, Little Rock. L115, Pebble Beach Estates Phase I, $510,000.

Jeff Stephens; The Jeff Stephens Revocable Trust to Sandra Bearden; Edward Bearden, 44 Wellington Colony Drive, Little Rock. L11 B14, The Villages Of Wellington, $505,000.

Terry Newton to Alana Leora Kalani Enos; Justin Dean Koaliiakeamai Enos, L2, Lawrence, $500,000.

Michael G. Gorman; Leanne C. Gorman to Chad L. Cumming, Jr.; Jennifer L. Cumming, 102 Bronte Circle, Little Rock. L20 B55, Chenal Valley, $470,000.

Midsouth Property Management, LLC., to Shadi Gani; Kifah Idheileh, 23 Short Leaf Lane, Little Rock. L3 B4, Copper Run Phase IIA, $449,900.

Nikki L. Casados; Ronald H. Casados, Jr., to William Dustin King; Megan Spurling, 16 Piper Lane, Little Rock. L9, Piper Lane, $440,000.

Shawn O'Dell Construction, Inc., to Pete Theodore; Nettie R. Theodore, 1634 Vista Creek Drive, Sherwood. L2 B15, Creekside, $439,000.

Joseph E. Smith; Bobbie H. Smith to Judy C. Morgan, L2 B1, Chevaux Court, Phase 2-A, $425,000.

Richard C. Oxner, Jr., to Kari Hooper, 19 & 21 Janwood Drive, Little Rock. Ls159-160, Leawood Manor 2nd, $415,900.

Karen Ford; Miriam Ford to Rodney Slater, Ls5-6 B9, Fulton, $410,000.

John David Avery; Tammy Avery to Michael F. Weiner; Kimberly A. Weiner; Weiner Family Revocable Trust, L19 B1, Wildwood Place, $406,000.

A. V. Beardsley, III; Billie Beardsley to Amy Kathryn Valentine; Brian Foster, 107 Hunters Green Circle, Little Rock. L26, Hunters Green Estates, $400,000.

John M. Harbour, Jr.; Susan R. Harbour to Martha Layne Cooke; Joseph Cooke, 5 Broadview Terrace, Little Rock. L5, Broadview Terrace, $400,000.

Doris A. Robinson; Robinson Living Trust to Ginger Yoowan, Park L425, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $395,000.

Laura Kimberly Guidry-Grimes; James Carlin Watson to Christopher Tyree; Michelle Diane Tyree, 3100 Mossy Creek Drive, Little Rock. L23 B6, Woodlands Edge, $392,000.

Brent Swart; Leanna Swart to April Stussy, L55, Pleasant Heights Phase I, $388,500.

Randy James Construction Co., Inc., to Romy Megahed; Sarah Diamond, 19 Short Leaf Lane, Little Rock. L5 B4, Copper Run Phase IIA, $385,000.

Jack J. Lankford to Bradley McColey; Kristen McColey, 3327 Happy Valley Drive, Little Rock. L6 B23, Pleasant Valley, $382,000.

John Raymon Pownall; Janis T. Pownall; John And Janis Pownall Trust Number One to Mitchell G. Miller; Caroline L. Miller, 301 Fork River Road, Sherwood. L3 B30, Overbrook, $375,000.

JWL I Limited Partnership to Telcoe Federal Credit Union, Pt NW NW 9-1N-13W, $375,000.

Resicomm Properties, LLC., to Randy W. Thomas, Pt W/2 NE & Pt SE 5; Pt SW 4-1S-11W, $371,437.

DG Homes, LLC., to Terwana Keshone Turner, 5608 Hummingbird Lane, Jacksonville. L403R, Northlake Phase XI Replat, $368,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC., to Hannah Brea, 47 Saffron Circle, Little Rock. L22 B2, Parkside At Wildwood Phase II, $365,000.

Justin Blagg; Megan Blagg to Austin Nolan; Abby Nolan, L26, Hillsborough Phase I, $365,000.

