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April 11, 2021 at 1:59 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded March 15-March 19:

Market Place Partnership to Market Place Shopping Center, LLC, Ls4-6 & 10, Charles Valley, $12,600,000.

Charles D. and Leslie P. Williams and The C. D. And Leslie Williams Living Trust to Denny Road Properties, LLC, Pt. SE 28-2N-14W, $4,750,000.

Sea Salt, LLC to Vereit Real Estate, LP, Lot B-8, The Ranch, $3,403,317.

Main Street Realty, LLC to Vereit Real Estate, LP, L2B, Mabelvale Business Center, $2,215,712.

Conwen, LLC to Vereit Real Estate, LP, L1, Colonel Glenn Plaza, $2,150,525.

Charlotte Leigh Caroom Revocable Trust to Shane A. Henry and The Cedar Point Revocable Trust, 4 Longwood Road, Little Rock, Pt. NE 2-1N-14W, $2,100,000.

Little Rock Senior Community, LLC to Twain GL VIII., LLC, 7510 Counts Massie Road, Maumelle, Pt. NE 36-2N-14W, $1,950,000.

Richardson Properties, LLC to Pointe Holdings, LLC, Pt. NE NE 25-2N-12W; Pt. NW NW 30-2N-11W, $1,300,000.

Clara Faye George and The DLGCFG Trust to ERB Holdings, LLC, Pt. SW NE 15-2N-14W, $1,100,000.

Steven R. and Carol D. Nokes and The Nokes Joint Revocable Trust to Kevin D. and Virginia Jo Bailey McCray, L18 B57, Pleasant Valley, $895,000.

Christopher M. and Debra Lynn Wewers to Dong Zhang and Cheng Peng, 14004 Fern Valley, Little Rock, L49 B13, Woodlands Edge,$686,000.

Christopher P. Stines to Zach A. and Rachel M. Mayo, 4909 Crestwood Drive, Little Rock, L93, Cliffewood, $685,000.

Hartness Construction Co., Inc. to Steven R. and Carol D. Nokes and The Nokes Joint Revocable Trust, L86, Westover Hills, $649,000.

Richard Tripodi and Jane McKinney and The Richard Tripodi And Jane McKinney Family Trust to Jane Rapley and Michael Wayne Cotrell, L31 B125, Chenal Valley, $640,000.

Maria E. Malham and The Maria E. Malham Living Trust to Sarah Werley, 35 Yacht Club Road, Little Rock, Tract C, River Club, $605,000.

Lauren A. and Gregory Gladden II., to Rene Lashelle Bonnema, 1205 Ark. 89 East, Cabot, Pt. NW NE & Pt. SW NE 17-4N-10W, $589,000.

Circular Properties, LLC to Peter Joo and Elizabeth Williamson Kim, L29, Hickory Hills, $550,000.

Marcia M. Watkins to Peter Joo and Elizabeth Williamson Kim, 50 Hickory Hills Circle, Little Rock, Ls29 & 46, Hickory Hills, $550,000.

Dominic and Shelly Flis and The Flis Family Trust to Cara and Steven S. Lank, 28 Courts Drive, Little Rock, L11 B123, Chenal Valley, $538,000.

Daniel H. and Ellen M. Williams to Richard M. and Cynthia L. Bennett, 205 Miramar Blvd., Little Rock, L49 B109, Chenal Valley, $515,000.

Craig and Teresa Cougill to Michael and Callie Slifer, L79, Osage Falls, $510,000.

Doma Investments, LLC to Capital Connection, LLC, 119 Vernon Ave., Little Rock, Ls7-8 B3, Young's Park, $485,000.

Walk-Winn Plastic Company, Inc. to JCG Investments, LLC, 4400 W. 65th St., Little Rock, Tract Q, Little Rock Industrict District; Pt. NE 30-1N-12W, $481,000.

Denesh K. and Huma D. Khullar to Kaylea and Walter Garrett Riddick IV., 2806 Woodsgate Drive, Little Rock, L29 B2, Woodlands Edge, $469,000.

Lisa C. and Andrew D. Ballard to Keneshia Bryant-Moore, 5205 N. Hills Blvd., North Little Rock, L10 B20, Overbrook, $460,000.

Molly Teeter and The Darry V. Teeter & Molly W. Teeter Living Trust to Jason Carl and Erin K. Nickerson, 13911 Hinson Road, Little Rock, L2, Longlea Estates Phase I, $440,000.

