Letters to the Editor

Trump presidency difficult to get over

A friend of mine tells me the political climate in America is sickening to him. I agree. But Russia-Ukraine, China-Taiwan, just to name two, are also very disturbing enough to frighten the world. But the countries where most of the world conflicts are not democracies, or saying they are.

I will never recover from America having had Trump as president. From this I will not recover. This is a putrid cancer destroying our nation and oozing into the rest of the world.

I never thought the United States perfect, far from it, but that freak as president? And he's going to run again? I hate him and beg God to help keep me from hating them who brung him. If I go to hell when I die, I'd like for it to be for something less hellacious than hating those who voted Trump.

Marianne Beasley


Work on Wilson Park earns city crew thanks

Many thanks to Fayetteville Parks and Recreation for keeping Wilson Park in such good shape.

I walk in the park every morning and appreciate how lovely it is in spite of the heavy usage it gets. The crew that works on it is dedicated and hard working and deserves much praise.

Martha Sutherland


Don't protect justices until kids protected

No funding or laws should be passed until children are protected, i.e., no special protection for Supreme Court or Congress.

No multi-shot guns allowed to anyone outside the military.

Carol "Chris" Christoffel


Every gun can kill once inside school

I believe in the Second Amendment but I don't have a particular opinion about banning "assault rifles" whatever one deems that definition to include. The most recent school shooting as well as others were chosen because they were soft targets. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. Whether the gunman had a handgun or shotgun -- what caliber it was really doesn't matter -- the gunman had over an hour to kill people. He could have accomplished this with a lower caliber weapon and dare I say with a single-shot, bolt-action rifle. It doesn't take that long to reload one of those. And once you killed the teacher, who will stop you?

Lee Harvey Oswald was able to fire three shots in six seconds in Dallas when he killed Kennedy. So those with a pro- or anti-gun opinion, let them continue the Second Amendment argument and what it means, but for those who care about our children, let us come up with a meaningful way to protect our kids from the maniacs and psychos and pay the cost for security guards and preparedness.

Clearly Uvalde was not prepared and that particular incident may have been preventable if the door had locked and police had quicker response time. A lot of "what ifs" to that story. The mentally disturbed are not only in big cities. They may exist in your little Mayberry town, so please don't let your school be the next target and take precautions to make your school a harder target.

Matthew Keegan

Prairie Grove