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Helpful Hints

by Heloise | June 5, 2021 at 1:41 a.m.

DEAR HELOISE: I was at a big-box retailer this morning and saw the most adorable sight: a woman with a little dog in a zipped-up, self-contained stroller! These strollers are too cute!

-- Helen R. in Oklahoma

DEAR READER: Aren't they? These pet strollers have become popular, and they have many features and benefits. Let's take a look.

Crafted as a baby stroller but designed specifically for small domestic animals, these strollers normally come fully assembled, and with a safety brake for the rear wheels. Other features?

• A waterproof liner, because things happen.

• Mesh windows for the side and front, to see and be seen.

• Cup holders, seat belts, undercarriage basket for storage.

Prices can range from between about $50 to over $200. These strollers will allow you to safely take your dog or cat with you almost wherever you go.

Check with local ordinances and covid regulations as to whether your furry friend can accompany you indoors, stroller or not.

DEAR HELOISE: Previous patio problems with hornets building nests in the corners out there have left me with this idea: I took a rinsed-out gallon milk jug and tightly wrapped a rope around it, resembling a hornet's nest. I hung it in the corner of the patio. Hornets are extremely territorial, and I fooled them into thinking another nest is already established there!

Humane and safe, albeit a little odd, it works for my family! If someone is handy with the crochet needle, they could crochet a cover over the milk jug instead of using rope.

-- Candace T. in Pennsylvania

DEAR HELOISE: I like to use cloth shower curtains and then I buy a fabric inner liner -- the kind of fabric that dries quickly. But after a short while, the bottom of my liner always started to get mildewed.

The black spots never go away, even with bleach, and I was replacing the liners often. I decided the problem was that the sewn hem was holding moisture.

I cut off the hem, leaving a raw edge. Now my shower curtain liner drip dries evenly, and no more mildew or black spots. It doesn't really unravel, and it looks fine. I haven't had to replace this one yet!

-- Fran M. in Washington, D.C.

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