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100 years ago

Sept. 24, 1920

• In a letter to the Arkansas Profitable Farming Bureau of the Little Rock Board of Commerce, John N. Crow of the Cooper-Dickinson Grocer Company of Little Rock says that ever since he returned from the bureau's recent tour of Georgia and the Carolinas, he has devoted a large part of his time to telling his farmer friends what he saw on the trip and of how the Southeastern farmers produce such wonderful crops. The letter is encouraging to officials of the bureau as another indication of interest in better farming methods aroused all over the state as a result of the recent tour.

50 years ago

Sept. 24, 1970

• The city of Alma may retain an ordinance requiring property to be kept free of weeds, rubbish, garbage and "other unsightly and unsanitary articles," the attorney general's office said today. Alma Mayor Roy Cromer asked the attorney general's office to check the validity of the ordinance. Assistant Atty. Gen. Sam Gibson said that the ordinance is not in conflict with any state law. Boone County Judge Ben H. Beene was told in another attorney general's opinion that the county could allocate funds to employ a veterans' service officer.

25 years ago

Sept. 24, 1995

• A group of Little Rock parents colored posters, sang songs and paid close attention in class Saturday during a school-improvement training program. The National Family Partnership of Arkansas sponsored the state's first Parent Summit where about 50 parents, teachers and principals exchanged ideas and learned how to improve the city's schools. Michelle Karns, of the National Training Association, moderated the summit, helping the group set goals and discover ways to get the community and more parents involved in education.

10 years ago

Sept. 24, 2010

• Four months after shutting down its Aerospace branch to save money, the Central Arkansas Library System is planning to spend $550,000 on a 10-year parking lease. The long-term agreement with the city of Little Rock will provide the system's Main Library with 24 more spaces in the River Market parking deck for a total of 100 spaces. By paying the $550,000 upfront, the library system could save $170,000 over the next 10 years, said Bobby Roberts, the library system's director. The library system currently pays $60 a month for each of the 76 spaces it has in the deck. The library has another 20 spaces in an underground parking lot it owns.

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