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Violence suggests Trump really can get by with it

I remember Trump saying something about how he could stand on a street and shoot someone and get away with it.

In light of what happened last week, it is quite obvious that he really can stand on a street and shoot someone and get away with it!

His "pep rally" prior to the Capitol assault encouraged violence and, in my mind, makes him just as guilty as the out-of-control crowd. Yet no charges by the D.C. police for Trump.

Judy Saindon


Marchers just sought lawmakers' attention

The United States of America got its start because men of integrity started a movement to break away from Great Britain primarily because they were not being properly represented. The 56 men who signed the Declaration Of Independence are now considered to be heroes. However, if they would have failed in their attempt to break away from England, they would have been branded as reprobate traitors.

Last week thousands of men and women from every state in the nation went to Washington, D.C., to march on the capital and get the legislators' attention. This sort of thing happens all of the time, but it seldom seems to make the news. Well last week, the people were able to gain access to the congressional building and they finally got the legislators' attention.

All of these people would not be gathering for these marches if our representatives were doing the job that we put them into office to do. It seems that all they are doing is reacting to issues that come up rather than getting ahead of the issues.

The police should be protecting the people of America rather than protecting the Capitol building of America.

They spent years investigating President Trump for trumped up charges but now they cannot find a single judge with any kind of backbone to actually listen to any evidence of alleged voter fraud.

If they were to have an impartial Grand Jury or legal panel hear all of the evidence, and if those people determine the evidence is not sufficient to cause a change of results, then most of the American people would accept their conclusion. The trouble is they have not done that as of yet. This is why so many people are so upset about the election results in those five or six contested states.

You can tell all of your friends and neighbors you heard it here first: The writing is on the wall. This is the last election the United States will ever see. With the coronavirus epidemic and the Federal Reserve printing and giving away so much money, this democracy will collapse with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in charge.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to legalize marijuana and stop building the southern wall and open the borders to illegal immigration. This way they can tax the marijuana trade just like they tax cigarettes and beer and they can get cheap labor for the farmers and the construction trades.

One other thing that you can mark my words about: If you do not get vaccinated for this coronavirus epidemic, you will not be able to go into a store and buy anything by the time this is all over. You will be considered a walking criminal.

Boyd B. McNiel

Pea Ridge

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