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Springtown road project put on hold

by NWA Democrat-Gazette | September 25, 2021 at 1:00 a.m.

SPRINGTOWN -- According to the approved minutes of Springtown's July 13 council meeting, the Bredehoeft Road Project was on hold until the town finds another engineer and defines the scope of the project. The road is open and being used at this time, according to the minutes.

The road work to improve drainage on Wasson Road was being performed by Vernon Reams, who said work would be performed on the ditches, retention pond, and a culvert may be installed.

Alderman Chuck Bostwick provided an update on the proposed food pantry. He said a sign for the cabinet is needed to make the pantry more visible. He said he would contact local churches to partner with the town for maintenance and inventory at the pantry.

Paul Lemke volunteered to explore options for partnering with Gentry or Highfill to activate the storm sirens since Benton County no longer provides that service. Lemke met with Vester Cripps to determine what modifications need to be made to the sirens. According to minutes, Cripps planned to put together a cost estimate for the town.

Property owners Preston and Karee Barrett contacted Mayor Terri Glenn to inquire about zoning a portion of their property on the spring to commercial to operate a bed and breakfast or another small business. According to the minutes, Springtown has no planning and zoning committee and was unable to establish zones, with the town considered residential.

Lemke said there was a lawsuit that affected the town and needed to be addressed by the town. Lemke was concerned about a quiet title court action between property owners and felt the town may also have a claim to the parcel in question.

Alderman David Clark moved to have Glenn investigate to determine if the town has an interest in the matter. The council approved, and Glenn was to ask the town's legal counsel to research the matter.

Clark said the town needs to improve the maintenance and upkeep of the parks, roads and town equipment. He said he spoke with a town resident who is willing to work part-time to assist with street duties. According to the minutes, Glenn was to follow up with the resident.

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