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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Sept. 14-Sept. 18:

NLA Country Club CK, LLC to Jack J. and Sharyl L. Pearce and The Jack Pearce Revocable Trust-1994, 118 Country Club Road, Sherwood, Lot B, B224, Park Hill NLR, $5,260,181.

Galloway West, LLC to Grayson Acres, LLC, Pt. Sections 26, 25, 35 & 36-2N-11W; L1, Royal Acres; Pt. NW NW 30-2N-10W, $3,900,000.

Lee and Molly Owens to Steven Laurence Middleton and The AEEA Crestwood Trust, Ls113-114, Cliffewood, $3,350,000.

Lauren Elizabeth Landers and The Lauren Elizabeth Landers Revocable Trust to John R. Marshall and Sandra L. Middleton-Marshall, 38 Chenal Circle, Little Rock, L18 B1, Chenal Valley, $2,000,000.

Steven Laurence Middleton and The Twi Edgehill Residence Trust to 2 Edgehill, LLC, 2 Edgehill Road, Little Rock, Plot 1, Edgehill, $1,400,000.

Hillside Bayou, LLC to Hillside Bayou MHP, LLC, 8105 Old Tom Box Road, Jacksonville, Pt. NE NE 8 & Pt.SE SE 5-3N-11W, $1,400,000.

Harry D., Mildred W. and Robin Woods Loucks to Jason and Selena Taylor and The Jason Taylor Family Trust, L1, Loucks, $1,150,000.

Green Mountain Apartment Partners, LLC, Once, LLC and Burlingame Green Mountain Investments, LLC to Deesha Apartments, LLC, 800-818 Greem Mountain Drive, Little Rock, L1, Charnley- Tract D Green Mountain Condominiums, $890,000.

Alan N. Robinson/Alan Noble Robinson and The Alan Noble Robinson Revocable Trust to Thomas T. and Jesika Aleida Klein, 16206 Vista Del Rio, North Little Rock, L6, Mountain Crest Estates Phase I, $839,500.

Rohan and Roopa Samant to Corey P. and Christi L. Gillum, 53 Deauville Circle, Little Rock, L5 B86, Chenal Valley, $825,400.

Sand Dollar, LLC to The Family Fund Tucker, LLC, Tract 24, Leigh-Butler Acres, $725,000.

Hunter Ray and Rebecca Lynn Lard to Sabitha and Rangaswamy Govindarajan, 62 River Ridge Road, Little Rock, L61, River Ridge Manor No.4, $705,000.

David W. and Nancy C. Theis to Clint and Sarah Kathryn Boone, 5012 S. Katillus Road, Little Rock, L1, Allen, $575,000.

David L. and Melissa R. Hoffmans to Rex Paul B. and Sarah E. DeClerk, L133, Robinwood, $545,000.

Aaron D. and Jessie Skapik Far-berg to Carlos Antonio and Caroline Corbin, L73 B36, Chenal Valley, $535,000.

Roy W. and Sarah Horsey to Richard L. and Iris Jordan Tyler, L26, Somersett Estates II, $535,000.

Joshua and Kathryn Burnette and The Burnette Living Trust to Rachel Elisabeth Brunch, 414 Miramar Blvd., Little Rock, L9 B110, Chenal Valley, $520,000.

Allison H. and Lyndell Phillip Worthen III., to Chris E. Bray and Megan Russell, 1 Inverness Circle, Little Rock, L20 B12, Pleasant Valley, $516,000.

Hines Homes, LLC to Roderick and LaSonya Shelby, L114, Osage Terrace, $510,017.

William Charles Hum to Pulaski County Fire Protection No. 9 and Gravel Ridge Fire Department, 14912 Ark. 107, Sherwood, L1 B5, Sylvan Acres, $500,000.

M.J. Innovative Builders Corp. to Chris W. Mehlin, 152 Caurel Circle, Little Rock, L52 B56, Chenal Valley, $475,000.

Chenal Valley Construction, James Bradley and Shannon N. Speer, 2 Tupelo Court, Little Rock, L36, The Village At Ison Creek Phase 2A, $470,000.

Gateway Office, LLC and 16600 C.P. Properties, LLC to Khan’s Investment, LLC, L1 Tract 2, Otter Creek Industrial Service Center, $465,000.

David E. Boerner to Lonnie S. and Robin F. Smith, 12 Equennes Drive, Little Rock, L9 B32, Chenal Valley, $460,000.

