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story.lead_photo.caption SwapAble and PrettyLitter


What's to love: A bit of a luxury item, this shower chair attaches to the shower wall, looks stylish and is removable and interchangeable with other functional components including grab bars, towel bars or shelves.

What does it do: The SwapAble system begins with a wall-mounted engineered plastic seat, which will hold up to 330 pounds, and can fold up and out of the way. A wall mounted backrest and arms are also available, providing extra support and safety while in the shower. The seat and back can be removed and swapped out for a grab bar, towel bar or small shelf that is attached to the wall mount. The shower chair systems are available in white or ebony gray. The price for the seat and backrest and arms is $995. For more information visit


What's to love: Cat litter that lets a pet owner know that his or her cat might have health problems.

What does it do: The nonclumping litter is made of the absorbent mineral silica gel and what the company calls a "proprietary health monitoring technology" that reacts to levels of acidity and alkalinity in the cat's urine by changing color. When alerted by a change of color, the owner can get the pet checked before a problem becomes serious. PrettyLitter is available by subscription and is delivered once a month for $22 for a one cat household. Visit to find out more.

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