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OPINION | EDITORIAL: The vaccine gap and America's plan

But of course this would happen June 11, 2021 at 3:12 a.m.

The United States government--that's you and us and them--is going to pony up for 500 million covid-19 vaccine doses. Pfizer is going to sell We the People those doses at cost. And then the United States is going to give away all those shots, for free, to other countries, mainly poorer ones.

Because, of course.

Does this come as a surprise to anybody?

For all those who'd look at all the past sins of this country as evidence of current transgression, and for all those who'd compare this country to other western democracies and determine the U.S. to be just one of the gang, we give them this week's story. When there's an earthquake, the United States shows up. When there's a environmental disaster, the United States shows up. When there's a pandemic, the United States shows up. Because, of course.

The president of the United States is scheduled to announce all of this officially while at the G-7 summit this week. "The president is focused on helping to vaccinate the world because he believes it is the right thing to do; it's what Americans do in times of need," said Jake Sullivan, Joe Biden's national security adviser. "When we have the capacity, then we have the will, and we step up and we deliver. And he said in his joint session that we were the arsenal of democracy in World War II, and we're going to be the arsenal of vaccines over the course of the next period to end this pandemic."

This is not just a rah-rah moment, although it is that. It could be a teachable moment.

For this effort will cost millions, at least. All to help people who may never come to these shores. And, for the record, we haven't heard one American taxpayer complain.


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