Michael A. Chambers to Daniel Gregory Speer, L494, Kingwood Place, $439,000.

Arturo Reynoso Casas to Christopher M. and Debra L. Wewers, 820 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L15 B8, Wildwood Place, $437,500.

Haybar Properties, LLC to Southern Dog Holdings, LLC, 900 E. Ninth St., Little Rock, Ls7-11 B11, Woodruff, $431,800.

Randy James Construction Company, Inc. to Traci M. Belton, 157 Caurel Circle, Little Rock, L5 B57, Chenal Valley, $425,000.

Mikeal Alan and Angele N. Forrest to Danelle annd Larry Williams Jr., 140 Majestic Circle, Maumelle, L102 B2, Majestic Pointe, $420,000.

Rameshbhai R. and Renuka Patel to Hemang H. and Savitaben Patel, 211 Marie Jeanne Drive, North Little Rock, L1612, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 23, $420,000.

Rashmi R. Samantaray and Rajani Pulapa to Jason R. and Keri S. Lumpkin, 7 Woodstream Cove, Little Rock, L88 B2, Woodlands Edge, $415,000.

OCG Holdings, LLC to Jay K. and Kathleen M. Fung and The Jay K. Fung And Kathleen M. Fung Revocable Trust, L16 B2, Park Terrace No. 2, $410,000.

Doma Investments, LLC to Vijay Patel, 6724 Greenwood Road, Cammack Village, L151, Cammack Woods, $400,000.

Dustin Hennard Homes, Inc. to Waco Manufacturing, Inc., 12 Tupelo Court, Little Rock, L31, The Village At Ison Creek Phase 2A, $399,900.

Roy Dellinger Construction Inc., LLC to Justin Robert and Janell Jacobs, 2117 Little Ridge Court, Sherwood, L2 B18, Stonehill Phase VII, $398,500.

Brady Thomas and Jennifer Kay Bulmanski to Andrew and Whitney Appler, 3609 Doral Drive, Little Rock, L5 B17, Pleasant Valley, $395,000.

Dynamic Builders And Development, LLC to Jonathan Lowe, 13818 Foxfield Lane, Little Rock, L38 B14, Woodlands Edge, $385,000.

Estate Of Fred James Trowell III., to Wyatt James and Patrice Denise Seubert, 4749 Brandywine Cove, Sherwood, L3, Club Cove, $379,900.

James H. Williams Sr., and The James Henry Williams Generation Trust to Baxter S. and Meredith Woosley, 117 Calais Cove, Little Rock, L43 B9, Chenal Valley, $373,000.

Calhoun Custom Construction, LLC to Daniel J. and Jennifer J. Beck, 18 Calumet Road, Little Rock, L136, The Ranch, $359,900.

Bette Holmes and The Bette Holmes Revocable Trust to Glen and Gayla Gibbons, L37, Montagne Court Phase I, $339,900.

Charles and Deborah Sanders to Lucas and Brandee Hall, 33 Bascom Drive, Little Rock, L4 B9, Chenal Valley, $338,000.

Martha N. and The Martha N. Sowell Revocable Trust to Mary F. and Alvah Jethrew Nelson III., 12400 Hunters Glen No. 2, Little Rock, Unit 6A, Countrywood HPR, $335,500.

Nicholas W. and Amber L. Greb to Jason S. and Laura Polorski Pollard, 100 Maumelle Valley Drive, Maumelle, L1 B5, Maumelle Valley Estates, $329,900.

Standard Properties, LLC to Bethany and Stephen Blake, 16 Longlea Drive, Little Rock, L47, Longlea, $325,000.

John G. Foley to Yong-Chen Lu and Jui-Chin Tsai, 2011 Hillsborough Lane, Little Rock, L3, Hillsborough Phase I, $321,000.

David T. and Martha R. Steinmetz to Jarvis J. and Kyndle L. Daniels, 1812 Waterside Drive, North Little Rock, L58R B133, Park Hill NLR, $320,000.

James Louis and Sabrina Julia Antoine Floyd to Stefan Lemar and Eleesha Rodgers, 17316 Crooked Oak Drive, Sherwood, L14, Bent Tree Estates Phase I, $315,000.

Central Arkansas Water to Jeremy and Arianna Shelby, 42100 Higginbotham Road, Perryville, Pt. SW NW 28-3N-16W, $312,500.

JVRC, LLC to Austin Lewis Mauney, 507 N. Harrison St., Little Rock, Ls4-5 B29, Pulaski Heights, $297,500.

