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NWA Letter to the Editor

September 11, 2021 at 1:00 a.m.

What will history writers

focus on about Trump?

In decades to come, historians and others will write books about the influence of President Trump and his administration on our country. Their writing will help determine the legacy of our 45th president.

I predict the vast majority of historians will focus on the negative effects of his presidency. If so, this will be a marked contrast with most writing about former presidents. Doubt this? Do what I did and list the positive and negatives you remember reading about former presidents. I'll bet your memories, like mine, will consist primarily of positive accomplishments. This non-historian's first effort (non-Google-aided) follows.

Eisenhower -- Interstate highways

Truman -- Dropping the atomic bomb, leading to the end of WWII.

Kennedy -- Cuban missile crisis, first man on the moon.

Johnson -- Civil Rights Act.

Reagan -- Berlin wall, break-up of Soviet Union

Obama -- Affordable Care Act.

In contrast, I predict true historians, when writing about the legacy of Donald J. Trump, will concentrate their writing on the negative effects of his one term. The 10 unranked topics (of 30 I came up with) I predict historians will focus on follow:

• The inability to believe anything he (or his sycophants) said; the lying.

• He was the first president to deny defeat despite the fact he had lost by the exact same "overwhelming" margin he had won by in 2016.

• His never-ending denials of his election loss and his numerous actions to overturn it, culminating in a Jan. 6 riot when thousands of his followers came to the Capitol to prevent Congress from performing its constitutionally mandated duty of formally approving each state's electoral votes. The planning and funding of the riot will be the subject of many books.

• His takeover of the Republican Party.

• His inability to manage or lead during the covid-19 pandemic, resulting in several hundred thousand unnecessary deaths, financial ruin for thousands of businesses and workers, the closing of schools and a dramatic downturn in the economy.

• His ignoring constitutional provisions about separation of power, states' rights, the rule of law and the separation of church and state.

• His unprecedented and repeated willingness to say and do things that divided families, neighbors, church members, colleagues and friends. (Examples: building the wall, shutting down the government, masks, vaccinations.)

• His being impeached (twice) during his one term.

• His attempt to rule everyone, including Congress, by fear.

• His campaign actions resulting in the Republicans losing both houses of Congress and the presidency.

Some of you are probably wondering, "Didn't the man do anything good for the country?" Don't worry. Writers wanting to publish a book that will appeal to the 74 million people who voted for Trump will have no trouble finding content for a book that some of these folks will be willing to buy -- even if it is an unopened coffee table book.

Jim Hammons


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