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OPINION | LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Look deeper at vaccine's history

by Special to The Commercial | July 30, 2021 at 2:42 a.m.

Look deeper at vaccine's history

Editor, The Commercial,

I want to express my appreciation to Byron Tate for his excellent report on the virus and vaccines in Monday's issue.

He quoted Dr. Scott Winston of Sheridan, a medical doctor of good repute locally. It was all factual; I had checked all of it out some time ago.

But they couldn't print all the known facts and development history of the mRNA method and processes used in its manufacture and testing.

That is all available on a computer address I will include at the end of this letter. The method was the concept of a Dr. Graham who worked under Dr. Fauci at the National Institutes of Health in the mid '90s.

Vaccines were developed and tested, and it was effective against two coronaviruses -- SARS and MERS -- around 2003. Its NOT NEW!

It simply hasn't been widely explained to the public.

They needed the type of "spike protein" that covid-19 bears in order to proceed. After China did the genetic sequencing and provided that protein designation -- they could proceed and did so immediately.

Trump, whether or not it was his idea initially, signed the order for "Warp Speed," which guaranteed the vaccine industry they'd NOT lose money if they worked together and efficiently to develop it.

He deserves credit for that since that did speed the development.

To read the article by USA Today, you'll need to type into the "search" on your computer the story: The inside story of the fastest vaccine ever.

There are illustrations, names of many involved and credit given where due in many places that some may not have any concept of.

Please read it and pass the address to others who may be interested and not aware.

Karl Hansen,


Print Headline: Look deeper atvaccine's history


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