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Paper clears waters on electoral process

Once again, I am so grateful to the Democrat-Gazette and so proud of Arkansas' excellent newspaper. Thank you for printing the entire page full of Michael Cembalest's very astute observations. On the day before Congress would count the votes, it took a full page to clear the muddy waters of 2020's mis-disinformation.

I am also grateful for Sen. Cotton's very sober decision to preserve the Republic by honoring the Electoral College results. This single decision catapults him to the rank of "gracious patriot," a worthy notation that John Brummett offered Vice President Al Gore on the same page, and which has been my own estimation of Gore since he accepted the Supreme Court's decision that ruled the 2000 election in favor of President G.W. Bush.

As for the future of the Republican Party, it has never been founded on racism, as evidenced by one Civil War, three constitutional amendments and the federal presence in Little Rock in 1957. The Goldwater-Nixon-Reagan remake of the GOP was focused on faith and family values, which is not a code word for bigotry, as the Leftists would have us to think. The GOP will survive and thrive on that same basis.

William L. Harris


Search to understand may have been futile

I tried to be open-minded when I watched the carnage in Charlottesville. I tried

to understand the other side when those

seeking asylum were detained in cages and their children separated from their family.

I wanted to understand the reasoning

behind so many of the decisions and policies this regime instituted. I would watch and

read from multiple news sources, many of which I didn't agree with. After all, there are good people on both sides right (pun intended)?

I tried, but after the sacking of the capitol Wednesday I feel my effort to be reasonable was a complete waste of time. I feel ashamed that my silence and attempt at diplomacy was in some small way part of the problem. I have many friends and family who I know supported or at least voted for Trump. If you still support Trump (not Republicans in general), this bigoted, racist, fascist, treasonous, abomination, pitiful excuse for a president, then I'm sorry: I can't respect you or stay on the sidelines anymore.

Sorry. I tried.

James Steven McAuley

Bella Vista

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