Sowards Contracting Services, Inc., to Mearl Hayes; Tami Hayes, 1602 Lost Creek Drive, Jacksonville. L24, Lost Creek Estates Phase I, $359,000.

Christopher K. Chester to Abdul Momin; Sabrina Sultana, 11 Kanis Creek Place, Little Rock. L38, Kanis Creek, $351,000.

James Ryan Burks; Marci Manley Burks; Marci Marie Manley to Jilliam Tobey; Kenneth B. Tobey, 3700 Sevier Drive, North Little Rock. L6 B59, Lakewood, $345,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC., to Robertson Das; Soumya Patnaik, 45 Saffron Circle, Little Rock. L23 B2, Parkside At Wildwood, $345,000.

Frances T. Davis to Michael Chase Long; Olivia Philhours Young, 105 Linwood Court, Little Rock. L2 B2, Crystal Court, $340,000.

Calin B. Beard; Kelli D. Beard to Marcus J. Hosford; Jessica Pingrey, 5404 N. Hills Blvd., North Little Rock. L34 B17, Overbrook, $340,000.

Ricky W. Seward to James Hutchcroft; Norma Hutchfroft, 131 Scenic Valley Loop, Maumelle. L10 B17, Maumelle Valley Estates, $340,000.

Kaylee Buckner; Kaylee Lutrell; William Buckner to Crown Equity, Inc., Ls8-10 B4, Hillcrest, $335,000.

Donald A. Rogers; The Don & Deanine Rogers Living Trust to Jonathan R. Robbins; Mary R. Rose Robbins, L448 Blk C, Indianhead Lake Estates, $331,500.

Robert M. Berman; Charleen R. Zieky; The Berman-Zieky Joint Trust to Mohammad Arani, 1 Kanis Creek Place, Little Rock. L40, Kanis Creek, $326,000.

Bradley W. Sexton; Kalee R. Sexton to Seneca M. Williams; Holly Sharae Williams, 8501 Trail Creek Drive, Sherwood. L33 B5, Creekside, $325,100.

Joshua T. Glass to Steven Michael Smith; Aimee N. Smith, 2110 Brush Mountain Trail, Paron. L41, Brush Mountain Unrecorded, $325,000.

Tony Darby; Randa Darby to Taylor Pennington; Alexandria Pennington, 40 Tennyson Court, North Little Rock. L21 B1, Windsor Valley, $325,000.

William G. Barbee, V to JLB Car Wash, LLC., 8100 W. Markham St., Little Rock. Pt E/2 NW NE 2-1N-13W, $325,000.

Fitzhugh Construction, Inc., to Brittany Gunn, 119 Sanibel Circle, Little Rock. L134, Kenwood Estates Phase 5 $323,500.

Adrienne Gardner; Vincent D. Gardner to Eric J. Ward; Whitney Nicole Ward, 1600 Sweetgum Lane, North Little Rock. L34, Cypress Crossing, $320,000.

Sara Schultz; Craig Richard Schultz to Suzette Goodman, Unit 26, Round River HPR, $320,000.

Opal Investments, LLC., to Brent K. Winemiller, L484, Kingwood Place, $320,000.

Mike Knoedl to Words Of Knowledge (WOK) Ministries, Inc., 1920 W. Main St., Jacksonville. L2, Fuller Commercial, $319,000.

Criss E. Gardner; Susan A. Fardner to Jeremey Taylor Bormann; Amee Bormann, 9223 Northview Drive, Sherwood. Pt SE SE 7-3N-11W, $303,000.

Bobbie Ann Martin to Elizabeth H. Gentry, Pt W/2 NE SE 7-2N-13W, $300,000.

Michael Chase Young; Olivia P. Young; Olivia Katherine Philhours to Lane H. Smith, 116 N. Palm St., Little Rock. L9 B6, Elmhurst, $295,000.

