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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Lawmaker education | On medical treatment | Well, that's just nuts

April 8, 2021 at 2:57 a.m.

Lawmaker education

Letter-writer Catherine Lamb wondered if there was an educational requirement for members of the Arkansas Legislature. It seems that not only is there no requirement, apparently they're not eager for you to know their educational qualifications. The Legislature's website contains a biographical page for each member. Information listed for almost all of them includes seniority, occupation, church affiliation, and veteran status. There is no similar routine disclosure of their education. Because ... ?


Little Rock

On medical treatment

As a Christian I fully agree with Ms. Randi Romo. She should have received treatment from the first doctor she saw, but am I misunderstanding the legislative bill? I thought that the bill would let a physician decline, because of his religious beliefs, to do surgery to change a person from one sex to the other or to prescribe treatment that would keep the patient living as the sex they had chosen, but I thought if a patient came in with a bad gallbladder, appendicitis, headache, etc., that a physician would legally have to treat them no matter their sexual preference.

I can love a sinner but hate the sin. I love myself, but I sure hate the sins I commit. Jesus is the same. He hates the sins but loves the sinners enough to die for us.



Well, that's just nuts

How dare you, Joe Biden! Who are you to decide we need to fix our roads, bridges, schools, municipal water systems, and our electrical grid?

Who are you to think we want clean air, water, and energy? And who are you to think we can fix all this and get corporations, the wealthy, and the super-wealthy to pay for it so we lower-class people can benefit? And how dare some Arkansans, being that we are a poor state, think we can benefit more proportionately than many others from all this? Broadband for everyone? Making taking care of the elderly easier and allowing them better care? Who needs it? It's all too liberal for me.



On influencing voters

Obviously Mary Waters doesn't understand the legislation that restricts one from giving food or water to those standing in line to vote. It's called electioneering. Those providing the food, water or anything else would be influencing voters. If I think I'm going to have to stand in line, I take water.


Hot Springs Village


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