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Benton County restaurant inspections

by Kathy Lauver | June 28, 2021 at 1:00 a.m.

Critical violations are those factors leading to food-borne illness and must be corrected immediately. Noncritical violations relate to maintenance of food operations and cleanliness.


June 14

Blu on the Lake

1 Prairie Creek Marina Drive, Rogers

Critical violations: The hand sink in the kitchen is not connected. Menu does not have a consumer advisory for raw oysters.

Noncritical violations: None

Dickey's Barbecue Pit

105 S. Dixieland St., Suite H, Lowell

Critical violations: Container of coleslaw sitting on top of package of raw beef.

Noncritical violations: None

First Watch

500 S.E. Walton Blvd., Suite 28, Bentonville

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Open employee water bottle on food prep surface.

The Station

400 S. Gentry Blvd., Gentry

Critical violations: Chicken strips and pizza are not at 135 degrees or above. Chicken strips 113-119 degrees and pizza at 123 degrees. Other foods checked in the hot case are within allowable temperatures. Walk-in cooler is holding food at 47 degrees. Multiple food items checked. Some Deli Express items exceed the use by date on the packaging.

Noncritical violations: No thermometer in the hot case. Standing water in both walk in coolers. Bottled beverages stored on the floor in the standing water. Employees assembling pizza wearing rings on fingers or not wearing an effective hair restraint. Lid cracked on one chest freezer exposing insulation underneath. Water leaking from the ceiling in both walk-in coolers. Repeat violation.

June 15

Chuy's Restaurant

4889 W. Pauline Whitaker Parkway, Rogers

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Lid on pico in walk-in cooler is cracked and sliding door on ice machine is cracked.

La Chele

811 S. Mount Olive St., Siloam Springs

Critical violations: Food on the prep table and in both coolers is not at 41 degrees or below. Items not date marked as needed. However there are only two employees working in the kitchen.

Noncritical violations: Employees not using the hand washing sink to wash hands. Foods put in the refrigerator too hot. Cool foods properly prior to putting in the refrigerator.

June 16

Gaby's Bakery

780 W. Pine St., Rogers

Critical violations: No paper towels at the hand sink near employees making tamales. Cakes and bags of mixed bread available for customer self-service are not labeled with ingredient information.

Noncritical violations: No test strips available to test quaternary ammonia sanitizer dispensed by sanitizer pump.

Hampton Inn

2171 Ravenswood Plaza, Siloam Springs

Critical violations: Sausage, boiled egg in the kitchen refrigerator are not at 41 degrees or below. Thermometer reading 42 degrees for eggs and sausage. Boiled eggs in the customer self-serve area are not at 41 degrees or below. Open sausage and open boiled eggs not date marked as needed.

Noncritical violations: Permit posted in the kitchen. Post permit in customer view.


103 S.W. Winsted Lane, Suite 5, Bentonville

Critical violations: Raw eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods. Multiple containers of food in walk-in cooler without any date markings.

Noncritical violations: There is an accumulation of food residue and grease on walls and other surfaces throughout kitchen.

Taqueria El Topo

514 S. Mount Olive St., Siloam Springs

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Water hose used to fill the mobile is laying unprotected on the ground. No thermometer found in the white refrigerator. Bag of rice and onions stored on the floor.


1023 S. Eighth St., Rogers

Critical violations: Meat and eggs were stored over cut vegetables in refrigeration. Residential use ant and roach spray present in kitchen.

Noncritical violations: No test strips available to check chlorine strength for sanitizer sink.

June 17

El Rinconcito Restaurant

1803 S. Eighth St., Suite 10, Rogers

Critical violations: No paper towels at hand sink by warewashing sink.

Noncritical violations: None

Decatur Livestock Auction

8950 Arkansas 59 South, Decatur

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Large amount of flies in the kitchen and dining area.

Handy Mart

141 E. Roller Ave., Decatur

Critical violations: Cans of drink in the hand wash sink.

Noncritical violations: Noncontact surfaces have accumulated food debris. Grease trap container full and overflowing.


1803 S. Eighth St., Suite 5, Rogers

Critical violations: Meats made yesterday were not covered after completing cooling.

Noncritical violations: None

June 18

Boar's Nest

4404 W. Walnut St., Rogers

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Insulation for cold hold unit is not sealed to lid of unit and edges of top are sharp around the holes where the seams come together. Handle for hot water on top of handwashing sink is broken. One of the ceiling tiles is missing another has a hole in it. Vent fans in kitchen are rusty.

Carniceria Guanajuato

801 W. Centerton Blvd., Centerton

Critical violations: Main cutting board stained and deep cuts. Salsa and guacamole need to be dated and ingredients listed.

Noncritical violations: None

Dave & Buster's

2203 S. Promenade Blvd., Building 600, Rogers

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Boxes of food stored on floor walk-in freezer.

The following establishments had no violations this reporting period:

June 14 -- Bentonville Coffee Company, 4300 S.W. Brownstone Ave., Bentonville; McDonald's, 503 W. Monroe Ave., Lowell; Sonic, 115 S. Bloomington St., Lowell; Taqueria Mexiqueiuse, 803 Jeffery Place, Lowell

June 15 -- Bar Cleeta, 110 N.W. Second St., Suite 110, Bentonville; Berretto, 121 W. Central Ave., Bentonville; Cold Stone Creamery, 3301 Market St., Suite 108, Rogers; Domino's, 5092 W. Northgate Road, Rogers; Longhorn Steakhouse, 2206 S. Promenade Blvd., Rogers; Meaux Beignet, 2000 W. Chandler Ave., Rogers; Newk's Eatery, 5100 W. Pauline Whitaker Parkway, Suite 101, Rogers; Oven & Tap, 215 S. Main St., Suite 3, Bentonville; Scotch & Soda, 121 W. Central Ave., Bentonville; Snowdrifts Hawaiian Shaved Ice Mobile, Main Street and West First Street, Centerton; Stone Mill Cafe, 2903 S. Walton Blvd., Suite 1, Bentonville

June 16 -- Big Orange Burgers, Salads & Shakes, 2203 S. Promenade Blvd., Suite 3100, Rogers; Everest Rehabilitation Hospital, 4313 S. Pleasant Crossing Blvd., Rogers; Golden Corral, 2605 W. Pleasant Crossing Drive, Rogers; Olive Garden, 1716 S. 46th St., Rogers; Sherpa's Tacos, 706 N.W. 10th St., Bentonville

June 17 -- RBC Snack Bar, 3500 W. Walnut St., Rogers; Siloam Springs Riding Club, 2590 Cheri Whitlock Drive, Siloam Springs

June 18 -- Ali Lynn's Bubble Tea Food Truck, 910 Sunset Lane, Centerton; JT's Tri-Tip Grill, 320 N. Bloomington St., Suite B, Lowell; Pinnacle 12 Theatre, 2100 Bellview Road, Rogers

Print Headline: Restaurant inspections


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