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Pea Ridge chief says computer software ranks high as need

by Annette Beard | July 16, 2021 at 1:00 a.m.

PEA RIDGE -- Revenue from a proposed one-cent city sales tax would greatly help the city's Police Department, according to Chief Lynn Hahn who said equipment is his biggest need.

Initially, Hahn said body cameras for officers was at the top of his wish list, but he has since learned of a grant for small law enforcement agencies that may enable him to acquire the cameras.

The cameras and a four-year contract cost about $38,000, Hahn said. He said the local Got Your 6ix project is currently raising money for the cameras and has about $16,000.

Ongoing storage costs about $7,300 per year for the videos gathered from the cameras and the company Hahn's looking into includes redaction as a service as well as the ability to transfer documents, such as when he needs to send videos and documents to the prosecutor. He said redaction is important in several instances, such as when juveniles are involved.

Other needs include stun guns, which have about a five-year lifespan and cost about $1,300 each.

"They're super expensive, and everybody doesn't have them. The ones we do have are getting old," he said.

Hahn said the department is in great need of a software update as the computers in the station are old. He said the software upgrade is expensive, about $48,000, but would save a tremendous amount of time and make paperwork more efficient.

"The one we have is not designed for an agency our size," Hahn said, explaining that he would like to use the one that is compatible with Benton County Central Communications, Benton County Sheriff's Office and Little Flock. "We'll be able to do more, and reports will be quicker and easier. It automatically populates information."

Hahn said he plans to be at the Town Hall meeting Tuesday to answer any questions voters may have about the department's needs.

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