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Benton County restaurant inspections

by Kathy Lauver | May 17, 2021 at 1:00 a.m.

Critical violations are those factors leading to food-borne illness and must be corrected immediately. Noncritical violations relate to maintenance of food operations and cleanliness.


May 3

Bakery Cuscatleca

2515 N. 17th St., Suite 301, Rogers

Critical violations: Raw eggs being stored above ready-to-eat items in prep area refrigerator.

Noncritical violations: Individually packaged portions of spices, red beans and cream Queso not properly labeled. Permit has expired.

Flavors Indian Cuisine

211 S.E. Walton Blvd., Suite 100, Bentonville

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Sanitizer bucket and yellow cloth placed in one of the available hand sinks for the kitchen prep areas.

Johnny Brusco's New York Style Pizzeria

700 S.E. Walton Blvd., Suite 10, Bentonville

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Flour and sugar containers have chips and cracks. Accumulation of beer in bottom of beer cooler.

Panda Express Restaurant

2775 U.S. 412 East, Siloam Springs

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Permit posted but expired 11/30/2019. Post current permit in customer view.

Yulianita's Mexican Restaurant

2515 N. 17th St., Suite 303, Rogers

Critical violations: Both restrooms lacking paper towels at time of inspection. Spray bottles not properly labeled.

Noncritical violations: Permit not posted.


190 Progress Ave., Siloam Springs

Critical violations: Food checked in the cold holding sandwich finish unit not holding food at 41 degrees or below. The coils/vent has an accumulation of what appears to be flour/breading potentially restricting air flow.

Noncritical violations: Area under the hand washing sink in the breading area is visibly dirty. Area around the Pro-Max press grill has an accumulation of grease and food particles. No permit posted.

May 4


1625 U.S. 412 West, Siloam Springs

Critical violations: PIC was instructed via a phone call to the manager to return out-of-temperature cold food to the walk-in until the refrigerator in question was back in temperature. Food temperatures at 52 degrees may not be safe to serve. Persons in charge shall be trained on all aspects of their job duties. Employee came in from delivering an order outside and did not remove gloves and wash hands prior to putting and handling fries to fry carton. Mushrooms are at 110 degrees and should be maintained hot at 135 degrees or above. Reach-in cooler is not holding food at 41 degrees or below. No time marked on the tomatoes or lettuce in the sandwich prep table.

Noncritical violations: Interior of the ice scoop holder is visibly dirty. Clean holder and scoop frequently as needed. Multiple pieces of equipment are visibly dirty inside and on the exterior surfaces. Area under and around the fryers, including in and under the equipment, has a buildup of grease. Food debris and other trash on the floor under the fryers. Grease is standing in the grout between floor tiles. What appears to be coffee grounds in the floor drain by the drive through window. Grout under the fryers is partially missing allowing standing grease and water to collect.

Ken's Hiwasse Dairy Freeze

13548 Arkansas 72, Hiwasse

Critical violations: Ketchup, lemon juice, mayo, blue cheese dressing, ranch dressing at 51 degrees in an old display fridge in back.

Noncritical violations: Raw hamburger meat stored in walk-in cooler above milk. Food in fridge in kitchen uncovered, tater tots, french fries and breaded meat patties. Wiping clothes on the counter need to used once or left in sanitizer solution. Can opener has food particles on it.

Pho 85 Noodle House, LLC

104 N. 12th St., Rogers

Critical violations: No paper towels available at drink station handsink.

Noncritical violations: Sugar being scooped from bulk container with a bowl with no handle. Permit not posted.

Waffle House

2308 S.E. Walton Blvd., Bentonville

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Gaskets on door to walk-in cooler are torn and unable to form a complete seal around the door. There is a dust buildup on fan in walk-in.

Wright's Barbecue

208 N.E. Third St., Bentonville

Critical violations: Raw eggs stored above ready-to-eat vegetables. Multiple food items (collard green at 129 degrees, mac and cheese at 128 degrees, and sausage at 126 degrees) out of temperature in hot hold cabinets.

Noncritical violations: Exposed wood in food service areas: service window near hood, frame before entering the pick up area, service window in dish area and window frames in dish area.

May 5

Miss Mary's

468 Gentry Blvd., Gentry

Critical violations: Employee made new sanitizer water, but did not wash hands prior to returning to food service. Employee placed a tray of raw hamburger on the cutting board of the prep table.

