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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Surge is on governor | Mask mandate works | Sanders not qualified

July 30, 2021 at 3:04 a.m.

Surge is on governor

When you see Gov. Asa Hutchinson on stage with his 'round-the-clock smile and the countenance of a senior pastor, you sometimes forget that he is an astute politician who studied at the feet of Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay. I believe this recent surge in positive covid infections is on him.

In April and May he was telling everyone what a wonderful job we were doing, no mask mandate, and let's open everything. This, in spite of health professionals warning us against the Delta strain. Now here we are.

This covid-19 is not simple; it's not going away by wishing and hoping, and we are all going to suffer. If the governor is trying to thin the herd, he needs to be reminded that most of the unvaccinated are apparently Republicans. Get vaccinated, encourage wearing masks and social distancing.


Hot Springs Village

Mask mandate works

Governor Hutchinson must take a firmer stance on mask mandates when kids go back to school. My children, both of whom are under 12, do not have the opportunity to receive a vaccine yet, and it is unfair to them to not take precautions when something as easy as a mask mandate makes a world of difference. With the Delta variant surging in our state and hospital beds filling up again, we should not have to continue to suffer more than necessary due to those who are not taking the problem as seriously as they should.

I hope people will be considerate and understand that this comes from a place of deep care about my children and others.



She is not qualified

I am totally mystified how Sarah Huckabee Sanders thinks she is qualified to be governor of Arkansas. She has done very little on her own merit that I can see. She's hung on to her daddy's coattails for years and even the use of her maiden name tells me that she can't stand on her own. I'm always interested in people who think they should have the top job with no relevant experience of any kind.

I bet she would have never gotten her press secretary job without her daddy's connections. Performing as DJT's butt-kissing spokesperson only means she can spin a good tale and deal with the press. I question her judgment on everything after seeing and hearing her defend an egomaniac like DJT. And calling the covid vaccine the Trump vaccine is laughable. But then we all know how he likes to get stuff named after himself and how he craves recognition. She has perpetuated the DJT version of "The Emperor's New Clothes" for the years she worked for him and continues so she can get his blessing on her gubernatorial run. There is something just plain sick and co-dependent about that. And I'm worried about people who plan to vote for her. Why?


North Little Rock

An impossible choice

In consideration of Sarah Sanders' op-ed in the Democrat-Gazette and the behavior of Republican representatives regarding the congressional hearing for the Jan. 6 attempt to overthrow the government, I would offer the following.

Addressing Sarah Sanders' proclamation of the "Trump" vaccine and appropriate recognition, the Pfizer vaccine was the first approved for EUA (emergency use authorization) and had zero research funding through Warp Speed. It was a product of previous mRNA vaccine work on SARS 1, which died out on its own, thus leaving no disease to treat and therefore no product to market. SARS-CoV-2 (covid-19) changed the playing field. So credit to Trump and Warp Speed, not so much. Clearly fodder for her gubernatorial campaign and desire for a Trump endorsement.

Congressional investigation of the riot on Jan. 6 is and has been politicized beyond belief. Republicans want to make it go away and if they can't, blame it on Antifa, the FBI, BLM or anyone other than Donald Trump. It is reminiscent of an anecdote I heard many years ago. A man asks a woman if she would have sex with him for $100 million; she says yes. He asks if she would for $20. She asks, "Do you think I'm a prostitute?" He says, "I think we have established that now; we are just negotiating." Not a matter of degree, rather more binary: You will or you won't.

So many Republicans in the House and Senate have prostituted themselves to Donald Trump in the hope of finding favor with him and his base. Shameful and unforgivable. For enough they will sell their souls and character to be re-elected.

I do not profess a political affiliation; I have voted Republican and I have voted Democratic. To vote Republican again will be a very difficult if not impossible choice.


Little Rock

On sales-tax proposal

This is about the proposal to vote in September on a 1 percent sales-tax increase for 10 years. This tax increase replaces the 0.375 percent capital improvements tax that will expire at the end of this year. I feel that replacing a 0.375 percent tax with a 1 percent tax is overreach and excessive.

Mayor Scott, the Little Rock Board of Directors and community leaders are discussing the use of these new funds. I have not seen any discussion from voters or taxpayers about this matter. I plan to vote against this tax increase as it is currently proposed. However, I would vote for a tax increase of 0.5 percent.


Little Rock

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