Oliver B. and M. Jocelyn Elders to Westview Properties, LLC, L1, Pinewood; L27, Dogwood Village Section A Replat- Woodlawn; L91, Winterwood; L3 B1, Fairfield Section A; L18, Merrivale; L52, Chicot Terrace; L1 B1, Green Plains; Pt. N/2 NE SW 16-2N-11W, $295,000.

Michael R. and Heather L. Poppy to David M. and Libby A. Waters, L1095, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $290,000.

Cody W. and Wendy Roberts to Kevin and Kyndall Rogers, 2703 W. Roderweis Road, Cabot, Pt. W/2 NW & Pt SW NW 24-4N-11W, $286,500.

Kerri Ann Drouhard and Michael Don FawFaw to James M. and Courtney Fose, 14204 Westbury Drive, Little Rock, L13, Westbury Phase I, $277,000.

W.F. Master REO, LLC to Nigel H. Butler, 5 Riverland Cove, Maumelle, L5, Palisades Heights Single-Family Detached, $271,000.

Chasity H. Schroeder to Colleen Miller Harp, 2150 Wilkerson Road, Little Rock, Pt. NE SE 8-1N-14W, $270,000.

Mark and Laurie Andrews to Kiara Fariman, 7 Aspen Cove, Maumelle, L8, North Ridge, $269,000.

Joseph Dylan and Allison Elizabeth Owen to Kelly Jarratt Pizzitola, 253 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle, L37 B23, Maumelle Valley Estates, $265,500.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to Lonnie and Debbie D. Murphy, 5 Carnahan Court, Maumelle, L54, Carnahan Village, $265,074.

William Matthew and Jessica Lyn Ramsey to Bradley and Elizabeth Toone, 204 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle, L30 B22, Maumelle Valley Estates Phase II, $263,500.

Daniel Edward and Angela Dee Carson to Brett Bennett McConnell, 3303 N. Olive St., North Little Rock, L19 B31, Park Hill NLR, $260,000.

Jesus Martinez to Jeremy L. Martin, 8200 Kanis Oaks Drive, Little Rock, L3R, Kanis Village Phase I Replat, $260,000.

Clayton M. and Sharon Bowles to John Peter and Joan Ahlgrim, L309, Ludington Heights, $259,900.

James Anthony and Regena Saulsberry Grotjohn to Dylan and Allison Owen, 25 Janwood Drive, Little Rock, L157, Leawood Manor Second, $256,000.

Don Henson to Nadezdha Wood and Michael Stagg, 4 Chicot Cove, Maumelle, L36, Edgewater Phase I, $256,000.

Country Club Development, LLC to ASDS, LLC, Pt. SE SE 34-3N-13W, $250,000.

Eco Soteria Properties, LLC to William E. Wehner III., L22 B1, Strong & Waters, $250,000.

Sullivan Investment Property, LLC to Sara Lemoir, 512 Burntwood, Sherwood, L8 B8A, East Meadow, $248,500.

James A. and Mary I. Hollenbeck to Pamela Noyes and Timothy Francis DeZalia, 2001 Reveille Circle, Jacksonville, L199, Base Meadows Phase 2, $247,500.

Matthew and Rachel Jones Biedron to Price M. Murphree and Adeline M. Goodman, 2 Saint Thomas Court, Little Rock, L482, St. Charles, $240,500.

Roy H. and Diane L. Howard to Jacob Hobson and Anna E. Howard, Pt. SE NW 17-2N-14W, $240,000.

Brian and Megan Greenwood to Jamie L. Bryant and Meredith C. Joheim, 5 Kings Court, Little Rock, L376, Pleasantree First, $235,000.

David M. and Cynthia J. Foerster to Sarah Amspacher and Brian Przywojski, 3223 Hazy Ridge Court, Little Rock, L163, Echo Valley Second, $233,620.

Fason Properties, LLC to Edward J. and Amber L. Shimer, 107 Almond Cove, Sherwood, L4, Almond Acres, $225,000.

Norman Todd Raney to Bill R. Tarkington and Michael D. Spivey, 10009 W. Seventh St., Little Rock, Ls11-12 B263, Original City Of Little Rock, $224,000.

Mason Atkinson and Brooke Renee Roth to Gurpreet Singh and Herjinder Singh Heera, 4536 Somers Ave., North Little Rock, L10 B2, Lakewood Northeast, $223,500.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC to Indranil Chakraborty and Priya Gupta, L31 B98, Chenal Valley- Varennes Court, $220,000.

