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Super Quiz: Hobbies

February 20, 2021 at 1:34 a.m.
  1. What do people who practice origami fold?

  2. A Philadelphian lives in Philadelphia, and a philatelist collects --------.

  3. What would be cut into shapes by a topiarist?

  4. This child's toy consists of a horse's head mounted on a stick.

  5. Ornithology involves studying, but this hobby involves watching and listening.

  6. What is the term for someone who loves and usually collects books?

  7. In which play by Tennessee Williams does Laura collect glass figurines?

  8. What is does a spelunker explore?

  9. You could say that Quasimodo was a campanologist because he did this.


  1. Paper

  2. Stamps

  3. Shrubs, bushes, trees, etc.

  4. Hobby horse

  5. Birdwatching

  6. Bibliophile

  7. "The Glass Menagerie"

  8. Caves

  9. Rang bells


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