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May 16, 2021 at 2:27 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded April 19-April 23:

Deena L. Burnett Bailey and The Deena L. Burnett Revocable Trust to Ahmed Ali and Noha Mohamed, Pt. SW 9-2N-13W, $1,500,000.

Edward W. and Sarah K. Bailey to Ronald Matthew and Lauren Vandiver, 2412 N. Fillmore St., Little Rock, Ls10-11 B31, Park View, $1,150,000.

Gene and Lisa Schoonmaker and The Schoonmaker Revocable Qualified Spousal Trust to Brett and Melissa Trelfa, 1 Orle Circle, Little Rock, L1 B115, Chenal Valley, $1,030,000.

Dean E. DiMichele and The Dean E. DiMichele Trust to Gregory Ryan and Carolyn E. Mehaffey, 6700 Austin Bay Court, Sherwood, L77, Austin Lakes On The Bay, $700,000.

Alexander Dustin and Hope Hood to Taylor and Rebecca Hale, 6 Ensbury Place, Little Rock, L26 B101, Chenal Valley, $675,000.

Kevin W. and Holly A. Driver to David Danjou and Alissa Kanaan, 27 Courts Drive, Little Rock, L13 B121, Chenal Valley, $635,000.

J. Douglas and Cinda Rich to Elias V. and Rebekah Lynley Fowlkes, 8 Frecourt Lane, Little Rock, L3 B40, Chenal Valley, $635,000.

Michael Caplan to Yasir Sultan and Hamaira Khan, 34 Winthrop Point, Little Rock, L25 B15, Woodlands Edge, $532,000.

Charles R. and Marie S. Linn to David and Annette Edwards, L20 B121, Chenal Valley, $529,000.

Russian Properties, LLC and Darby Holdings, LLC to Russian Land, LLC, Tract 30 Unit 1, Independence Farms, $525,000.

Ben and Constance Jones to Tim and Lindy Godon, L128 B72, Chenal Valley, $500,000.

McCracken Land Development, LLC to Riverwalk Homes, LLC, Ls8-9, 19-20, 24-25, 35-36 & 39-41, Kanis Ridge Estates, $495,000.

Hapo, LLC to Lawrence M. and Margery S. Mullins, 121 Oneida Way, Maumelle, L12, Osage Terrace Phase I-B, $490,000.

Qualenta N. Forrest and Joshua A. Kivett to Russell James Roark and Nicole Ribeiro Marques, L16 B23, Woodlands Edge, $476,000.

Chris Nelson Construction, LLC to Randle D. and Shalenna N. Mitchell, 9205 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood, L8 B14, Creekside, $471,000.

Scott Jones Custom Homes, Inc. to Kevin and Darle Scholz, 1538 Creekview Drive, Sherwood, L6 B12, Creekside, $465,000.

Dumont Construction, LLC to Robert Tod Forsythe and The Robert Tod Forsythe Revocable Trust, L46, Belles Fleurs, $459,700.

Jamie and David Shipley to Brian Lee Kratkiewicz and Elizabeth Ann Holman-Kratkiewicz, 33 Woodstream Cove, Little Rock, L97 B2, Woodlands Edge, $455,000.

Adnrijana and Zarko Vukovich to Brandon Baldwin, 4907 Crestwood Drive, Little Rock, L94, Cliffewood, $447,900.

H.A. Custom Homes, LLC to Alfredo Eloy Burgos Briceno, 807 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L9 B7, Wildwood Place, $445,000.

James M. and Melissa R. Guldin to Kelsey R. and Cody L. Besett, 6509 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, L32, Paschal Heights, $430,000.

Lindy Gordon/Lindy E. Smith to Lauren Joann and Myra M. Hardy, 107 Pebble Beach Drive, Little Rock, L130, Longlea, $428,000.

Robert Dale and Barbara Lynn Dalby to Ashley Sims, 307 Wellington Woods Loop, Little Rock, L51 B11, The Villages Of Wellington, $425,000.

Danko Djurica to Sam and Gwen Knowlton, L6 B4, Englewood, $419,000.

Barbi Yedlick to Hilary Martin and Nathan Price Chaney, 4214 Stoneview Court, Little Rock, L64, Longlea Manor, $412,000.