David T. Hubbard to Gustavo and Jean Caroline Freitas, 19 Kingspark Road, Little Rock, L41, Colony West First, $211,500.

James M. and Courtney Fose to Nicholas R. Whitener, 162 Deauville Drive, Maumelle, L191, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $210,000.

Gerald Granville and Patricia Anne Martin to Mary S. and Quang Truong Nguyen Jr., 12500 Southridge Drive, Little Rock, L37 B4, Walton Heights, $208,000.

James Martin Garrick Jr., to Pixel Properties, LLC, 12800 Misty Creek, Little Rock, L21 B8, Cherry Creek, $205,500.

Bret A. and Trinka J. Curry and The Bret A. And Trinka J. Curry Revocable Trust to Alex James Brown, 9 Bjorn Borg Court, Little Rock, L476, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-A, $202,000.

Richard Wayne Morris, James Brown Morris and The Aline D. Morris Revocable Trust to Lisa Peterson, 2241 Sage Meadows Circle, Sherwood, L25, Sage Meadows, $200,000.

James E. and Staci J. Guthrie to Emory Lu Molitor, 265 Plainview Circle, North Little Rock, L43 B1, Park Hill NLR, $200,000.

Nicholas Gregg and Coriana Renee Gladden to Hunter Hobby, 9315 W. Markham St., Little Rock, L3, Dale Woods, $195,000.

Benjamin David Herrington to Jonathan Chatman, 5616 Aviator Drive, Jacksonville, L77, Base Meadows Phase 1B, $194,000.

Lawrence Anderson Jr., to James and Patricia Thomas, L16C, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $193,400.

Jonathan Edward and Nicole C. Feucht to Madison C. and Jasmine M. Brown, 1904 Reveille Circle, Jacksonville, L172, Base Meadows Phase 1A, $193,000.

Daniel E. Park to Wayne A. and Candace E. Thomas, Pt. SW NE 23-1N-14W, $190,000.

Mackenzie Charles and Amelia Wildenborg Barnes to Haley Jones, 1520 W. 19th St., Little Rock, L18 B2, Fleming And Bradford, $188,500.

Dustin and Sammy Jo Chumley to Mikeal Alan Forrest, 8 Garden Oaks Drive, Maumelle, L47, Garden Oaks, $187,000.

Kyndall B. Rogers to Austin T. and Kendra N. Reynolds, 7808 Hayley Drive, Sherwood, L14, Hayley Heights, $185,000.

Angelina Charles to William Royal and Alisa M. Copeland, 1201 Jennifer Drive, Little Rock, L138, Marlowe Manor Phase II, $185,000.

Sharon L. Howell to James Ray Linker Jr., 51 Flintwood Drive, Little Rock, L188R, Leawood Manor Second Replat, $185,000.

Jason S. Pollard to Stanley L. and Christy G. Crawford, L66, North Ridge, $185,000.

Keiith Franklin/Keith Franklin to Bart and Laura Calhoun, 312 W. Daisy L. Gaston Bates, Little Rock, Ls5-6 B194, Original City Of Little Rock, $180,000.

Gregory D. and Lisa A. Anderson to Melanie A. Bryant, 4 Ophelia Drive, Maumelle, L60, Edgepark, $179,900.

Joshua and Hayley Earls to Nathan M. Worswick, 6916 Ridgemist Lane, North Little Rock, L385, Trammel Estates Phase V, $179,000.

Kasie Burnett/Kasie L. Follett and James S. Burnett to Aubrey Pangle, 4509 Glenmere Road, North Little Rock, L2 B5, Lakewood, $177,500.

Danelle Williams/Danelle Heaggans to Terrance J. Zuerlein and The Terrance J. Zuerlein Revocable Trust, L27 B8, Cedar Ridge, $176,282.

Traci Berry to Minutemen REI, LLC, 3508, 3510 & 3512 Sycamore St., North Little Rock, L4R B6, Moore's Glendale, $174,500.

Clint C. and Kayla Howard to Michelle L. Roberson, 29 Hightrail Drive, Maumelle, L14, Edgepark, $171,500.

Sherwood 2015, LLC to Alexandra Blondell, 1824 Honeycomb St., Sherwood, L6 B6, Bear Paw Phase III, $170,540.

Christopher and Michelle Tyree to JWJ Investments, LLC, L1 B46, Indian Hills Phase XIX, $170,000.