Stephen Carter and Susie Simon Cox to Ramonda and Reginald Johnson, 15532 Harbor Point Lane, Maumelle, L17, Mountain Crest Estates, $445,000.

Midlothian Hardee’s, LLC to Hollyland Group Holding, LLC, Tract RB-6, Schoolwood, $430,000.

Michael D. and Melissa S. Tooley to Laura Ann Bradney, L125, Fox-croft, $429,500.

Brian M. Elwood to Jeff Fuller Homes, LLC, L53, Forest Heights Place, $425,000.

Michael B. and Grace Squires/ Grace N. Kueser to Barrett G. and Elizabeth P. Mayes, 28 River Ridge Circle, Little Rock, L31, Riverview Manor, $420,000.

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC and Mr. Cooper to Gary Spickes, 11600 Fairway Drive, Little Rock, L29 B18, Pleasant Valley, $420,000.

Rex Paul Brady and Sarah De-Clerk to Kelly and John William Crow, L12 B7, Woodlands Edge, $419,900.

Dillon Homes & Real Estate, Joel and Kathleen Rutledge, 828 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L12 B8, Wildwood Place, $410,000.

Brain and Muriel Lederman Storrie and The Brian And Muriel Storrie Joint Revocable Trust to Judy Kay Lindholm and Gregory J. Oehm II., 1422 S. Arch St., Little Rock, Ls7-8 B213, Original City Of Little Rock, $409,000.

Bryan Host and The KCP Trust to Clayton and Miranda Moore, Pt.NW NW & Pt. NE NW 16-3N-14W, $385,000.

Kelley Courtney and Nikhil Kumar Meena to Brady M. and Charissa R. Bratcher, 12 Crestview Court, Maumelle, L62 Blk. II, Majestic Pointe, $384,900.

R. & D. Holdings, LLC to TCB Investments, LLC, L34, Wakefield Village; L3 B15, Forest Hill; Pt. W/2 Blk. 34, Masonic; L4 B1, Bushmeyer’s Annex No.1; L4 B34, Cherry & Cox; L13, Harlton; L10 B2, R.D. Plunkett; L22, Merrivale Section 2; L206, Merrivale Section D, $382,837.

Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development to Edward L. Dunlap, 5714 Main St., Hensley, Pt. NE SW 20-2S-11W, $381,010.

Jeremy and Jan H. Collins to Matthew Wayne and Kaitlen Faith Stewart, 600 Epernay Place, Little Rock, L33 B72, Chenal Valley, $374,900.

Hartness Construction Company, Inc./Billy Hartness Construction Company, Inc. to John David and Bailey Williams Guthrie, 12 Sycamore Court, Little Rock, L42, The Village At Ison Creek Phase 2A, $370,000.

Richard and Wendy Butler to Justin Carthan and Jessica Wright, 3 Chaparral Lane, Little Rock, L9 B40, Pleasant Valley, $363,500.

Sally Ann Robison and The Sally Ann Robison Revocable Trust to David Lister and Leshia Fox, 4400 Deer Drive, Paron, Pt. SW NE 30-2N-15W, $355,500.

Jarald Trent and Barbre L. Jackson to Kiet Thoi Vong and Phuong Mai Lu, 50 Tournay Circle, Little Rock, L25 B68, Chenal Valley, $354,500.

Dickey Family Homes, LLC to Jacob Anthony Albert and Cherie Lynn Simpson, 1126 Tahoe Drive, Maumelle, L1A B26, Maumelle Valley Estates, $353,350.

Max A. and Mara P. Simmons to Joan Lynn and John D. Jones Jr., and The Joan Lynn Jones Living Trust, L12, Riverbend Replat- Riverview Luxury Townhouses, $350,000.

Randy L. and Sandra A. James to Xuan Yi and Guangyu Xia, L4 B19, The Villages Of Wellington, $345,000.

Robert D. and Jacquetta K. Alexander to Gary D. and Korey C. Jackson, Pt. SW SW 2-1N-14W, $340,000.

Central Arkansas Ranch And Timber Company, LLC to Ronnie Joe Brewer and Samuel Kenneth Joubert, Pt. NW SE & Pt. W/2 NE 30-4N-10W, $339,300.

Halla J. Thompson to Susan S. Charles and The Susan S. Charles Living Trust, L48, Montagne Court Phase IV, $337,500.