Jonathon McCrary; Ashley McCrary to Vision Strategies, LLC., L16 B8, Maumelle Club Manor, $285,000.

Clark Morse; Catherine Morse; Catherine Motta to Nick Turner; Peyton Turner; Gary Cooper, 45 Springridge Drive, Little Rock. L6 B9, Cherry Creek, $281,000.

Anthony Small; Cheryl Small to Cynthia L. Alwood; Sarah B. Schreiber 126 Nemours Court, Maumelle. L530R, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $280,500.

Abigail G. Connerly; Sloan W. Connerly to Charsie E. Gordon, 138 Ridge Road, Little Rock. L424, Kingwood Place, $280,000.

GenEnt, LLC., to Mary Kennedy; Jason L. Kennedy, 8710 Old Spanish Trail, Little Rock. L63, Leawood Mountain, $279,900.

Payton M. Seelinger; Chelsea J. Seelinger to Yasmin Mandani; Anyas Family Trust Tract 8, Two Rivers Harbor, $275,000.

Joan Elaine Turner to Trudy Beach L32 B2, Sylvan Hills, $274,900.

Pamela Dawn Newman; Brian Christopher Newman to Keiry Martinez; Kirby Pena, Pt N/2 SW NE 13-3N-12W, $269,900.

Mary Bruth Brown; Mary Ruth Brown Revocable Trust Declaration to Ramona Melody Unit 8, Claremore Court HPR, $269,900.

David H. Oberste; Barbara Oberste to Meagan R. Beaty; Ashley E. Beaty, 11915 Desoto Forest Drive, Little Rock. L155, Pleasant Forest II, $267,500.

Proper Homes, LLC., to Nick Nabors; Ashley Nabors, 11421 E. Stoney Point Court, Little Rock. L273, Walnut Valley 2nd, $265,000.

William Johnson; Debra Johnson to Bethany A. Howell, 1227 Eagle Pointe Drive, Little Rock. L16, Eagle Pointe, $265,000.

Lacey Nunnally Sanders; Lacey B. Nunnally to Kedarin Tolliver; Carolyn Tolliver, 135 Sancerre Drive, Maumelle. L966, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase XIV-B, $263,000.

Wyatt Champion Jones to Kenny Joseph Singkhek, Jr., 15 Mont Blanc Cove, Maumelle. L71, North Ridge, $262,000.

Kenneth T. Hodgson; Melissa Enault Hodgson to Matthew Grimm; Kerri Jo Grimm, 1908 Reveille Circle, Jacksonville. L173, Base Meadows Phase 2, $260,000.

Ethel Lynn Cook; Tina Michele Eoff to Mason Allen; Samantha Mackey, 1311 Cherry Brook Drive, Little Rock. L19 B1, Cherry Creek, $252,000.

Kell Shenep; Laci Shenep; Laci Lawlis to John Scott Haues, 812 N. Hughes St., Little Rock. L3 B17, Success, $250,000.

Benjamin Robert Wagner; Lauren Lavin Wagner to Gayle M. Butler, 7 Cherry Crest Cove, Little Rock. L21 B7, Cherry Creek, $250,000.

Diann Foster; Donald Foster to Cameron Jolley, 14419 Pride Valley Drive, Little Rock. L1 B14, Parkway Place, $250,000.

Keith Erick Fix; Rhea Renee Fix; Fix Revocable Trust/ Keith Erick And Rhea Renee Fix Revocable Trust to Shayla C. Dixon, 18 Lawrence Drive, Little Rock. L49, Sante Fe Heights, $250,000.

Marvin Leibovich, Jr.; Stacy Sax to Melanie R. Sayres, 11704 Shady Creek Drive, Little Rock. L53 B5, Sandpiper West, $250,000.

William David Clark; William David Clark Trust to Hum Watts, LLC., 8100 Ark. 107, Sherwood. L1, Ramsey Replat- Stormes, $250,000.