Ashley B. and Dustin Davis to Robert B. and Lauren M. Callaham, 3005 Timber Creek Drive, North Little Rock, L17 B1, Timber Creek, $410,000.

Kiyoshi and Casey Hyman to Bradley A. and Stacy D. Schmitt, 15 Woodfern Drive, Little Rock, L27 B20, Woodlands Edge, $405,000.

John Bridges to Arkansas Deferred Exchange, LLC and Three Rivers Estates, LLC, 2601 N. Grant St., Little Rock, Ls5-6 B22, Parkview, $400,000.

Christopher C. and Nicole M. Locke to Brandon C. and Susanne K. Jeffus, 23 Pine Manor Drive, Little Rock, L38, Pine Manor, $394,000.

Joseph F. and Katarina Livijn Clark to James Condon and Madeline Belt, 3812 Oakwood Road, Little Rock, L4 B2, Oakwood Place, $385,000.

Parker and Sarah Woodroff to Sophie C. McGehee, L64, Ridgecrest Manor, $385,000.

Kwang Y. Lee and Young Hee Park to Chenia Eubanks, 12801 Meadows Edge Lane, Little Rock, L14 B7, Woodlands Edge, $383,300.

Robert Rosiek and The Charles P. Rink Living Trust to John and Toni Kaminar, 47 Masters Place Drive, Maumelle, L50, Masters Place, $375,000.

Jim Pace Homes, LLC to Willian Wayne Bussey Jr., Bill Bussey, Penny B. Bussey and The Bussey Family Revocable Trust, L14, Georganne Estates, $373,716.

Terra Firma Project, LLC to Donna K. Warmack, L30R B4, Wildwood Ridge Phase II, $365,250.

Paul E. and Rhonda B. Dussex to Michael and Cydney Gerety, 2141 Little Rock Court, Sherwood, L5 B18, Stonehill Phase VII, $350,000.

Rancy and Heather McCalip to Jeffrey Alan and Tammy Lynn Witham, 9500 Stepping Stone Court, Sherwood, L197, Miller's Crossing Phase 3, $349,900.

William K. Shumek and Rebecca Shimek to Dustin S. and Sammy Jo Chumley, 217 Corondelet Lane, Maumelle, L1280, The Quarters- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 20, $346,700.

Naomi Mendel Stratton to Douglas L. and Bobbie Anne Beard and The Beard Family Trust, 6 Berwyn Drive, Little Rock, L112, Robinwood, $342,000.

Mohinder Singh and Gurwinder Kaur to Rajwinder Kaur, 2508 Calico Creek Drive, North Little Rock, L13 B42, Overbrook, $340,000.

Kelsey Alexandra and Danie Fields Agre to Robert E. and Sheila Cay Camp, 121 Wildcreek Blvd., Little Rock, L8 B3, Wildwood Place, $340,000.

Chulyong Park/Chul Yong Park to Jennifer L. Merritt, 12 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L38 B1, Wildwood Place, $340,000.

Stephan L. Ledford to Sarah Louise Romanski and Brendan David Crawford, 15 Roanne Court, Little Rock, L749, St. Charles, $338,000.

Aaron and Amy Wenger to Benjamin James and Jamie Michelle Bandy France, 24 Mayfield Road, Little Rock, L56, Overlook Park Section B, $335,000.

Cypress Bay Development, LLC to Alicia M. Wingfield, 141 Majestic Circle, Maumelle, L39 Blk. II, Majestic Pointe, $335,000.

Louis J. Ferrantelle Jr., to Maria Connieca G. Catungal and Kelly S. Jarrell, 9425 Stepping Stone Court, Sherwood, L186, Miller's Crossing Phase 3, $335,000.

John Matthew Brannan to Sedrick T. Lewis and Ha Vanthi Vu, 1 Copper Circle, Little Rock, L7 B3, Copper Run Phase I, $334,900.

Gregory and Janet Westbrook to John and Stacey Trowell, 13125 Bart Moreland Drive, Roland, L3, Pinnacle Zinland Estates, $332,500.