Ronald E. and Marsha B. Meyers to Kay Callaway and David Roland Michael Jr., 14009 Napoleon Road, Little Rock, L233, St. Charles, $331,500.

Hartness Construction Company, Inc. to Chan Thav and Sovannita Yorn, 722 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L33 B8, Wildwood Place, $329,000.

CBL 70, LLC to Fast Lane Capital, LLC, Pt. NE NW 15-3N-11W, $325,000.

James Bradley and Shannon N. Speer to David John and Emory Jacobs Oberembt, 14605 Chambery Drive, Little Rock, L697, St. Charles, $320,900.

Hubert Guy Couch Jr., to Natural State Contractors, Inc., Ls1-2 B188, Original City Of Little Rock, $300,000.

Thomas Chase and Jackson Price Eubanks and The Eubanks Irrevocable Land Trust to Steven Ward and Doreen Judy Eubanks, L16 B2, Pope Place, $296,000.

Josh and Jennifer Malone to Louisiana Terrace Opportunity Fund, LLC, 1803 Louisiana St., Little Rock, L1 B425, DuVall, $295,000.

Ivan H. and Kathleen E. Bridges to Jesse Wilkinson Hall, 105 Fountain Ave., Little Rock, L2 B2, Young’s Park, $295,000.

Tinley and Jason Bone to James E. and Mable F. Ellis, 115 Bouriese Circle, Maumelle, L1040, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $295,000.

Diana Borgognoni Snyder/Diana Ellen Borgognoni to Taylor Richards Locke, 4220 Lee Ave., Little Rock, Ls7-9 B5, Pulaski Heights, $290,000.

Joshua E. and Jennifer Malone to Red Crown Bottling Company, LLC, L12 B46, Original City Of Little Rock, $285,000.

Michael T. Hancock to Nhan Phong and Fong F. Lu, 41 Kanis Creek Place, Little Rock, L24, Kanis Creek, $285,000.

John David and Bailey Guthrie to Curtis James Richards, 1016 N. Monroe St., Little Rock, L3 B60, Pulaski Heights, $283,000.

Muammer Guven to Lillian Ann Russell, Legal Description Omitted, $279,000.

Barrett and Elizabeth Mayes to Brennan Ray Paul, Lot D B4, Bellevue, $265,000.

Keith and Kim Moore to Eliot Seven Holdings, LLC, L3 B9, Hillcrest, $260,000.

Cielo 905 N. Taylor, LLC to Nicole and Anthony Nastasi, 1424 S. Battery St., Little Rock, L7 B19, Allis And Dickinson Supplement- Centennial, $259,000.

Darlene C. and Bradley E. Hardin to Pamela T. Langston, L49 B2, Taylor Park Phase III, $256,000.

Michael and Veronica Michel Sutton Chaudoir to Wesley Thomas Dunlap, 41 Crystal Mountain Lane, Maumelle, L35, Palisades Heights Single Family Detached, $256,000.

F. J. Enterprises, Inc. to Julio and Elizabeth Alvarado, L1 B207, Original City Of Little Rock, $250,000.

Magdaleno Morales to Brett and Jennifer Bibel, 5500 N. Walnut Road, North Little Rock, L41 B201, Park Hill NLR, $250,000.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Kyle P. Duerr and Abbey Janssen, L23, Carnahan Village, $249,900.

Yiping Hu to Fadi Qtouf, 15417 Hartford St., Little Rock, L222, Capitol Lake Estates Phase I-B, $249,000.

Jon and Julianne Cole to Sherry Jane and Leonard T. Kuebler, 115 Montpellier Drive, Maumelle, L298, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $242,900.

Johnny and Deborah Bradley and The Johnny Bradley And Deborah Bradley Living Trust to JRJ Building, LLC, 210 & 214 N. Elm St., Jacksonville, Ls2-3 B16, Town Of Jacksonville; Ls445 & 6, Sunnyside Hills, $240,001.

Rosa Elena Reed/Rosa Reed-Skinner to Nathaniel C. and Aimee M. Williams, 1608 Beresdord Road, North Little Rock, L7 B3, Overbrook, $235,000.

Perrone, LLC to Russell and Brittany Foster, 4616 Maple St., North Little Rock, L40, A.D. Raney; L26, Engelberger; L9, C.E. Puckett, $235,000.

Justin R. and Brittany L. Randleas to Jennifer L. Southerland, Ls18-19 B5, Kellogg, $220,000.