Hervie Wayne Chance; Hervie Wayne Chance, Jr., to Alexa Caparas; Angelo Caparas, 3508 Royal Oak Drive, North Little Rock. L44 B66, Lakewood, $247,500.

Brian Weathers; Courtney Weathers to Raven A. Bass; Meredith Alexander Bass, III 11 Yukon Cove, Maumelle. L124, Riverland, $245,000.

Samuel G. Smith to Jackson W. Shumate, 2500 Creekside Drive, Little Rock. L38, Sandpiper Creek, $245,000.

Taylor Chase Pennington; Alexandria Anne Pennington; Alexandria Anne Yielding to Keith S. Moll; Julie A. Moll, 4 Vantage Drive, Maumelle. L54, Woodland Heights, $245,000.

Joseph A. Smith; Emily Smith to Britney Gooden, 206 Antler Way Drive, Sherwood. L80, Turtle Creek Phase 2, $245,000.

Zachary S. Pacheco; Lauren Elizabeth Pacheco; Lauren Elizabeth Lavender to Charles Dylan Brazeal; Payton Lynn Harbert, 5123 B St., Little Rock. L1 B6, Pfeifer, $242,000.

Keith A. Schardig; Karen M. Schaedig to Hailey Hardgrove; Christian Heustis, 5 Twin Pine Place, Little Rock. L340, Otter Creek Community Phase III-A, $240,000.

William L. Gadberry; Patricia A. Gadberry to Rachel Renteria, 11108 Westpoint Court, Little Rock. L216, Walnut Valley 2nd, $239,000.

Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development to Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development, 700 Jefferson Drive, Jacksonville. L1, Jackson Heights, $238,816.

Profectus Investments, LLC., to Jeremy Lee Swilley; Courtney L. Swilley, 301 Beverly Ave., Sherwood. L14 B307, Park Hill NLR, $236,000.

Jeremey Taylor Bormann; Amee Danielle Bormann to Emily Smith; Jo Marie Livingston, 9211 Northview Drive, Sherwood. Pt SE SE 7-3N-11W, $235,000.

C L Bennett Properties, LLC., to Adrin Montgomery; Tamara Lewis, 14008 Mail Route Road, Little Rock. Pt SE NW 28-1S-12W, $230,000.

Deborah L. Vaile; Joy A. Willis; Deborah L. Vaile Residential Trust to Calvin Jamison; Loritta A. Jamison, 7155 Park Meadows Drive, Sherwood. L61 B2, Gap Creek- The Meadows, $230,000.

Michael J. Wilson; Colette B. Wilson to RR4 OPCO 1, LP L88, Wedgewood Creek Phase II, $227,000.

Rhonda K. Henshaw to Kendra Williams, 106 Traveler Lane, Maumelle. L18, North Ridge, $226,000.

Billy C. Morden to Winner's Plaza, Inc., 600 Pine Forest Drive, Maumelle. Units 4A & 4B, Lakeview Place HPR, $225,000.

Gail Gravett; Martha J. Tyer Revocable Trust to Andrea S. Alford, 8 Sonata Trail, Little Rock. L175, Leawood Heights 3rd, $225,000.

Jared Housel; Amelia Housel to David Gordon Heaney, 5001 Rope Trail, Jacksonville. L1, Jaxon Terrace Phase 10, $225,000.

Kennethia N. Porter; Estate Of Shendo L. Porter (dec'd) to Jay Darrell Mathis; Jay Mathis, 4414 W. 30th St., Little Rock. Ls9-12 B8, Riffel And Holder's 2nd, $225,000.

Paris Anne Embree; John Shanley Embree Living Trust to Alex Joseph Meinkoth; Haley Schweigert, 109 N. Longfield Ave, Sherwood. L7 B2, Queensbrook, $225,000.

Jonathan Isaac Foley to Cole Wise, 5521 J St., Little Rock. Ls9-10 B11, Hollenberg, $225,000.

