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June 11, 2021 at 3:05 a.m.

Editor's note: This letter was originally published 10 years ago today.

Who's responsible?

Now the question is, should a parent or one in the care and control of a gun be penalized for having that gun which causes the injury or death of a child? The answer is moot because the NRA has no plea for these children, as they can get a gun which is not housed properly.

While it is enough to suffer a near-death of a child finding a gun and hurting herself, what about the legal obligation and, yes, responsibility of the owner?

Objections to criminals forcing us to protect ourselves leave a sickly feeling when this happens.

The ego must be a reason to own a gun as well as protection. Now we see what that means right here in our midst. Carelessness with a gun calls for a law to stop this from happening. Those who allow such an incident should be fined or suffer a punishment that will be publicized to all. Then, maybe the next parent will wake up.

Where is the NRA on this one? Too many gun laws? How about too many family members in pain for a lifetime? My plea, without a way to help, is for Congress to wake up to gun control.




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