Adam and Fayla Cunningham to Jaslisa R. Sloan, 14125 Shady Lane, North Little Rock, L39, Shady Lane, $169,900.

Tanner M. Kilburn to Kathrine A. Allen, 4617 Crow Lane, Little Rock, Pt. SW NW 23-2N-15W, $167,500.

Shela L. Anderson to Kimberly E. Gammill, L161, Pleasant Forest II, $167,000.

Kronos Property Group, LLC to Nathan Scott Deakin, 2716 Peach Tree Drive, Little Rock, L59, Sandpiper Section A, $166,500.

Sherwood 2015, LLC to LaShra M. Swink and Christian Bryon Means, 1900 Honeycomb St., Sherwood, L4 B6, Bear Paw Phase III, $165,040.

Bertha Guerra to Vianey Tejedor, 5905 Stagecoach Road, Little Rock, L2, Porter, $164,600.

Lynda B. Pickard to Valerie Taylor Seefeld, 209 Stagecoach Village, Little Rock, L56, Stagecoach Village Tract A Phase I, $163,000.

Michaelene M. Zionce to Xavier Omar and Kiara Kirklin, 4 Park Ridge Drive, Maumelle, L67, Park Ridge, $163,000.

Commissioner In Circuit to PHH Mortgage Corp., 19303 Quail Run Drive, Little Rock, L263, Otter Creek Community Phase II, $160,535.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Teresa C. Baker, L293, Marlowe Manor Phase V, $160,400.

JPJ Properties, LLC to VBKH, LLC, L35 B8, Bradford Place and L16 B5, Hillside, $160,250.

John W. Knowles and Frances Knowles Revocable Trust to Khoa Nguyen, 14103 & 14105 Taylor Loop Road, Little Rock, Pt. NW NE 19-2N-13W, $160,000.

Pamela L. Jackson to Tamara Anderson, 12618 Goldleaf Drive, Little Rock, L12 B2, Crystal Valley Manor, $160,000.

Rock Creek Construction, Inc. to Lihchyun Joseph Su and Tung-Chin Chiang, L10 B11, Kimball & Bodeman, $160,000.

Progressive Construction Company, Inc. to Precious E'Teriya and Willie Leon Green Jr., 1717 Perry St., Little Rock, L4 B15, Hicks Interurban, $160,000.

Pamela E. Eddy to Susan Barnes, 17 Cardinal Lane, Sherwood, L2, Chris Weaver, $160,000.

Jean Vincent to Allison Ruth Procko, 712 Foxboro Drive, Jacksonville, L240, Foxwood Phase VI-A, $160,000.

Wendy Properties, LLC to Levaughn Doyne, 2 Donnell Drive, North Little Rock, L38, Vervack Hills, $159,900.

Coray Properties, Inc. to Vafa Ferdowsian, 202 West K Ave., North Little Rock, L18 B53, Park Hill NLR, $158,900.

Winnie M. Alobuia to Edgar G. Suarez-Novia, 5901 Little Elm Lane, North Little Rock, L404, Trammel Estates Phase III, $158,700.

Wesley Farmer to Andrew McClellan Pierce, 1017 Bryan St., Little Rock, Ls10-11 B11, Success, $157,900.

Donna D. Gruhlke and The Distler Family Revocable Trust to Joanne and Oral A. Cook, 3605 Natchez Trace, Jacksonville, L13 B2, Northwood Acres Section 1 Unrecorded, $156,000.

Jason L. and Heather M. Keithley to Elvin Bishop, 1505 Chervic Circle, North Little Rock, L170, Faulkner Crossing Phase 3, $156,000.

Scott Demonte Williams to Tawoya Freeman, 202 Kodiak Court, Jacksonville, L101, Northlake Phase II, $155,000.

Dale W. and Glen A. Gottsponer and The Betty Jo Gottsponer Residence Trust to Trenton Lee Collins and Morgan Kelly, 4905 Sunny Lane, North Little Rock, L5 B1, Allen's Highway Gardens, $150,000.

Eugene C. and Andrea S. Spiller to Dudley Aaron Stow, 15709 Lone Pine Road, North Little Rock, Pt. NE NW 14-3N-13W, $150,000.

Thomas A. Wyatt and Kim Howvetta Johnson to Ian D. and Courtney Jo Beard, 2412 Scott St., Little Rock, Ls8-9 B1, Rapley Estate, $150,000.

Judith Nusse to Valentin Medina, 5809 N. Cedar St., North Little Rock, L44 B221, Park Hill NLR, $150,000.


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