Kristen Alexandra Hilliard to Jeffrey Boyster; Amanda Boyster, 146 Apple Blossom Loop, Maumelle. L46, Diamond Point Phase I, $220,100.

Tacasata Hunter; Jeremy L. White to Jeremy L .White, 209 Kierre Drive, North Little Rock. L1, Wilkinson Place, $217,000.

Kathy Dunbar; Joy Heard-Jackson to Christopher White; Marissa Shuffield, 2604 S. Gaines St., Little Rock. L11 B15, Kimball's South Park, $215,000.

Sarah K. Laird Yelenich; Dylan Michael Yelenich to Larretta Miller-Maxwell, 607 N. Mississippi St., Little Rock. Ls7-8 B2, McIntosh No.2, $214,000.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC., to Parkinson Building Group, Inc., 42 Orle Circle, Little Rock. L20 B113, Chenal Valley- Orle Neighborhood Phase 2, $212,000.

Kenneth M. Clay, Jr.; Pamela L. Clay to Richard J. Miller, Jr.; Karan B. Miller, 110 N. Fairway Ave., Sherwood. L32 B4, Country Club Park, $211,000.

Paul Benson; Karen Benson to Louanne Richardson, 19 Idlewood Place, Maumelle. L36, Leisurewood, $210,300.

Charles R. Anderson, Jr.; Charles Anderson Homes, LLC., to Tessle Billings, 5600 Victoria Court, Jacksonville. L14G, Northlake Gardens, $210,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to Grace Erwin, 8505 Westwood Creek Drive, North Little Rock. L43, White Oak Crossing, $208,490.

Stephen M. Shadid; Brenda K. Shadid to Craig M. Terrill; Albert DeWit; Janet G. Smead, L46 B64, Park Hill NLR, $208,400.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to DaJohn Haywood Parks; Antonia Jenise Parks, 4 Big Bend Drive, Mabelvale. L201 B2, The Parks Phase I, $207,900.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to Karman Jones, 8601 Northwood Creek Drive, North Little Rock. L10, White Oak Crossing, $205,850.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC., to Randy James Construction Company, Inc., L19 B113, Chenal Valley- Orle Neighborhood Phase 2, $205,000.

Carl J. Leding; Michelle Y. Leding; Brandon T. Leding to Cassie N. Loucks ,115 N. Monroe St., Little Rock. L17 B5, Elmhurst, $205,000.

Emily Raene Nichols to Jeffrey Dang; Karen Dang, 1217 Green Mountain Drive, Little Rock. L487, Pleasantree 1st Replat- Morgan, $204,600.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to Joshua Woodruff; Mikayla Davidson, 2 Laney Loop, Little Rock. L41, Stagecoach Meadows, $202,215.

Jerry Calmes; Estate Of Charles Calmes, Jr. (dec'd) to Tracy V. Cook, 1300 Mesquite Trail, Jacksonville. L7, Jaxon Terrace Phase 8, $202,000.

Penny Gail Ackerson to Michael Williams-Bunche; Brandi Leann Leach, 50 Hightrail Drive, Maumelle. L59, Edgepark Phase I, $201,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to Elizabeth Minh Le, 20 Big Bend Drive, Mabelvale. L208 B2, The Parks Phase I, $200,625.

Chrystal Nave; Clifford L. Nave to Angel Breaux, 4 Garnet Court, Little Rock. L184, Pleasant View Phase V, $200,000.

Jana Helton; Lee Ann Hogue to Anne Rebecca Williamson, 8106 Chatham Drive, Little Rock. L10R, Chatham Replat- Sheraton Park Section B, $200,000.

Michael Pridgeon to Audrieanna Nicole Owens, 7404 Royal Oaks Drive, Little Rock. L9, Royal Oaks, $200,000.

Bear Den Development Company, LLC., to Andrew S. Kinzler; Nicole D. Kinzler, L8R B1, Bear Den Estates Replat, $199,000.

Jamey L. Wallace to Clark B. McGlothin, L5 B2, Country Club Park, $199,000.