Shepard C. and Deepa Golub to Audrey Dashae and Tyler Elliott Cobb, L163, Colony West Second, $220,000.

Jeffery W. and Shelly M. Gatling to Russell Gatling, 24 Twyla Lane, Little Rock, Pt. NW NW 11-1N-14W, $220,000.

Perrone, LLC to Keith and Elizabeth Amodeo, 112 W. H Ave., North Little Rock, Ls27-28 B26, Park Hill; L12 B3, Tanglewood Annex, $220,000.

David and Emory Jacobs Oberembt to Caroline J. Cooner, 1505 Pine Valley Road, Little Rock, L9, Kingwood Place, $215,500.

Len and Sherry Kuebler to Andrew Gillespie, 2405 Cedar Creek Road, North Little Rock, L22 B13, Overbrook, $214,000.

Maxwell Alexander Good to Randy and Debra Helms, L64 B1, Walton Heights, $212,500.

Mason and Anna Morgan to Evan Caddy, 25 White Oak Lane, Little Rock, Lot A B4, Bellevue, $206,500.

Amy C. Cole and D. Jeremy Morphis to Mary Callaway, Pt. N/2 NE NE 4-1N-13W, $204,900.

Kevin Dean Jullander and The Estate Of Karl R. Jullander(dec’d) to Scott Lee and Quinci S. Johnson, L6, Hall View, $200,000.

Robert C. and Anne Trelease Coletti to Joni Williams, 7 Carriage Cove, Little Rock, L37, Colony West First, $200,000.

Key Equity Group, LLC to Joseph F. and Laura J. Alexander, 9424 Peters Road, Cabot, L1, Gladewood Heights Phase I; Pt. NE NE 29-4N-10W, $200,000.

Andrew M. and Sarah M. King/ Sarah M. Smith to Jennique Harding, 18 Kingspark Road, Little Rock, L10, Colony West First, $199,500.

Charles E. and Chenin Doiron to Lakita A. Childs, 747 Lake Tree Lane, Sherwood, L40, Austin Lakes Pointe, $199,000.

Brady and Charissa Bratcher to Trinity Assembly Of God, L123, Edgewater Phase II, $198,500.

Roost Holdings, LLC to Sarah C. Ball, 12 Millbrook Court, Little Rock, L379, Colony West Fifth, $196,000.

Perrone, LLC to Daniel and Nicole Crawley, 9 Valerie Court, North Little Rock, L100, Brentwood Phase II; Pt. E/2 NE SW 1-2N-12W, $195,000.

Justin C. and Jessica M. Wright to Boaz S. Tjhin and Ester V. Ng, 1 Stonebrook Court, Little Rock, L16 B3, Cherry Creek, $194,500.

Richard M. Campbell and The Campbell Family Irrevocable Trust No.1 to Mar-Lis Enterprises, LLC, L115, Foxcroft, $190,000.

Shannon Hanks to Steven and Lena Couch, L36 B4, Oakbrooke Phase III, $190,000.

Harding University, Inc. to Central Rock Church Of Christ, Pt. NE SE 19-3N-10W, $190,000.

Janelle L. and Charles D. Harding III., to Marlesha Lasha Thompson, 6005 Reveille Court, Jacksonville, L166, Base Meadows Phase 1A, $187,000.

Michael R. and David M. Cole to Samuel Kossow, L70, Hidden Creek, $182,800.

Brent J. and Carissa Dugas to Stephanie Racop, 13707 Wood-brook Drive, Little Rock, L2 B9, Cedar Ridge, $181,900.

Shane Dean Haley to Robert and Tanna Evans, 8900 Yellow Oak Court, Jacksonville, L14, Silver Oaks, $180,500.

Michael K. and Tiah M. Frazier to Shelly Lowe/Shelley Lowe, 9 Round Hill Road, North Little Rock, L19 B64, Park Hill NLR, $180,500.

Jeffrey M. and Michelle L. Coe/ Michelle L. Deal to Eugene and Mary Lovely Tabita, 909 Mesquite Trail, Jacksonville, L20 B8, Jaxon Terrace Phase 7, $180,000.

Shawn and Kenneth Clark to Sarah Vestal, L440, Kingwood Place, $179,900.

Kyle B. McClure and The Kyle B. McClure Inter Vivos Trust to Phil and Diane Daniels, 3043 Shady Side Drive, Sherwood, L93 B1, Woodruff Creek, $177,000.

