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100 new virus cases reported

by Keith Bryant | February 22, 2021 at 1:00 a.m.

BELLA VISTA -- The city saw 100 new covid-19 cases in the week ending Feb. 8, the smallest increase the city has seen since the week ending Dec. 14.

This increase brings Bella Vista's known covid-19 case total to 1,752, or roughly 6% of the population, according to data published by the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement, a Little Rock-based health policy center that started reporting covid-19 cases by city in Arkansas last year.

The organization reports a total of 4,503 cases in nearby Bentonville, an increase of 269 cases in the previous week, while nearby Rogers reportedly reached 9,840 total confirmed cases after a 499-case increase.

The Arkansas Department of Health reports a total of 20,136 confirmed cases in Benton County, with 272 deaths and 19,268 recoveries as of Feb. 14,

while nearby Washington County reportedly had 22,066 total cases, with 238 deaths and 21,412 recoveries.

Over the state line, the McDonald County, Mo., Health Department reports 2,413 total confirmed cases, with 30 deaths and two patients hospitalized. The department also reported 1,280 patients had been vaccinated.

Nationwide, the CDC reports a total of 27,417,468 cases and 482,536 deaths as of

Feb. 14.

A statewide vaccine rollout started in December and is currently in phase 1-B, currently focused on vaccinating people over the age of 70, as well as teachers, school staff, childcare and higher education workers, according to the state.

Statewide, the department reports 719,000 vaccine doses have been received or allocated within the state and 474,603 doses have been given as of Jan. 31.

Anyone over 70 or working in education or childcare may be able to make an appointment to get vaccinated, though the department reports vaccine supplies remain limited.

The previous phase 1-A focused on healthcare workers, long-term care residents, EMS and first responders, including police and firefighters.

Information on where and how to schedule an appointment can be found on the department's website at

The next phase, 1-C, will reportedly focus on people over the age of 65 and those between 16-64 years of age with high-risk medical conditions, as well as workers in transportation and logistics, water and wastewater, food service, housing, IT and communications, media, public safety, public health and energy.

City buildings were closed to help curb the spread of covid-19 in November 2020 and reopened Monday, Feb. 1.

A mask mandate issued

by Gov. Asa Hutchinson on July 20 was renewed in December and remains in effect.

The mandate, issued via executive order, requires individuals to wear masks in indoor and outdoor settings where individuals are likely to come within 6 feet of non-household members or potentially face a fine of $100 to $500.

Keith Bryant may be reached by email at [email protected]

Keith Bryant may be reached by email at [email protected]


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