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Arkansas politicians

Growing up in southern Louisiana, I thought I was accustomed to politicians using half-truths, innuendo and just plain lies when running for office. Arkansas politicians are doing what Louisiana politicians only aspire to.

Why would anyone covet an endorsement from a loser like Donald Trump, a shameless liar, con man, and world's worst businessman? The so-called Trump wall has been breached over 3,000 times according to Border Patrol. Someone should tell Tom Cottonmouth that "Biden's" crushing inflation is nothing more than fundamental greed; corporations and trucking companies are reporting record profits, and using this windfall to buy back stock. The gravitational pull of money is just too great for them to take a stand.

Sarah Sanders was Trump's third-string shill, and she has trotted out the tired old GOP talking points: do away with taxes, especially on rich folks, teach kids to hate at a young age, and do away with all programs that benefit poor folks and seniors. For the past several years, our representatives and senators have voted in lockstep with Mitch McConnell. We could save money by giving Mitch McConnell our proxy. I believe they all, along with Jake Bequette, have the same campaign manager.


Hot Springs Village

Improve environment

Students Zane Alsebai and Raga Mandali are correct in their column published on April 14, "LRSD should use solar energy." When a solar-energy system is built for less than $2,000 per kilowatt, which is usually achievable, the cost of electricity generated by the system will be less than 6 cents per kwh. That is much less than the 11 to 12 cents per kwh that I am currently charged by the local power company, which is allowed to increase its rates on a regular basis.

In addition to saving money, using solar energy reduces unnecessary burning of fossil fuels and improves the environment. Any organization or individual that has roofs and/or suitable land with sun exposure is wasting money and harming the environment if they don't use solar energy.

I encourage parents and grandparents of Little Rock School District students to attend the board meeting at 5:30 p.m. April 28 and tell the school board members that they should use solar energy to reduce the amount they spend on electricity and to set an example for the students that improving the environment is a very important goal.


Little Rock

Seen as provocation

In his column last week, Dr. Bradley Gitz lamented Tucker Carlson's pragmatic analysis of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. American weakness under this administration is viewed as a provocation to Vladimir Putin by most of the world. Carlson simply pointed out that Europe's choosing to become energy-dependent on Russia and its refusing to spend adequately on its own national defense should not necessitate a commitment of American blood and treasure.

Carlson has no illusions about this godless dictator's motives, but does pose the question that should be asked: Is it in the American national security interest to help secure the borders of European countries while our own borders remain unsecured? He is one of the few asking this question, but you can be certain that most American combat veterans are asking it as well. Being labeled "isolationist" is an insult to these heroes, and they deserve an honest answer from the nation to which they previously "wrote the check."



He revealed himself

Recently I watched "Frontline" on PBS. It reviewed what led up to the ongoing Ukrainian war, including Vladimir Putin's bloody rise to power. One example shown was the 2018 Helsinki summit meeting between Putin and President Donald Trump. The news conference had both side by side, answering questions.

One reporter pointed out in a question to Trump that all American intelligence services agree that the Russians are interfering in American elections. And Putin denied everything. The reporter asked Trump point blank who he believed. Trump said Putin. Literately on the world stage, standing beside Putin, the president of the United States said he believed Putin.

Last month Trump again told America how smart and clever Putin was to move his forces to Ukraine. His words, not mine; look it up. Not from Fox, not from CNN. From Trump. Why is Trump for Putin?

Now those Trump flags. You fly one, right? It's clear a Russian flag needs to be added. Do you put the Russian flag above or below the Trump flag? I don't need a congressional committee to link Trump to the Russians. Trump links Trump to the Russians! I heard what he said. Did you? This guy continues to try to overthrow the U.S. government. All based on a lie.

You Republicans better get this traitor and his circle of self-serving liars behind you. And one more for Trump: The No. 1 person scared of a witch hunt is the witch.


Little Rock

Zelenskyy honorable

Bret Stephens takes the record of one man, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who describes everything that the GOP isn't. Good against evil, a good man with more honor in his little finger than the whole Republican Party.


Hot Springs Village