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Bella Vista Country Club added to national register

by Keith Bryant | February 1, 2021 at 1:00 a.m.

BELLA VISTA -- The Bella Vista Country Club is officially a historic site.

The nearly 53-year-old building was added to the National Register of Historic places after more than a year of work from Property Owners Association staff.

Association advertising sales manager Judy Griffin said this effort started in 2019 and applications went to the state in January 2020. Because of the covid-19 pandemic the application took longer than usual, with the building receiving the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program's blessing in December and final approval from the national registry this month.

"We've been working on it a while," she said.

Earning this designation required a great deal of research, she said, noting she received a great deal of help from Bella Vista Historical Society co-president Xyta Lucas.

Griffin said it's a good chance to highlight the historical significance of a structure envisioned by Arkansas architect E. Faye Jones and show off some of this unique city's history.

"There are several of us that are real history buffs... we all see the historical value," she said.

This was a fun project and a joy to work on, she added.

An exact date has not been determined but the POA will be getting a plaque to commemorate this building's status, she added.

"If it wasn't covid we'd have a party," she said.

Keith Bryant may be reached by email at [email protected]


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