Noncritical violations: Walk-in floor and shelf are rusty.

Smoothie King

2090 W. Pleasant Grove Road, Rogers

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Top edges of mop sink are no longer sealed to wall creating crevices. Repeat violation.

Top China

32 Sugar Creek Center, Bella Vista

Critical violations: Trays of chicken sitting out uncovered. Bags of cabbage and onions stored directly on the walk-in cooler floor.

Noncritical violations: Screen door at back door is coming apart, allowing flies to come into the kitchen.

Village Market

17047 Marshall St., Garfield

Critical violations: Multiple open container employee drinks throughout prep area. No paper towels available at time of inspection at kitchen handsink.

Noncritical violations: None

Walmart Fuel Center

4206 S Pleasant Crossing Blvd., Rogers

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Ice build-up in reach-in freezer dripping from fan, on shelf, and on bottom.

May 6

Airship at Coler

1300 Applegate Trail, Bentonville

Critical violations: Dishes/pans stacked in hand washing sink. Raw eggs stored on shelf above ready-to-eat food items.

Noncritical violations: None

Flying Burrito

1401 S. Walton Blvd., Suite 1, Bentonville

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Wall behind food prep area has an accumulation of food residue and debris. Ceiling above ware wash area has an accumulation of dust.

I Love Pupusas

609 S. Eighth St., Rogers

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Soda nozzles on both drive-thru and lobby soda machines have black growth on the cola nozzles. Old equipment and used light bulbs are stored in fenced area out back door.

Onyx Coffee Lab

101 E. Walnut St., Rogers

Critical violations: Three- compartment sink set up in the order of wash, sanitize, rinse. Employees washing hands in three compartment sink. Sanitizer 0 ppm.

Noncritical violations: No chlorine test strips available at time of inspection.

May 7

El Pueblo

1549 W. Hudson Road, Rogers

Critical violations: Employee placed ready-to-eat cheese onto serving platter with bare hands.

Noncritical violations: Ice scoops being stored in ice machine with handle buried in ice. Single use Styrofoam cup being used as ladle for red sauce.

El Pueblo Market

1551 W. Hudson Road, Rogers

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Cardboard boxes of produce being stored directly on floor.

Las Fajitas Grill

2003 S.W. Regional Airport Blvd., Suite 15, Bentonville

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Lid to large freezer in back storage area is falling apart so it no longer closes tightly. The insulation inside is showing through due to missing pieces. Light bulbs above chip warmer do not have any protective shielding.

Vega's Restaurant

1555 W. Hudson Road, Rogers

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Permit has expired.

The following establishments had no violations this reporting period:

May 3 -- International House of Pancakes, 4604 W. Walnut St., Rogers; Smashburger, 500 S.E. Walton Blvd., Suite 2, Bentonville

May 4 -- Abarrote's Mexihcah LLC, 2100 W. Hudson Road, Rogers; Chipotle, 2400 S.E. Walton Blvd., Bentonville; Dollar General Store, 197 Arkansas 59 South, Sulphur Springs; Jimmy John's, 500 S.E. Walton Blvd. Suite 12, Bentonville; King Pins Family Entertainment, 1490 U.S. 412 West, Siloam Springs

May 5 -- Bentonville High School, 1901 S.E. J St., Bentonville; Bentonville High School North, 1801 S.E. J St., Bentonville; Choo Choo's Pizza, 120 W. Rose St., Rogers; Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom , 1900 W. Pleasant Grove Road, Rogers; Ruth Hale Barker Middle School, 500 S.E. 18th St., Bentonville; Sonic, 2 Sugar Creek Center, Bella Vista

May 6 -- 7 Brews Coffee, 500 S. Bloomington St., Lowell; Bentonville Public Schools, 8579 W. Ford Springs Road, Bentonville; Harp's Food Store, 916 W. Monroe Ave., Lowell; Kirby's Kupcakes, 128 S. Second St., Rogers; Meals on Wheels, 2004 S. 13th St., Rogers; Melvin Ford Aquatic Center, 2401 E. Central Ave., Bentonville; The Noodle Man, 3604 S.E. Guess Who Drive, Bentonville

May 7 -- Casey's General Store, 2801 S.E. J St., Bentonville


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