Mid South Homebuyers, GP to Jeremy Rogers, 7903 Westwood Ave., Little Rock. L50 B5, Westwood, $197,200.

Kayla Leitknaker; Kayla Brooks to Monica Totin, 13211 Willow Beach Road, North Little Rock. L42, Willow Beach Estates, $196,000.

Caleb Neal; Megan Neal to Sherli Kuruvilla; Viji Kuruvilla, 25 Warwick Road, Little Rock. L8 B7, Breckenridge 1st, $195,000.

Marjean M. Bean; Marjean M. Bean Trust to Rebecca Brya Webber, 19908 E. Pinnacle Road, Roland. L3R, Pinnacle Manor Replat, $192,250.

Ernest O. Nolan; Estate Of Herry B. Keyes (dec'd) to Loren C. Impson; Janet K. Brewer, Apt 220, Cambridge Place HPR, $191,000.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC., to New Home Estates Corp., L53 B113, Chenal Valley- Orle Neighborhood Phase 2, $191,000.

Kenneth E. Payne, Jr., to Eugene Ronald Olszewski; Hsia Ling Huang, L137, Stonewall Phase III-A, $190,000.

Rashell Rae DiBartolo; Rashell Rae Ebard; John Anthony Ebard to Charles Anderson Homes, LLC., 55 Laver Circle, Little Rock. L536, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-A, $190,000.

Sylvia D. Baillie to Sondra Dablock-Derden; Linda Andries, Ls4-5 B7, Park Hill NLR, $190,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to ESA Homes, Inc., 2 Wisteria Drive, Little Rock. L43, Wisteria, $189,950.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC., to Home Sweet Home, Inc., 55 Orle Circle, Little Rock. L14 B116, Chenal Valley- Orle Neighborhood Phase 2, $189,000.

Anna Waits; Anna Bosnick to RR4 OPCO 1, LP L24 B3, Bear Paw Phase II, $187,000.

Fred Zakrzewski; Lalia Zakrzewski to Michael A. Pruss, 611 Willow St., North Little Rock. L4 B6, Faucette, $187,000.

Jamie P. Wisecarver; Estate Of Luther W. Cox (dec'd) to Arthur Bruder, 4713 Hampton Road, North Little Rock. L27 B13, Lakewood, $185,000.

Cynthia Henry; Joe Marchase; Carol O. Henry, Jr., to Sydney Holland Dozier; Jordan Lane Dozier, 500 W. Lee Ave., Sherwood. L1, F & S, $185,000.

Todd D. Gill; Hsin Hsiu Vikki Lu; Todd Gill And Hsin Hsiu Vikki Lu Revocable Trust to Courtney Hardwick; Christopher Hardwick, 4515 Glenmere, North Little Rock. L3 B5, Lakewood, $180,000.

Adam Gabriel Lewis to James Samuel Hansen; Carmen Delores Hansen, 12207 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock. L20, Pleasant Forest Phase I, $180,000.

Leroy James to Chad Costa Realtor, Inc., L75, Wedgewood Creek Phase II, $180,000.

Janice J. Jensen; Janice J. Jensen Living Trust to Nathan L. Kimes, Jr., 3504 Dunkeld Drive, North Little Rock. L37 B69, Lakewood, $180,000.

Cynthia M. Reese; The Ann C. Marchant Revocable Trust to Amy Jackson Douglas, 507 Cambridge Place Drive, Little Rock. Apt 507, Cambridge Place HPR, $180,000.

Ralph McLain to Brandon Capps; Hanna Capps, 2611 Old Military Road, Jacksonville. Pt NE 33-3N-10W, $180,000.

Jason Kennedy to Chad Costa Realtor, Inc., L6 B13, Hicks Interurban, $179,900.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to Brandy Nicole Hunter; Carnail Hunter, 28 Big Bend Drive, Mabelvale. L212 B2, The Parks Phase I, $179,900.

