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  1. Dorothy and Toto landed in this magical land.

  2. Plato said that this island in the Atlantic Ocean was swallowed by an earthquake.

  3. A place of great wealth sought by Spanish explorers in South America.

  4. This mystical land was featured in the novel "Lost Horizon" by James Hilton.

  5. The title of a book by Thomas More and a word for a perfect society.

  6. Gulliver found himself in this land where people are about six inches tall.

  7. Florin and Guilder are the two main countries in this 1987 fantasy comedy film.

  8. Freedonia was the country in this 1933 film featuring the Marx brothers.

  9. In this 1949 novel, Great Britain has become a province of a super-state named Oceania.


  1. Land of Oz

  2. Atlantis

  3. El Dorado

  4. Shangri-La

  5. Utopia

  6. Lilliput

  7. "The Princess Bride"

  8. "Duck Soup"

  9. "Nineteen Eighty-Four"

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