Phillip Banks to Gwendolyn R. and Barney T. Martin Jr., L114, Riverland, $331,500.

Lesley V. Bingham and Christopher Tackett to Lizi Xie, 24 Hanna Lane, Little Rock, L51, Madison Valley, $325,000.

Anthony K. Johnston and The Williams & Grace Johnston Family Trust to Rebecca G. Nisbet, Ls12-13, Cedar Hill Terrace, $320,000.

Elizabeth Anne and Brian L. Kratkiewicz to Manuel E. Gonzalez, 23 Deerberry Forest Circle, Little Rock, L19, Brodie Creek Community, $313,000.

Michael and Meghan Cable/Meghan Henry to James S. and Kasie L. Burnett, 9500 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood, L8 B10, Creekside, $310,000.

Weschka Enterprises, Inc. to Stephanie N. Holder, 38 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L25 B1, Wildwood Place, $309,000.

Richard Matthew and Cynthia Lea Bennett to Jamie Wince and Christine Star, 9 Patricia Lane, Little Rock, Pt. S/2 SE SE 35-2N-13W, $305,000.

Charles Justin McGrew to Kim Glover, 5301 Stone Ridge Lane, Cabot, Pt. SW 11-4N-11W, $302,400.

Louis F. McAlister Jr., to Jack Matlock, 13803 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock, L162, Longlea VIII-Q, $300,000.

Todd P. and Stephanie M. Krauser and The Todd P. Krauser And Stephanie M. Krauser Revocable Qualified Spousal Trust to Bryan Eugene and Jami Pfeiffer, 31 Sand Trap Drive, Maumelle, L21, First Fairway, $298,700.

Sue Jung Kim and Dianne Shin to Haidar and Farida Mussa Ali, 2510 Valley Park Drive, Little Rock, L48, Pebble Beach Woods, $298,000.

Randle D. and Shalenna N. Mitchell to Felicia Temple and Lawrence Charles Overton, 9116 Wetherbee Circle, Sherwood, L81, Miller's Crossing Phase 2, $295,000.

Courtney M. Lewis to Peter N. and Rachel J. Tucker, 1421 White Road, Little Rock, Tracts 3-4, Simpson, $290,000.

Jennifer L. Hutchinson and Jodie G. Kelly Jr., to John R. Benton and Alexandria N. Perez, 2 Trent Jones Cove, Sherwood, L6A, Fairway Park, $290,000.

Don R. Roberts Jr., Jon Michael Roberts, Susan Carol Robbins and The Roberts Family Trust to Sarah Lindley, 4210 Longtree Cove, Little Rock, L36, Longlea Manor, $285,000.

Randy and Diane Zook to Mary K. Godwin, 3901 Cedar Hill Road, Apt. 2, Little Rock, Apt. 2, Townhouses In The Park HPR, $284,000.

Joffrey and Terri Clark to Thomas Edward and Peggy J. Liddil, 7641 Glenn Hills Drive, Sherwood, L4 B7, Glenn Hills, $280,000.

Marcus Jared Motes to Bethany Dawn Baldwin, 5812 Eagle Creek Road, North Little Rock, L9 B15, Overbrook, $280,000.

Robert H. Warren, Tommie Marie Warren and The Warren Living Trust to Joel and Jaime Gill, 1404 N. Hughes St., Little Rock, L42, Hall Cove, $280,000.

HSD Properties, LLC to Coffer Lane MHP, LLC, Tracts 7 & 8, EE Coffer Suburban Plat, $275,000.

Angela L. Thompson to Melissa Lyn Moody and John David Harper, L15, Wingate, $265,992.

Jadd White Properties, LLC to Tracy and Kimberly Samuels, 7814 T. P. White Drive, Cabot, Pt. NE NE 33-4N-10W, $260,000.

Mary Lou Richards and The Mary Lou Richards Revocable Trust to Angela Michele and Harvey Eugene Parker Jr., 1315 Hunters Cove Drive, Little Rock, L26, Hunter's Cove, $260,000.

Taylor Clark and Hannah Beth Owens to Gustavo D. and Lindsey Lamadrid, 6856 Austin Harbor Loop, Sherwood, L128, Austin Lakes On The Bay, $260,000.