Wendy G. Walker; Jerry Don Walker (dec'd) to Marilou Michelle Merringer, 4209 Driskill Drive, Cabot. Ls9-10, Pin Oak Acres, $177,500.

Amy Cook Simon to Brantley P. Clark, 1916 Ponderosa Court, North Little Rock. L20 B24, Indian Hills, $176,500.

Candice Thompson to Jeffery Lamar Johnson, Jr., 11001 Bock Road, Sherwood. L29 B3, Bear Paw Phase I, $176,000.

Lamonte Grulke; Myranda Grulke to Hollastay, LLC., 2017 Park Lane, Little Rock. L6 B1, Oak Glen, $175,000.

Cori Shantrell Booth to LaTonya Singleton, 5724 Cypress Lane, North Little Rock. L708, Trammel Estates Phase VI-A, $171,000.

SNC Properties, LLC., to Alexander Dementyev; Rano Dementyeva, 3 Rock Place, Maumelle. L114, Kingspark, $170,000.

Rickardo Borum; Tia Nelson; Tia Borum to Viola Schaeffer ,90 Pinedale Circle, Mabelvale. L43, Pinedale Cove, $170,000.

Marsha McVey to John Ott; Anita Ott, L5 B26, Park Hill NLR, $168,000.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC., to Snajeeva Reddy Onteddu; Sukanthi Kovvuru, L44 B113, Chenal Valley- Orle Neighborhood Phase 2, $166,000.

Kathleen Reynolds; Kathleen Reynolds Trust to SET Investments, LLC., 47 Meadowbrook, Little Rock. L47, West Markham Heights, $165,000.

Mark J. Whitmore; Estate Of Marjorie F. Whitmore (dec'd) to Tyler Braden Whitmore; Lauren Allyse Whitmore ,L19 B53, Lakewood, $165,000.

Superior Real Estate Solutions, LLC., to Wyze Buy And Hold, LLC., 1625 Garland Ave., North Little Rock. L17 B127, Park Hill NLR, $165,000.

Argenta Community Development Corp., to Argenta Rentals, LLC., Lot A B10, Clendennin Replat, $162,500.

Amber R. Reeves to Cameron Davis Earles; Caleb Dwain Earles, 6600 Sandpiper Drive, Little Rock. L68, Cardinal Heights Section C, $162,000.

Gail Burke Herron; Belinda Gail Herron to Alexus K. Nelson, 25 Windstone Drive, North Little Rock. L13, Twelve Oaks, $161,500.

Angela R. Walker; Courtney M. Walker to Aaron L. Allen; Tammy D. Allen, 1204 Pinnacle Drive, Jacksonville. L46, Parkview, $159,000.

Patricia E. Tollett to Chad Costa Realtor, Inc., L155, Stonewall Phase II, $158,400.

Hardy Homes, LLC., to Joseph Baxter Maggio, 400 Lynnewood Drive, Jacksonville. L101, Deerewood, $157,900.

REI Nation, LLC., to Ariela Johnson; Warren Johnson, 2760 Koko Drive, Sherwood. L55, Sandalwood Phase I, $155,000.

Garrick P. Tilley-Grantz to Joya Bullock ,107 Foxdell Circle, Jacksonville. L201, Foxwood Phase IV, $155,000.

John D. Holmes; Ranee Holmes to Cecily Rachelle Long; Hosea Wayne Long, 1624 Florida Ave., Little Rock. L1 B7, Riffel And Rhoton's Forest Park Highland, $154,500.

Bank Of America, NA., to Equity Trust Company, 14119 Wimbledon Loop, Little Rock. L471, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-A, $153,000.

Zachary Govia to Chad Costa Realtor, Inc., L72, Cardinal Heights Section C, $152,500.

Nicholas Vonshun Genesy to Jasmine Renee Poe, 3 Wemberly Drive, Little Rock. L66, Allendale, $150,000.

Print Headline: Real estate transactions


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