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Someday Alabama’s Nick Saban will retire.

The reign of success will be handed off to someone else, who will never fill Saban’s shoes.

Saban is 68 years old, although he appears as healthy as a 35-year-old, and he works the same long hours he did five or 10 years ago.

Just for the sake of the blog, let’s say he retires in six years.

How many of the current SEC coaches will still be at their school as the head coach?

Not many as the turnover rate in the SEC is alarming, especially since Saban came to Alabama in 2007.

While the University of Arkansas leads the way with its sixth football coach since 2007, every school is on at least its second coach since then.

Tennessee is second behind the Razorbacks. Jeremy Pruitt is their fifth to face Saban.

Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Florida and Vanderbilt are on their fourth.

Auburn, Kentucky and Missouri are on their third and LSU and Georgia just their second.

That’s 23 coaches changes among the six schools in the SEC West and 23 on the seven schools in the East.

Nick Saban may have put more coaches into the insurance business than State Farm.

Bear Bryant retired from coaching Alabama at the age of 70 (and died one month after his final game), and as competitive as Saban is, it is safe to believe he will coach longer than Bryant.

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