Dac Tat Pham and Anh Thuy Nguyen to Alejandra Romero, 1516 Dorado Beach Drive, Little Rock, L14, Pebble Beach Woods, $256,500.

Kirk and Hope Myeres to Alison Wenholz, 6808 Sandpiper Drive, Little Rock, L26, Cardinal Heights Section A, $239,900.

David and Susan Schoen to Chancie K. Coomer and Alec Harrison, 9002 Leatrice Drive, Little Rock, L39, Leawood Mountain, $239,000.

Roberta L. and William J. Henley IV., to The Ridge Assembly, Inc., 14705 Ark. 107, Sherwood, Pt. SE SE 20-3N-11W, $237,000.

Taillac Investments, LLC to Sarah A. King, 5208 Lee Ave., Little Rock, L6 B29, Pulaski Heights, $235,000.

Allgood Custom Homes, LLC to James Douglas Roark and Candy G. Foter-Roark, 5109 Rope Trail, Jacksonville, L27, Jaxon Terrace Phase 13, $229,590.

Kelcro Properties, LLC to E-C Investments, LLC, L10AR, Sunny Valley, $228,000.

Horseshoe Lake Estates West, LLC to Nick Edgar, Pt. N/2 Section 20-1N-10W, $225,707.

Allgood Custom Homes, LLC to Adam Wesley Tarkington, 5104 Rope Trail, Jacksonville, L25, Jaxon Terrace Phase 13, $225,000.

Katherine Diane Thomas to William M. and Sara B. Smith, L19 B8, Altheimer, $224,000.

James A. and Georgia M. Davis to Roslyn D. Stewart, 4812 M. Locust St., North Little Rock, L10 B71, Park Hill NLR, $224,000.

KP Properties Of Arkansas, LLC to Adam Joseph Puccetti, 6723 Sandpiper Drive, Little Rock, L132, Cardinal Heights Section C, $217,000.

Lukas Eubanks and The Estate Of Thomas Joseph Eubanks to BSFR III Owner I, LLC, 1301 Biscayne Drive, Little Rock, L53, Leawood Manor First, $215,000.

Commissioner In Circuit to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Pt. W/2 NW 2-4N-11W, $213,330.

James Paul and Jacquelyn Yancey Smith and The James And Jacquelyn Smith Revocable Trust to Marilyn A. Kellphh, 52 Kingsbridge Way, Little Rock, Apt. 52, Kingsbridge Townhomes HPR, $209,900.

Javier and Rachel M. Pupiales to Essence J. Kelley and Julian C. Dumas, 5801 Flight Court, Jacksonville, L40, Base Meadows Phase 1B, $206,000.

Ronnie Eugene Smith to Dante Lorenzo Smith, 18020 Fawn Tree Drive, Little Rock, L438, Otter Creek Community Phase III-B, $205,000.

Jennifer Sorrell to Sergio Mendez, 14300 Alexander Road, Alexander, Pt. SE NE 18-1S-13W, $205,000.

Jereme and Sarah K. Hood to Alexander Tom Ford, 3808 Moreland Drive, Little Rock, L48, Pleasant View Phase II, $200,000.

William T. Wisdom and Jonah Flanigan to Whitney and Connor Hesington, 747 Skyline Drive, North Little Rock, L9 B1, Park Hill NLR, $199,000.

Casey Green to Karla Patricia Ramirez, 7 Snow Mass Cove, Maumelle, L41, North Ridge, $197,000.

Robert M. Graves III., and Ashley Lessenberry to Lauren Elizabeth Smith and Christian Isaac Gonzales, 1805 Windridge Court, Sherwood, L18 B3, Windridge, $191,900.

John David and Nancy T. Butler to Tyler Toft, Kalen Adamson and Shannon Bourke, 1 Summer Ridge Court, Little Rock, L17, Sandpiper Creek, $186,000.

Thomas S. and Terri L. Allen and The T-N-T Living Trust to Tyler M. and Katelynn A. M. Estes, 13320 White Fir Lane, Little Rock, L46R, Pleasant View Phase VII-D, $185,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Lanita Wasson and Bonita Hughes, 100 Giselle Drive, Little Rock, L66, Wisteria, $181,665.