Antoine and Erica James to Artis and Marvella Starks, 13813 Chesterfield Circle, North Little Rock, L4 B5, Stone Links, $176,000.

Miriam Casillas-Lopez and Moises Barba to Morgan Christian, 11648 Rocky Point Court, Sherwood, L27 B1, Woodruff Creek, $175,000.

Randy S. and Amy M. Boswell to Brandy Parker, 1400 Sheridan Drive, Jacksonville, L5, Crooked Creek Phase I, $174,900.

Scott C. McClain and The Estate Of Judith Katherine McClain (dec’d) to Henrietta N. Collins, Apt. 801, Andover Square HPR, $173,000.

Jessica A. Price to JCJ Holdings, LLC, 2216 West Road, Little Rock, L134, Westover Hills, $172,000.

SRLR, LLC to HBH Builders, Inc., L14 B2, Hollywood, $170,000.

Brenda M. Ray to Olivia and Willie Hudson Jr., 37 Westfield Loop, Little Rock, L46, Westfield Phase III, $170,000.

Clay Madison and Taylor Elswick to H. Hariyanto, 12119 Cherry Laurel Drive, Little Rock, L4 B4, Cherry Creek, $170,000.

Kenneth Bradley Grounds to JCJ Holdings, LLC, 811 N. Polk St., Little Rock, Ls6-8 B2, Lincoln Park, $170,000.

Kaitlin P. Lutes/Kaitlin P. Ward to Justin and Tori E. Humphrey, 23 High Timber Drive, Maumelle, L14, High Timbers, $169,500.

Diane Hogg and Michael Clayton to Robin Steves, 4613 Crestline Drive, North Little Rock, L18 B6, Lakewood, $168,500.

Matthew Farr to Bud and Shaterra Tillman, L4R B6, Oxford Valley, $167,000.

Elizabeth Rae-Ann Bowen to Johnny L. Lamb and Laverne Y. Arberry-Lamb, L42, Riverland, $164,900.

Harold Parks to East Argenta Land Holdings, LLC, Ls6-8 B48, Barton (a.k.a. Ls6-8 B48, Original Town Of Argenta); L13 B48, Cunningham, $162,500.

Parks Rentals, Inc. to East Argenta Land Holdings, LLC Ls6-8 B48, Barton (a.k.a. Ls6-8 B48, Original Town Of Argenta); L13 B48, Cunningham, $162,500.

Beltran Painting, Inc. to Shalisca Loudermilk, 7301 Royal Oaks Drive, Little Rock, L21, Royal Oaks, $160,500.

John Mark and Deborah Ann Clark to Samuel J. Damrow, 2200 Andover Court, Apt. 1002, Little Rock, Apt. 1002, Andover Square HPR Phase II, $160,000.

SS Ventures, LLC to Adam Michael Chudy and Brenton Peret, 508 W. M Ave., North Little Rock, L6 B57, Park Hill NLR, $160,000.

Garry Mark and Carol Ann Enderlin and The Enderlin Living Trust to Scott Siler and Courtney Wampler, L3, Cunningham’s Replat-West Highland, $159,900.

Christal Gravett-Carrington/ Christal Gravett to RAM Properties, LLC, L7 B63, Lakewood, $159,400.

Bradley D. and Holly M. Reding and The Reding Living Trust to Carla Larine and William D. Elmore, 4812 Lafayette Ave., Little Rock, L9 B1, Reutlinger, $156,500.

Benjamin Jerry Woods Jr., to Teri Denise Cox-Meadows, 1909 Sage Meadows Circle, Sherwood, L2, Sage Meadows, $154,700.

Judith Ann Ramirez to Jeffery W. and Alice K. VanPatten, 69 Meadow Ridge Loop, Maumelle, L35, Meadow Ridge Phase II, $151,000.

Sylvia and Charles Starratt II., to Stephen Hilburn and Jacqueline E. Phillips, L49, Rolling Oaks Phase III, $151,000.

Charles Moline and Jennifer Fischer-Moline to Amanda Jo Jan-ton, L343, Pleasant View Phase V, $150,000.

Rebecca D. and Bryan E. Graves and The Rebecca D. Graves Revocable Trust to Virgie Dobbins, 604 S. Longfield Ave., Sherwood, L8 B333, Park Hill NLR, $150,000.

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