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Daily Record

June 15, 2021 at 1:00 a.m.

Marriage Licenses

Carnell Manuel, 41, and Tawana Solomon, 42, both of Little Rock.

Giana Messore, 35, and Jeremy Robinson, 43, both of Little Rock.

Zachary Griffith, 23, and Josie Wine, 24, both of Sherwood.

Michael Mehaffy, 25, and Caroline Spainhour, 25, both of Little Rock.

Lakendra Cummings, 28, and Jeremy James, 32, both of Little Rock.

Earlene Parker, 64, and Randy Smith, 65, both of Little Rock.

Jonathan Nunn, 34, and Kia Ervin, 40, both of Little Rock.

Michael Williams, 52, and Patricia Washington, 53, both of Little Rock.

Keara Redden, 24, of Marianna and Rontae Graham, 24, of Hot Springs.

Jennifer Birdsong, 48, and Joshua Smith, 44, both of North Little Rock.

Michael Hatton Jr., 23, and Ta'Naja Humphrey, 23, both of Little Rock.

Robert Fowler, 22, and Rieva Stephenson, 30, both of Paron.

Jesse Woltz, 41, and Rona Bellinger, 50, both of Little Rock.

Lukang Xiao, 30, of Irvine, Calif. and Deborah Hwang, 30, of New York.

Jonathon James, 29, and Christina Suter, 28, both of North Little Rock.

Wanda Douglas, 63, and Samuel Reddick, 57, both of Little Rock.



21-1820. Wendy Hickingbotham v. John Reed.

21-1823. Roxana Topete v. Miguel Garcia.

21-1824. Lashonda Norris v. Terral Norris.

21-1825. Vernon McManus Jr. v. Niki McManus.

21-1829. Antoinette McFee v. Donald McFee.


20-2406. Kimberly Nichols v. Jesse Nichols.


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