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Community joy gone, time to reject Trump

Our Northwest Arkansas bike rally has been canceled, along with Broadway shows and the mule festival. Limited numbers of fans for Razorback football. It's like we are in a bizarre suspended surrealism.

I feel like I am walking around half dead. There is no community joy.

The only way I can find happiness is by pretending, for a few moments, that the world out there does not exist.

I have it fairly easy. All of my needs are met. I'm comfortable and safe. I have home entertainment and fulfilling work and I am loved by many. Yet I feel ongoing despair and fear because of what's out there, the pandemic and the Trumpsters. They're everywhere.

People who know me say that I am a tough cookie. Yet I know that if I get covid-19, it could kill me. I'm in a high risk group. And I know that if Donald Trump wins this election, the America that I have cherished all of my life will be destroyed.

My friends, don't let democracy die. End this nightmare. Vote him out. This is our final chance.

Marianne Beasley


Is the president caught up in Russian money?

Supporters and opponents alike may fail to appreciate what radical abuse of power may happen with four more years of Trump as president. I believe corrupt financial dealings being made public are his worst nightmare, and that he'll do anything he can get away with, to perpetuate his control in order to keep his finances hidden.

Even though Deutsche Bank had sued Trump and had suffered massive losses from bad loans, in 2011 one division inexplicably loaned him money to pay another division off.

Could there have been backing from a third party, maybe one of Vladimir Putin's billionaire oligarchs, who've plundered Russia and other former countries of the Soviet Union? Or from banks controlled by Putin himself? He has reportedly made himself the richest man in the world. And as a warning to democracies, like most authoritarian leaders, he remains a popular leader in spite of a failing economy, largely by controlling the media.

Money-laundering may explain an over-priced real estate deal for Trump in Florida and cash purchases of New York condominiums sold by the Trump organization. In 2017 Deutsche Bank itself was fined $630 million related to money laundering. At the infamous Trump Tower meeting in 2016, one of the eight Russians who met with Jared Kushner, Don Jr. and Paul Manafort, was the Russian-American Ike Kaveladze, cited by the New York Times in 2000 for allegedly moving more than $1.4 billion through more than 2,000 shell corporations in Delaware.

I believe our president is "compromised" and we are paying for it dearly on the international stage. Why else would Trump betray and undermine the Kurds, our most important ally in the Middle East, stunning military leaders and even his own advisers? Why else ignore concrete intelligence that Russians offered bounties for the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan? And why is he holding super-secret conversations with Putin, allowing only his interpreter to listen in?

Trump's assault on the impartiality of the Justice Department and the FBI is alarming. In his corrupt administration, it's open season on the Treasury. And his proposal to permanently end payroll taxes would put the federal debt on a trajectory that would doom us. What has made America great is truly what's at stake.

Doug Skokos

Fort Smith

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