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Most dangerous time may come after Nov. 3

Trump is doing everything he can to destroy the election. This includes the "abortion" of his ongoing tampering with the United States Postal Service, and the plans to directly interrupt the actual in-person voting process by posting armed military at polling sites. Such an action would clearly focus upon voters "of color" as that would likely be the most beneficial to him of all such malevolence focused upon the election process.

Even worse, however, after the election and even if Trump loses, we then still have to face the hiatus between Nov. 3 and the swearing in of the next president on Jan. 20. In the event that Trump's outrageous, immoral and illegal pre-election obstructions do fail, then would arise the most horrid danger of all.

All one needs to do is think about the true nature of that cretin now in the Oval Office. No one should believe for a moment that Donald Trump would hesitate to provoke a constitutional crisis -- by simply refusing to leave office.

God help us all.

Don Switzer


Jordan's work ethic, leadership earns vote

Lioneld Jordan has been mayor of Fayetteville for 12 years. Before that, he was Ward 4 alderman for eight years. In those 20 years, he has never missed a City Council meeting. He is in his office every morning at 6:30 reading and preparing for his day, and his day is long. Mayor Jordan is clearly a very dedicated public servant.

That dedication has paid off for the citizens of Fayetteville. He has led us through some very tough times, including the economic turndown shortly after taking office.

His leadership ability is also evident in the high level of service we enjoy as citizens, and in the low turnover and support he enjoys among the city staff and personnel, and by the police and firefighters fraternal organizations.

Margaret and I will be voting for Lioneld Jordan for mayor again this year, and urge all of our friends and neighbors and fellow citizens to do the same.

Bill Moeller


Institute's science helps grasp marijuana facts

I think the writer of the editorial titled "Highs and lows" in the Sept. 6 edition provided a very useful service to the readers of the Democrat-Gazette.

I would like to add a very good reference to locating independent scientific factual research of the subject of marijuana use. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has a large library of research available to read for free. Every parent should avail themselves of these very readable reports. You cannot give your children good guidance unless you know the subject.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse addresses this subject of marijuana with facts not political rhetoric.

David Tucker


Change in state coverage leaves retirees in lurch

My wife and I are both retired state employees. We have been notified several times this summer that our state health insurance plan will no longer cover prescription drug costs effective Jan. 1 and that retirees should purchase a Medicare Part D plan to cover those costs.

The members of the State and Public School Life and Health Insurance Board who voted for this obviously did not investigate what Part D plans cost. Continuing with my state coverage for other health care expenses and purchasing a Part D plan will more than double what I currently spend on health care from roughly $3,600 to about $7,500 per year. Oh, and they tell us that, congratulations, our state premium will not increase. But, apparently, it won't be adjusted to reflect the reduction in coverage. They could have doubled my insurance premium and it still would have been less expensive.

I haven't priced out my wife's coverage to help her decide what she should do, but I will be forced to leave the state health care system. A Medicare Advantage plan, which will offer somewhat more coverage than I currently have, is slightly less expensive than the cheapest Part D plan. I would not do this willingly, since it is not possible to re-enter the state health care plan once one leaves, but I am being forced to.

We were not given an opportunity for input in this matter; we were just informed of the decision. There is really no place to go for help. I'm assuming the Legislature is just fine with this, assuming they even know about it.

The fact is people are being slowly bled to death by health care expenses. It is a leading cause of bankruptcy in this country. As long as health care continues to be money driven, it will continue to be expensive, and the majority of people in this country will have to continue to make hard choices.

Steve Imhoff


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