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Council should not embrace adding 'accessory dwellings'

Though I am sympathetic to future housing needs in the city of Fayetteville, I am opposed to further expansion of the number and size of accessory dwellings on a single property for several reasons.

First, the expansion of impervious surfaces (dwellings and parking surfaces) on a single property will exacerbate stormwater runoff that, according to the stormwater study commissioned by the city, already causes flooding in many areas of Fayetteville.

Second, occupants in additional structures on a property will bring additional vehicles that will cause parking problems in most neighborhoods.

Finally, subdivisions were historically established with zoning standards of four residences per acre, and in many cases by covenant. Any change to density standards, both for number of structures and number of unrelated residents per structure, violate the terms under which these subdivisions were established. These changes have historically threatened the overall value of the various properties within the area. Such a decline in value would be a form of confiscation without due process.

For these reasons, I urge the council to table this ordinance, without further consideration.

Margaret Holcomb


Critics of Trump supporters have too much time on hands

Even though I've been a subscriber going back to the days of John Robert Starr and Paul Greenberg, I've avoided reading the Voices letters until recently. Originally, I made this decision to protect my mental health and reduce my blood pressure. After reading Voices for these past few weeks, I believe that my original decision was sound.

It seems that the majority of letter writers are upset that Trump supporters believe that he was cheated in last year's election. They then proceed to denigrate the millions who voted for him. As I recall, similar arguments were made from the other side after the presidential elections in 2000, 2004 and 2016. And then we move on to Jan. 6, the worst assault on democracy in our history (their words, not mine), and the complicit cowardice of our senators and representatives. These people have the vapors, and apparently too much time on their hands.

Thank you for continuing your efforts to provide our citizens with fair and balanced reporting (except for John Deering).

Bill Jaycox


(Editor's note: John Deering is an editorial cartoonist who expresses opinions through cartoons on the editorial and Voices pages.)

Columnists thoughts a good dose of humor

"A bit testy over testing" (Gary Smith column, Jan. 14) ... hilarious!

Mr. Gary Smith, thank you. Just the lift I needed.

Rebecca Hartman


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