Edward D. Houston to Jayce A. Lea, 1205 Southeastern Ave., Jacksonville, Pt. E/2 SE 29-3N-10W, $180,000.

Bryan and Jami Pfeiffer to Brian Scott Green, 40 Vantage Drive, Maumelle, L42, Woodland Heights, $180,000.

Christopher B. and Eleanor C. Goins to Brandon Lee Inscoe and Laura Marie Edwards, 7 Manitoba Cove, Maumelle, L99, North Ridge, $180,000.

Indian and Jeff Dangeau and The Estate Of Janet M. Brown(dec'd) to Joy Carleen and Anthony David Gray Sr., 3006 Shady Side Drive, Sherwood, L102 B1, Woodruff Creek, $180,000.

Micha Huskey/ Micha Pace to Kevin Mosley, 1402 Hawkwood Road, Sherwood, L7 B3, East Meadow, $179,500.

Benjamin J. France to Margaret Olivia and Gen L. France, 903 N. McKinley, Little Rock, L7 B13, Pleasant Hill, $178,600.

Courtney L. Helfrich to Jason Hall and Karen Edmondson, 58 Prospect Trail, North Little Rock, L142, White Oak Village, $176,500.

Paul Sellers to Matthew Rude and Chengjie Zhao, 11818 Pleasant Tree Drive, Little Rock, L28, Pleasantree Third, $175,000.

Ronald and Doris Kay Bank to Ryan Newcomb and The JRN Revocable Trust, L50, Longlea, $175,000.

Connie E. Lowe to William Ernest Montgomery Sr., 1901 Williford St., Sherwood, L15 B5, Bear Paw Phase III, $175,000.

Anna C. Dickinson/Anna C. Benson to Dale V. Briggs, 6504 Brentwood Road, Cammack Village, L18, Cammack Woods, $171,993.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Lloyd Wayne and Deborah Bolden, 1817 Honeycomb St., Sherwood, L39 B1, Bear Paw Phase I, $171,430.

Steven J. and Linda L. McDaniel to Amanda Hanson, 20 Hickory Lane, Maumelle, L10, Brookshire, $170,000.

Roberta Elaine Crabtree to James D. and Anna M. Sanders, L22 B22, Lakewood, $168,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to LaSha Griffin, 1833 Honey Comb St., Sherwood, L41 B1, Bear Paw Phase III, $166,000.

James Bowie and Deborah Carol Bennett to Jamshid and Rebecca Kiana, 9804 Patsy Drive, Cabot, L24, Mount Pleasant, $165,000.

Justin Grimes and The Grimes Revocable Trust to Jhanalyn Blount, 9902 Surrey Drive, Little Rock, L86, Kensington Place, $165,000.

Kimberly McClendon to Abel A. Giron, 302 Brookside Drive, Little Rock, L45, Brookfield Section 2, $165,000.

Nicole Lybrand to Sydney Venable, 414 Willow St., North Little Rock, L7 B3, Hudson And Clendenin's Annex; b L8 B3, Clendenin, $163,500.

Betts Real Estate Enterprises, Inc. to Jonathan Young, 405 Alamo Drive, Little Rock, L207, Markham Pines, $160,200.

Dannie L. and Kathleen Maddox to Satish Raman and Kerry Ann Iyer, 4624 Crestline Drive, North Little Rock, L11 B15, Lakewood, $160,000.

Michael C. Gerety to Melody Duerr, L50 B4, Holly Hills Estates, $159,000.

John Benton to James Hughes, 5100 Lochridge Road, North Little Rock, L11 B210, Park Hill NLR, $158,500.

Robert Dale Sellers and Gina Dianne Sellers to Joshua and Hannah Pevarnik, 1419 Dortch Loop, North Little Rock, Pt. SW 5-1N-10W, $150,000.

Phillip R. and Melody Duerr to Shady Investments, LLC, L130, Silver Creek Phase III, $150,000.

Kathleen Fletcher/Kathleen Kordsmeier to BSFR III Owner I, LLC, 4435 Rosemont Drive, North Little Rock, L23 B15, Lakewood, $150,000.


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